Which is the best digital camera in india. Small digital video camera reviews.

Which Is The Best Digital Camera In India

which is the best digital camera in india
    digital camera
  • a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction
  • A camera that records and stores digital images
  • A digital camera (also digicam or camera for short) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.
  • Usually captures images with the help of a CCD chip. The image data received is then saved to special memory cards or other storage media. (SmartMedia, xD-Picture Card,  Compact Flash,  Memory Stick,  SD Card,  MMC Card)
    in india
  • burgers are served on the flat traditional local Naan bread.
which is the best digital camera in india - Nikon COOLPIX
Nikon COOLPIX L24 14 MP Digital Camera with 3.6x NIKKOR Optical Zoom Lens and 3-Inch LCD (Black)
Nikon COOLPIX L24 14 MP Digital Camera with 3.6x NIKKOR Optical Zoom Lens and 3-Inch LCD (Black)
Life%92s best moments are captured beautifully with the Nikon COOLPIX L24%2E It%92s easy to use and makes taking pictures simple and joyful%2E Its automatic functions including Easy Auto Mode and Best Shot Selector adjust settings accordingly to the shot you want to capture%2E And%2C you%92ll be all smiles about the%0D%0Afeatures in the Smart Portrait System like face detection%2C Red%2DEye FixTM and blink warning%96which means getting that great family shot in one take%21 The COOLPIX L24 is equipped with 14%2Dmegapixels and a 3%2E6x optical Zoom%2DNIKKOR glass lens%2C which gives you the technology to turn special moments into%0D%0Alasting memories%2E From family and social gatherings to holiday celebrations%2C it%92s the affordable solution for quality%2C picture%2Dtaking ease%2E Relive the moment over and over with the ability to record TV quality movies%96all in the convenience of one camera%21 The COOLPIX L24%85 Capture life%92s best moments%2E

