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Cmos Ir Camera

cmos ir camera
    ir camera
  • An IR Camera is nothing more then a digital or film based camera which has had the IR filter removed and replaced with a filter that is designed to block all visible light.
  • Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. Similar to a CCD, it also detects light for conversion into a signal. Lesser image clarity than CCD, but more compact in size with lower power usage.
  • A technology for making low power integrated circuits
  • A chip built using such technology
  • Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) is a technology for constructing integrated circuits. CMOS technology is used in microprocessors, microcontrollers, static RAM, and other digital logic circuits.
  • Nonvolatile BIOS memory refers to a small memory on PC motherboards that is used to store BIOS settings.
cmos ir camera - Night Vision
Night Vision Ir Cmos Color Car Rear View Backup Camera
Night Vision Ir Cmos Color Car Rear View Backup Camera
This reversing camera is perfect for Car, MPV, Truck or Lorry, with color and LED Sensor vision, provide good picture on your screen. Built in Night Sensor, still provide the best image in dark condition.

Product Specifications:
Sensor: CMOS
Effective pixels: PAL: 628*586 pixels / NTSC: 510*496 pixels
Scanning System: 2:1 interface
Sync System: Internal
Horizontal resolutions: 420 TV lines
Sensor area: PAL:5.961mm*4.276mm
Minimum illumination: 0.2Lux/F1.8 (0 Lux with LED)
Video output: RCA connector, 1.0vP-P, 75ohm
S/N Ratio: More than 48db
Waterproof: IP67-IP68
Power consumption: 60mA
Operating temperature: -20?- 60? RH 95%MAX
Storage temperature: -30?- 60? RH95%MAX
Other Items: Auto matic white bala

1 * car rear view camera
1 * Power cable
1 * Video cable(5M)
2 * screws

85% (8)
UV-IR Photo Setup
UV-IR Photo Setup
For those who want to play a little with UV photography, but do not want to invest much until they are certain, here is a simple starter kit that I have been using. I actually started out with a Canon XTi. This system records from 375 to 400nm. Unfortunately the Canon CMOS sensors have only very little UV response in the blue channel. But you'll still see the UV patterns of flowers..... Using a Pentax or Nikon you get a spectral range from 360 to 400nm. A Sigma 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 DC lens has only 8 elements. The coating doesn't seem to affect the UV transmission significantly till about 360nm, and UV can be captured from 400 to 360nm with this lens. You will also need a UV-filter. A 58mm B+W 403 UV filter to fit the Sigma 18-50mm lens can be easily purchased at many large photography stores. It is a relatively inexpensive filter but does have IR leakage. Next you'll need a UV source. The sun is great. However, a Chauvet CH-750 Mega Strobe III 750-Watt Strobe Light (disco strobe) will work very well too. You need to remove the glass panel for extra UV! Make sure you get UV blocking goggles over your sunglasses to protect your eyes, it does get very bright!!! I bought a saw horse at Home Depot and attached the strobe to that. It is very stable. Canon DSLRs will still need about 20-30 second exposures. Pentax and Nikon only need a few seconds. Canon DSLRs have massive infrared contamination that comes primarily through the red channel. That can be filtered out in Photoshop easily. Pentax k10d has a good IR filter in front of the sensor so IR contamination is not an issue on that camera. Good Luck!!!!
1000nm Water
1000nm Water
Now that it's so easy to use a 1000nm filter, It's my new ND filter for IR. It's really the best way to increase exposure time. My ND 3.0 filter is barely a 0.6 filter in infrared. Using Live-view is one of the nicest enhancements to the D300 when using it for infrared. It enables you to focus through the camera's CMOS sensor instead of the integrated AF sensors which stop working when you attach a filter it cannot see through (like a 1000nm IR filter or UV pass filter). Expect many more long exposures using a 1000nm filter, maybe it and the ND 3.0 stacked. Project 365: 335/366

cmos ir camera
cmos ir camera
CCTV Surveillance Video System 500GB HDD 8 Channel DVR Cameras Complete Security System with 8 Color Indoor Dome Cmos IR Day/Night Security Cameras and 8x 60ft Siamese Cables and Power Adapter Unit included! Internet Access and Smartphone & 3G Mobile Phone Live View!
This 8-camera system contains a DVR with a small footprint and easy to use interface. The system includes 8 Color dome cameras with IR night vision capabilities and convenient pre-cut cables make installation a breeze. The 8 security camera kit includes everything you need to have your surveillance system up and running in your home or business quickly and easily. The included 500 GB hard drive provides maintenance free recording while the USB port provides easy connectivity to a PC so you can transfer video files. Our security kits include a 1 year warranty on all equipment and free, lifetime technical support.

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