Camera Battery Charger Canon

camera battery charger canon
    battery charger
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camera battery charger canon - Canon CB-2LX
Canon CB-2LX Battery Charger for Canon NB-5L Li-Ion Batteries
Canon CB-2LX Battery Charger for Canon NB-5L Li-Ion Batteries
Canon CB-2LX BATTERY CHARGER 1133B001AA 1034

The CB-2LX battery charger is a replacement charger for one included with the Canon PowerShot SD700 IS. It fully recharges the Canon NB-5L lithium battery pack in approximately 125 minutes. Charging the battery is simple. Just remove it from the camera and slide it into the charger. The charge indicator light signals when it's fully charged. The CB-2LX charger measures 2.26 by 3.21 by 0.83 inches and weighs just 2.3 ounces, so it can be easily incorporated in a camera kit bag or suitcase.

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New Charger and Batteries (181/366)
New Charger and Batteries (181/366)
To keep my flashes recycling nice and quick I picked up a new battery charger and some more dependable rechargeable batteries. The Eneloop batteries by Sanyo hold their charge considerably longer than the Energizer ones I had but hold slightly less of a charge (2000 versus 2500 maH). The Alpha BC-900 charger from LaCrosse allows me to program how fast I want to charge the battery - really just a geeky two hour charger for what I'll really use it for. It's got some nice features (discharge and recharge, refresh, test, etc.) and it's the most user friendly item. Geek value however is very high. It's replacing a 15 minute charger I had from Energizer that a) kills batteries faster over time and b) only realizes it's plugged in when it feels like it - no rhyme or reason. Strobist Info: 1) Nikon SB-800 fired into ceiling camera left at 1/4 power 2) Canon 430EX fired into ceiling camera right at 1/4 power Just added the flashes because the room was too dark and needed some nice large soft light.
RC batteries on the work bench. I took this shot with my old Mecablitz while I was testing to see how it worked connected to the camera with only a sync lead. I count five different battery chargers in this shot.

camera battery charger canon
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