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camera lens hire london
    camera lens
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21/365: For the sake of Carbon Neutrality...
21/365: For the sake of Carbon Neutrality...
...and by special request, a photo of a tree... special request is for Owen Kilgour, who knows his photographic onions... ...although, unfortunately there are no trees out here on the Cormorant Alpha, so this is one from the archive, and was taken just before M and I hired a rowing boat to mess about on the lake in - ah, it was brilliant! :-D ...also great fun was the film SLR - love my Praktica, the colours on the film are great fun - there's nothing quite like cheap film (little secret here - you can get colourplus 200 Poundland - AMAZING!) - can't wait to go DSLR though...I'm still saving up! :-D
the traffic was a bit mental on camberwell new road ~ 004/365
the traffic was a bit mental on camberwell new road ~ 004/365
Hired a 35mm f2 lens from Calumet to check it out before probably buying one. stuck it on my old D50 and we have kind of point and shoot. it fits in my bag and can be hand held without a strap. Its also a lot less in your face compared with my D300 with the 24-70mm lens. I took a quite a few photos during the day but i liked this one the best. It took 20 attempts as we wondered down Camberwell New Road from Oval Tube on the way home from some birthday drinks. I was a little bit tipsy which probably helped with the camera shake!

camera lens hire london
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