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Cheap Camera Filters

cheap camera filters
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Camera heads
Camera heads
...including yours truly of course. At some point we discussed pooling our gear and taking a shot with a point and shoot. Next I wondered aloud how many of the cars in the parking lots the camera gear would buy us. Driving my old Geo Prizm (94' and 189K) Jon and my camera packs are probably worth about 10 Geo's (ok, that car is cheap). Camera heads indeed and we love our gear!
cheap goods
cheap goods
Bought for $11 at a second-hand store on S. Congress. Not a bad deal considering I have a 52mm lens for the filters. Even though the slide film is over ten years past expiration and the disposable is 2 years past, there is potential for getting interesting results. I know nothing about that camera and it's probably crap, but the filters alone were worth it to me.

cheap camera filters
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