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Game Spy I60 Digital Game Camera

game spy i60 digital game camera
    game camera
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game spy i60 digital game camera - Moultrie Game
Moultrie Game Spy I-60 Infrared Flash Game Camera with Built-In Viewer
Moultrie Game Spy I-60 Infrared Flash Game Camera with Built-In Viewer
Each Moultrie digital game camera is impressive, but the I-60 is the choice for those that want it all. This winning camera is a 6.0 mega pixel resolution infrared camera with no visible white flash and includes a picture viewer, remote control and finder, rapid trigger time, 150-day battery life, pass code protection and more.

For the outdoors enthusiast who wants it all, Moultrie's Game Spy I-60 infrared game camera offers impressive features at an affordable price. Designed with everything you want in a scouting camera, the I-60 infrared game camera takes vivid and colorful images from as far away as 50 feet. Make enlargements of your best shots with a 6.0-megapixel sensor that takes higher resolution color pictures and video in the daytime with outstanding results. As for nighttime pictures and video, you don't have to worry about sending unsuspecting deer away in a panic. Unlike ordinary flash cameras, the Game Spy uses a virtually invisible infrared flash. Plus, the I-60 provides clear pictures and video at night without spooking the deer. The infrared sensor detects changes in temperature, which helps guard against false trigger responses from wind-blown tree limbs, leaves or other inanimate objects.
Extra Convenience and Easy Setup
The I-60 offers a winning combination with quality pictures, video, and amazing 150-day battery life. You no longer have to trek out to your trail camera (covering your scent as you go) in order to change the batteries because the I-60's charge will last for months. As for setup, nothing could be easier than a laser aim that helps you determine exactly where you want to capture pictures. Choose from three photos and two video resolution settings on the easy menu-driven LCD display, and view your shots in the field with a built-in 1.5-inch color picture viewer.
Built-in Locator and Security Password
Finding your trail camera setup can be a challenge in remote areas, especially when storms or floods make changes in a once-familiar landscape. The Game Spy I-60 infrared game camera offers a remote with two unique functions. You can activate the capture button and trigger the camera to capture pictures remotely. When activated, the remote causes the status light to blink, allowing you to locate your I-60 game camera faster and easier. If you're concerned about theft, a password security feature will lock the setup menu. Only persons with the correct code will be able to operate your Game Spy I-60.
Infrared camera with no visible white flash
6.0 Mega pixels
1.5-inch built-in picture and video viewer
Wireless remote activator
Rapid response time captures moving game
150-day battery life
50-foot flash
Password security feature
Easy-read photo strip
Barometric pressure reading
Temperature, moon phase, time, date, and camera ID on every photo and video
Color day pictures
Day and night video clips
Laser and IR aim for quick and precise camera set-up
Time lapse mode
Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots)
Upgradeable software
Weather-resistant, airtight camera housing and seal
Operates on 6 D-cell batteries (included)
Easy to operate LCD menu driven display
Display shows battery life remaining, pictures taken and remaining, and events occurred
Picture Delay, set 1-60 min.
Four picture resolutions (low, medium, high, and enhanced)
Two video resolutions (low and high)
5/15/30 second video clips
15 seconds. between multi-shot pictures
32 MB internal memory
Up to 4 GB with SD card (card not included)
Includes USB and TV out cable, plus mounting strap
External power port for optional 12-volt battery support
Computer software requirements: Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista
Includes 6-pack of D-cell batteries

Catch the big game trophy in a flash with the Moultrie Game Spy I-60 Infrared Flash Game Camera. This top-of-the-line game camera uses infrared technology to pick up on any game that moves through its field of view. Not only does it capture big game with clear results in day or night, but it has a huge amount of features to help you bag the real thing: a built-in 6.0 megapixel picture and video viewer with displays barometric pressure, temperature, time, and moon phase readings are just a sampling. The I-60 also has 32 MB internal memory and 150 days of battery life with abilities to support external memory cards and add-on power packs to expand snapshot capabilities and battery life.

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Digital Antique
Digital Antique
Digital Antique performs at Utopiafest, in Utopia, Texas on 15 October, 2011.
Digital Antique
Digital Antique
Digital Antique perform at Utopiafest, in Utopia, Texas on 15 October, 2011.

game spy i60 digital game camera
game spy i60 digital game camera
Moultrie Gamespy 6 Megapixel Digital Infrared Mtm S Series Game Camera
Hi end scouting equipment available in infrared, features 6.0 megapixel images and a black housing case.

Monitor your land, track deer and wildlife patterns, and view the visitors that frequent your food plots at any time of day--with Moultrie's Game Spy I-65S trail camera. The Game Spy 1-65S takes clear, bright color photos by day, and infrared flash photos by night with an extreme low glow infrared flash that is virtually undetectable to game and humans, but produces great pictures regardless of how dark it is outside. This innovative trail camera also captures daytime videos in color, clear/crisp infrared nighttime videos, multi-shot pictures, and time lapse photos taken at specific intervals. Thanks to rapid response with a range out to 50 feet, the I-65S never lets you miss that trophy shot. With 32-MBs of built in memory and able to accept a 16-GB SD card, the I-65S stores plenty of images--4 selectable resolution settings for still images, and two selectable resolution settings for video images offer even further flexibility. Coming in a tough, water-resistant casing, boasting an easy-to-operate, menu-driven LCD display with a 2-inch screen, featuring password protected operation, and compatible with the Moultrie Game Spy Camera Management System for at-home access to your field-camera, the I-65S Camera is the ultimate scouting tool for avid hunters.

