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Best Camera Deals In India

best camera deals in india
    in india
  • burgers are served on the flat traditional local Naan bread.
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best camera deals in india - Kata KT
Kata KT D-3N1-33 3 In 1 Sling /Backpack with Laptop Slot
Kata KT D-3N1-33 3 In 1 Sling /Backpack with Laptop Slot
The Kata 3N1 Sling / Backpacks provide photographers with the quick access of a sling and the comfort of a backpack. The 3N1 with laptop slot has the unique ability to be used as a right-handed sling, left-handed sling and backpack In addition to different carrying options, the 3N1 includes ample storage for photo and personal gear. Photo equipment is stored in the bottom main compartment of the pack taking full advantage of the modular dividers to custom fit the bag to your exact equipment. The large top compartment will hold personal items or additional gear, and the internal pockets and MP3 player pouch will allow you to organize your personal effects as efficiently as your photographic gear. Two external pockets allow quick zippered access to accessories without opening the main compartments. The 3N1 also includes a rain cover for protection in inclement weather. The 3N1-33 will hold a DSLR with battery grip & long-range zoom lens attached as well as, 5-6 lenses, flash, laptop computer (up to 15.4-Inch ) and personal gear. It also makes a great video bag and can hold a compact camcorder and accessories. External dimensions: length 12.6-Inch ; width 9.3-Inch ; height 18.1-Inch ; weight 3.7 lbs. Internal dimensions Length 11.6-Inch ;Width 6.3-Inch ; Height 11.8-Inch . Laptop compartment dimensions Length 10.6-Inch ; Width 1.6-Inch ; Height 16.5-Inch .

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Akhar women returning from market in Luang Nam Tha
Akhar women returning from market in Luang Nam Tha
As we were leaving a truckload of women returned from the market in Luang Nam Tha where they were selling their woven baskets. They don't like having their photos taken by outsiders. Our guide took some photos with John's little camera but I stood far back and snapped the odd one with a long lens. Luang Nam Tha is not the most exciting of towns but it has a thriving eco-tourist industry. The main street has many travel companies all claiming to be environmentally friendly and offering visitors the opportunity to do anything from one day treks to week long back country tours involving trekking, staying in hil tribe villages, kayaking etc. We went for the one day trek with "Green Discovery Tours". We set off at about 8.30am and had about an hour long drive in a local open van. It was pretty cold that time in the morning. We drove up a dirt road into the hills. Our guide told us that the road had only been built a couple of years before. Prior to this, the Akhar village that we were to visit, could only be accessed on foot. This had made a great deal of difference to the lives of the villages because they could more easily travel to market, sell their goods and effectively join the cash economy. The village's integration into the modern world will be further strengthened when it receives a power supply. As we drove up the mountain, the electricity poles were already up and workers were installing the wire. In the past few years I have seen many poor villages and this was one of the poorest. We had a brief stop in the village and then went for our trek in the jungle, along narrow paths into deep and dark valleys. Fascinating but sadly not an easy place to take photos. For any decent shots I needed a tripod because the light levels were so low. We had lunch in a small clearing by the stream with lots of sticky rice (we were beginning to get a little fed up of sticky rice by this time on the trip). Despite our request for veggie food, we'd been given some fish which the company guide and the local Akhar guide finished very happily! After the trek we were invited for tea and a glass of the local brew at the chief's house. Although the house was wooden and on bamboo stilts, all the cooking was done on a wood fire inside the property - looked a bit risky to me! The village was very basic - no running water, no sewerage and no electricity. Unlike in India and many other countries, where the children run after you demanding to have their photos taken, there seemed to an sense of suspicion. We felt very much like rich people looking at poor people (which is hardly surprising because that is exactly the case). Akhar women traditionally go around topless after they are married and I got the feeling they were fed up with people staring at them. John did his best not to be seen even looking in their direction so as not to be categorised as a western male gawper! The children were not in the greatest of health. There were quite a few with rather unpleasant looking skin conditions and there was a toddler with a horrible eye infection. Our guide said that the Akhar did have some access to medical treatment but they preferred to consult the local shaman or healer. There was a primary school in the village but apparently attendance was not high. It was a very interesting experience but I do wonder how the Akhar are going to cope with the big wide world out there.
Small goddesses
Small goddesses
During the Pushkar camel fare and other big festivals in India you’ll find all kinds of people in the streets. One thing that a lot of local kids do is that they dress up as gods and goddesses and go around asking for money. I’m not exactly sure which gods these two girls are supposed to be but the one to the right was extremely photogenic. In every single photo I took she popped out as if though she had a special deal with my camera that made her always look good. ------------- If you ever find yourself in northern India in November make sure you go visit the Pushkar Camel fare! These photos were taken during an early morning the day after the fare had ended, and everyone was packing up. Absolutely stunning scenery with loads of photographic opportunities. Pushkar is a small village with a holy lake that the God Brahma created when he dropped a lotus leaf (or something ;) and it sprung out of the desert. Every year by the full moon of November around 200 000 people come to visit Pushkar for this holy happening! To make it even more crowded the largest cattle fair in the world has grown around the same event and so there are Brahmins running around the streets together with Camels and holy cows that have five hows. It's unlike anything you've ever seen. For those of you who like shopping Indian souvenirs we found that Pushkar has the most to offer and at the best prices. I think that the stuff we consider Indian isn't usually bought by the local Indian so you have to go somewhere half touristy to find it and this is a good choice. It's touristy but not too much and it is such a lovely little village!

best camera deals in india
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