Calendar Gadget Not Working

    calendar gadget
  • A cool calendar help users keep track of date. You also can switch easily between daily, monthly and yearly view and change skin that you like.
  • a mine or quarry that is being or has been worked
  • Having paid employment
  • Relating to, suitable for, or for the purpose of work
  • adequate for practical use; especially sufficient in strength or numbers to accomplish something; "the party has a working majority in the House"; "a working knowledge of Spanish"
  • Engaged in manual labor
  • working(a): actively engaged in paid work; "the working population"; "the ratio of working men to unemployed"; "a working mother"; "robots can be on the job day and night"
calendar gadget not working
calendar gadget not working - Google Sites
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This is what the sidebar looks like inside of Vista. You can see the CPU usage gadget, Local Weather Gadget, Calendar Gadget, and Lazyboy's EFx2 gadget. This sidebar is a real nice addition to the desktop.
Current Desktop
Current Desktop
I have Vista Home Basic. Dell Inspiron 1501 Laptop.

calendar gadget not working