86% (13)
Maharashtra Eggs Centre
Maharashtra Eggs Centre
Laurens had been saying, almost nagging, for years that I should go with him to South Africa or India. Telling me how fantastic both places are, how their cultures are wild, so apart from what we know. I was brought up in Nigeria until I was five. And had spent a lot of my summers abroad when I was younger, lived in Chicago when I was 21. I really fancied doing something like that with Laurens but could never imagine getting the chance. Then Laurens was going to be based mostly in Mumbai for a couple of years, heading up a Bollywood studio that was beginning to produce crossover films – with an international as well as local audience. He was back in London on one of his mad-paced flying visits, business seamlessly woven into all his activities, mobile never stopping ringing, catching a quick espresso together in the bar, barely ever managing a proper social get together, and he told me that he was thinking of coming back early because work over there was driving him nuts – and if I ever want to go to India I should do it now – because he might not stay long past monsoon. I’ve got this picture of me and Lou and the boys all going to India together, having a fantastic family adventure. I asked Lou if she liked the idea, she said no, she had no desire to have poverty rubbed in her face, we get enough tragedy in Camberwell every day without wanting it on holiday, and any way the boys are too young. She had been to Paris for a week with girl friends and said why don’t you go and stay with Laurens on your own? And two weeks later I did. In Mumbai I bought three more 128mb cards for the Fuji and carried my OM1almost everywhere. In the back of my mind I had worries about my photographs. There was the problem of acclimatizing; getting my eye, thoughts, body and brain in synch. I wasn’t ‘seeing’ pictures for about the first five days. I had phenomenal jet lag compounded by night heat, loud fans and the fear of malaria and I wasn’t tuning in. I had my odd, luddite, doubts about the digital and wasn’t confident about my OM1’s metering because I hadn’t used it for three or four years. I was all fingers and thumbs metaphorically, not knowing which camera I should take pics with, and concerned about running out of memory and film. Oh do I give myself a hard time. It was only in the last three days that I really began to find my feet. I really want to return. I’d get into stride much quicker now. What freaked me out about Mumbai is that a good number of wealthy Indians I met appeared to be regarding Indian food almost fit only for peasants. They were more than enthusiastic about western stuff I’ve been struggling to cope with, like MacDonald’s and Starbucks copies, for instance, since they first began their march into Europe about 25 years ago. When I asked these people where I should go to eat – to get good local food – the almost ubiquitous answer was to ask if I had tried McDonald’s. Then to say the best food was at the five star hotels, and for them not to know about vegetarian curry. I wanted Gujurati. At one slightly surreal get together I went to with Laurens, we were served dim sum. By servants. It was like being at a trendy foody party in Belsize Park twenty years ago. But wierder. It was after taking dogs for a walk on a strip of grass alongside a bit of swamp that was probably supposed to be a genteel evening promenade along the sea shore.. The poorest people, darkest skinned, are some of the most physically beautiful people I’ve ever seen and, in spite of their dire poverty, they clearly appeared happier, as in smiling and laughing through daily experience, than most communities I’ve witnessed from a distance. I truly hope that one day soon the meek shall inherit the earth! Their carbon footprint is quite appealing. The Maharashtra Egg Centre speaks for itself. And for a lot of Mumbai that I saw. The shops are low tech, many are piled high and spill into next door’s pitch. It’s something I wasn’t unused to from having lived in Rusholme and Whalley Range. And from Brick Lane and Tooting. And Southall. But that is a lot of eggs. Wondering where all the goods would go to and how long they could stay fresh in the - considerable - heat. I kept seeing little two stroke three wheelers FULL of cartons of eggs, bumping madly about the streets taking them to god knows where, so this kind of place is probably just a distribution point.
A Guru A Great Man Shreekanth Malushte
A Guru A Great Man Shreekanth Malushte
182,764 items / 1,444,322 views Shreekanth Malushte is a piece of machinery created by God for the service of humanity . It was Mr Malushte who I met one day a decade back who took me under his wings to teach me the basics of photography..and it was a week long course , he taught me theory and practical and he was very fond of me I was different crazy and poetic..I shot differently.. Mr Malushte took me along with another dear friend Umesh Salgaonkar to a Warli village and I knew nothing I just clicked pictures random;y, he took me everywhere I went with him to Konkan , Ratnagiri Ganputipule and fell in love with my home state Maharashtra .. I am not a landscape lover but it was a good break. I saw Lalbagh Chya Raja the Ganpati workshops , the bullock cart races thanks to Mr Malushte , he became family through him I graduated to my next Guru the inimitable Dali like Mr BW Jatkatr I joined PSI Of Mumbai , Photographic Society of India my camera club..and from Mr BW Jatkar I met yet another Guru who did not teach me photography but made me a photo poet Droncharya Mr KG Maheshwari.. But good things in life dont last long , the man who showed me color labs , Mazda Color Art Swatik Mr BW Jatkar passed away leaving behind a great void in my life he put me towards Salon Photography I joined IIPC and Mr Benu Sens Photography Federation .. But once I bought the digital camera , and got seduced by the Internet life changed I completely moved away from the analogue word and became a accidental blogger which honestly was seen in a very bad light by camera club photographers that they have joined the band wagon of blogs is once bitten shy kind of thing..for them prints means photography for us imprinting thoughts on human souls as blogs is photography. I became a blogger , my world changed I exhibited my pictures on the net, my only daughter Samiya learnt photography from Mr Malushte , and though my three year old grand daughter Marziya Shakir the worlds youngest street photographer did not learn photography from Mr Malushte she was blessed by him.. My grand daughter Marziya Shakirs Guru is Dr Glenn Losack MD from New York Manhattan , and he gave her the Nikon D 80 when she was two years old.. she uses her camera I use mine. Marziya is a craftsman a one take sure shot photographer she is a child born of the camera , she is on Facebook Flickr has her own Twitter handle an Indi blogger and her pictures are on sale at Red Bubble. So Mr Malushte has been the source of the running stream of photography at home , my wife my sons too shoot pictures and the bench mark of perfection is Marziya Shakir.. street photographer. Marziya has met and shot some of the world best photographers that visited our house and besides her god father Dr Glenn Losack her favorite all time photographer and Guru is Marc De Clercq they have an amazing chemistry they get on well and Marziya is most comfortable with Marc. The other photographer she liked who pampered her no less was El Gekko Jean Paul Gargantiel from Reunion. Another person a great personality from Ann Arbor who loved Marziya was Jeff Lamb he passed away recently and his photo stream at Flickr is kept alive by his beautiful wife Leyla Lau Lamb So these are stray thoughts of a blogger and they center around a great humble human being Mr Shreekanth Malushte..the soul of the spirit of my photographic adventures..

which is the best digital camera in india
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