Yamaha 50cc bike - Lamborghini viaggio tandem bike

Yamaha 50cc Bike

yamaha 50cc bike
  • A list of products made by the Yamaha Corporation. Some of the items listed here are no longer in production. For example, the YAS-21 student-grade alto saxophone of the 1970s was superseded by the YAS-23 and YAS-25 saxophones during the 1990s.
  • (Yamahai) In the early 1900’s, one brewer discovered that all of this hard work was not necessary: if the brewers just monitored and controlled the temperature, water levels, exposure to air and a few other variables, the lactic bacteria in the yeast starter would naturally produce lactic acid
  • Japanese motorcycle manufacturer.
  • The 50 cc class was the ultra-lightweight class in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, and formed part of the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) World Championships from 1962 until 1983; when the class was replaced by 80 cc.
  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame
  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
  • bicycle: ride a bicycle
  • A bicycle or motorcycle
yamaha 50cc bike - 1987-1992 Yamaha
1987-1992 Yamaha YSR50 Overbore 63cc Dirt Bike Top End Engine Gasket Kit [For 46mm Bore Size]
1987-1992 Yamaha YSR50 Overbore 63cc Dirt Bike Top End Engine Gasket Kit [For 46mm Bore Size]
Cometic Top End Gasket Kits

Cometic MLS (multi-layer-steel) Head Gaskets are ideal for any combination of head and cylinder materials. MLS Head Gaskets are comprised of two embossed viton coated stainless steel outer layers and a variable stainless center layer. The variable center layer allows us to create multiple gasket thickness options. No re-torque is required after initial torque set.

Rubber coated single layer steel base gaskets are viton rubber coated with a steel core and in some instances embossed.

Cometic AFM material engine cover gaskets are made from a chemically blown compounded nitrile synthetic rubber that is bonded to an aluminum core. AFM material has a temperature resistance of over 250° F (121° C) and an 85% recovery while maintaining a strong torque retention. Gaskets made from AFM install dry and do not require a re-torque. Typical gaskets made from AFM include: cam chain gaskets, timing cover gaskets and water pump gaskets.

Viton valve stem seals are made from hi-temperature Flouroviton with Teflon to prolong valve stem life and have a spring on the wiper to maintain a positive seal.

Exhaust gaskets are made out of various materials, as required by model, such as armor clad, copper, graphite or spiral wound steel.

Copper washers and Viton o-rings are used to seal drain plugs and engine covers with stock o-ring seals.

**Note: Gasket Kit Will Vary in Appearance According to Application - See Item Title for Compatibility

88% (7)
Front Chromed Phillips Screws
Front Chromed Phillips Screws
Step 0: REMOVE THE KEY FROM THE IGNITION. You are going to be working on the electronics of the scooter, so we don't want any power going through the ignition system AT ALL. You could screw your bike up if you don't follow this admonition. Anytime you're working on either the stock or the upgrade CDI, the ignition must be off, and I'd go ahead and put the key in your pocket. This also applies if you are setting the DIP switches on the new CDI. Don't be lazy; just put the key in your pocket. Step 1: Remove these three screws. They take a simple mid-size phillips screwdriver. I used a ratcheted screwdriver, but really these are only hand-tightened. If you use an electric, just be aware that it's not going to take much to remove ANYTHING on this bike, so go slowly.
Yamaha TZR frame
Yamaha TZR frame
Yamaha TZR 50 frame, if you look through my photos the bike is there whole and we took it apart Nikon EM, Kodak B&W

yamaha 50cc bike
yamaha 50cc bike
Lifan 125cc Motor Dirt Bike Engine Complete Set
Brand New LIFAN 1P54FMI 125cc high performance race engine. Upgrade your stock 50cc to this 125cc monster, you can feel the power difference immediatly. Ride faster, jump higher. LIFAN offers with this engine of the newest generation all tuning- and racing-fans best quality and highest performance state-of-the-art! The engine comes with a high-qualtiy cylinder head made from aluminium, a reinforced kickstarter axle and extra large valves and canals! Furthermore it comes with a high-quality 4-disc clutch! With 7.4 kW by 7500 rpm the engine reaches more than the triple performance of a standard CRF50 engine.