I have created this blog that I inform you about the possibilities of consumer associations.
Most of you have heard the collective, kupime.hr and similar portals to organize consumers and directing them to a group discount in order to create a better buying opportunity, or even initiated by the desire to purchase the consumer where it is not there. But, let's go a step further and consider the possibilities of making profits while shopping or better yet, making profits while others are buying, even those who do not
Does this sound interesting and if you are willing to set aside a few minutes to introduce you the possibilities that today's technology and well-organized systems offer.
If so, first thank you for a separate time and I hope it will not be wasted.                  
 Let's go .......
Regarding the purpose of consumer associations, we first need to agree on some basic assumptions: We are all customers every day - we buy    

food, clothing, footwear, fuel, cars, furniture, appliances, houses and so on. And all we want to get more for less money.

All that we buy from dealers who have a passion: to buy it cheaper, sell more expensive, and to cope with the competition. Revenues should be higher than their expenditures in order to survive. The more traffic they have, the lower prices they can get from their suppliers - which brings us to the first economic principles relevant to our work: they're more a buyer, the more discounts you can get!
Do we, as consumers come to buy from a dealer, he needs us to be "passing" or somehow have to hear him. Advertising through print, radio, television, personal recommendations, fairs, billboards and the like can connect us. But it all costs!

And now we come to the ingenious idea of ​​consumer associations. When you join us say a thousand, make a list with names and I go to a store owner and suggest that our group to 5% discount if you come to buy from him, though we do not just "the way". What will tell the owner where his interest? His interest is to get to it, because retail is a good chance that about 20-30% of the price actually its the difference between the sales price, and let's say about 15% of his net income, if they refuse costs. Of these 15% of net profit, and often half went on advertising, so that the trader has survived.

We said that there is no economic principle that says we are more buyers, the higher the rebate. What would have happened if the owner comes in with a list of 10,000 potential customers? Or from the 100,000? Probably would have given us and a 10% discount, and maybe more! Of course, not all areas with equal trade discounts, costs, transport, etc. For example, it is impossible to get great discounts when buying a car or an apartment, because there are also some margins much less than 20-30%.

These associations consumers have a lot. There are local associations that organize some trading houses. There are sometimes organized by several associations of commercial houses, chain stores, etc. And how about the brilliant idea of ​​the quadrant, that we organize and merchants and traders to thousands, even tens of thousands? Then you can cover all the areas in which we buy something every day! 

On Cnet - Consumers' Association

It is an association of consumers who have the ability to make their everyday purchases, and others engaged in enterprises that Scnet has signed an agreement - and of course the partner companies in return receive a discount on every purchase.

When we talk about the partner companies, we're talking about chain stores, beauty salons, furniture stores, clothing, shoes, restaurants, telecommunications companies, dental offices. . . So on all companies that decide to promote your business through SCnet and become a partner company.

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