Easy to read photo strip on each image lists barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID on every photo.
Crisp, Brilliant, Easy-to-Read Images:
The Game Spy I-65S scouting camera features a 50-foot range and rapid response time so you get fewer blank frames. The pictures are incredibly clear thanks to the 6 mega pixels the game camera offers--but--to save memory storage room, you can choose between four picture resolution settings and two video resolution settings to maximize your storage space. The camera's additional settings include a time-lapse feature that enables you to take photos at a specific time interval as well as multi-shot pictures of up to 3 shots with 15 seconds between each shot. Understanding the conditions present at the time of each photo is easier than ever with the I-65S's an easy-to-read photo strip on the bottom of the picture. This strip lists the barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase, time, date, and camera ID on every photo taken.
Image/Movie Features and Specifications:
Color day pictures
Infrared night pictures
Color day video clips
Infrared night video clips
Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots)
15 seconds between multi-shots
Time-lapse mode
Picture delay, set 1 to 60 minutes
Easy-to-read photo strip lists: barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase, time, date, and camera ID on every photo
Four picture resolutions: VGA 640 x 480 (low); 1.3 megapixels 1280 x 960 (medium); 3.2 megapixels 2046 x 1536 (high); 6.0 megapixels 2484 x 2136 (enhanced)
Two video resolutions: 640 x 480 (high); 320 x 240 (low)
Powerful Memory:
Equipped with 32 MB of internal memory as well as a memory card slot that accepts up to a 16 GB SDHC card, the I-65S allows you to choose among four resolutions for photos and two resolutions for videos to reduce the frequency of memory card changes. When you do get out to your hunting camp to check things, the game camera's easy-to-operate LCD menu-driven display shows how much battery life remains, how many pictures have been taken, how many pictures remain, and the events that occurred.
Memory Specifications:
Built-in Storage Memory: 128 MB
Approximate photos stored with internal memory: 932 (low) 266 (medium); 118 (high); 69 (enhanced)
Approximate videos stored with internal memory: 3.5 minutes (high); 7 minutes (low)
Optional SD Memory Card: 16 GB Maximum
Long Lasting Battery Operation/Easy Set-up:
The I-65S camera comes complete with a mounting strap included so that you can attach it to any standing object. Once you set up your game camera with the mounting strap and cables, you can be assured it will continue to function due to its weather-resistant, airtight camera housing and seal. The trail camera has a long battery life, so you'll never miss a shot. Beyond that, you can use the external power port for optional 12-volt battery support. And your game camera is useless to thieves thanks to the password security feature. Finally, equipped with infrared aim and LED Quick Aim, camera setup is quick and precise.
Camera Specifications:
Rapid response time
Infrared (IR) sensor for immediate game capture
Approximate detection range: 30 +/- 5 feet
Optical field of view: 52 degrees
50-foot flash
Detailed Display/Easy to Access Controls:
The I-65S camera's 2-inch, LCD menu-driven display and controls are located on the camera top for easy access even when the camera is mounted. In addition, the SD memory card slot and USB port are located on the camera's top for image management in the field. The front of the camera features the Quick Aim LED system, camera lens, and Infrared light as well as motion sensors. Access knobs on the side allow you easy access to the controls and LCD screen on the top of the camera. The camera bottom allows you easy access to the battery tray, PowerPanel Port, and GPS GameSpy Connect port for use with the Moultrie Game Management System.
Operational Specifications:
Infrared aim and LED Quick Aim for fast and precise camera setup
Easy-to-operate LCD menu-driven display
Display shows: battery life remaining, pictures taken and remaining, and events occurred
2-inch built-in picture and video viewer
Password security feature
Upgradeable software
Compatible with Moultrie's Game Management System
USB connection port (cable included)
Cellular port (for use with Moultrie's Game Management System)
External power port for Moultrie PowerPanel (sold separately)
Operates on 4 D-cell batteries (not included)
Weather resistant casing
Mounting strap included
Game Spy Game Management System Compatibility:
One of the most exciting aspects of the Game Spy I-65S game camera is that it is compatible with the Moultrie Game Spy Game Management System. Using this system, your trail camera connects to a private-access web site through a wireless cellular modem with the GPS Game Spy Connect cellular accessory (sold separately). This allows you to view your photos and change your game camera settings from your computer, cell phone, or PDA without visiting your hunting camp.
Game Management Features:

Easy-to-use tools let you see exactly when and where game move on your land.
Log in to your account 24/7 to view the most recent activity near your favorite tree stand or feeder.
Automatically upload your scouting pictures over a wireless cellular network, through the internet, to any location worldwide.
Plots your pictures using GPS coordinates on an aerial map of your hunting property.
Easily search and sort your entire stock of photos by temperature, moon phase, time, date, barometric pressure or location.

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