Wide Mountain Bike Shoe

wide mountain bike shoe
    mountain bike
  • (Mountain Biking) A designated, rugged, natural surfaced, single track trail that offers a range of riding opportunities.
  • A bicycle with a light sturdy frame, broad deep-treaded tires, and multiple gears, originally designed for riding on mountainous terrain
  • a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires; originally designed for riding in mountainous country
  • (Mountain biking) Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially adapted mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.
  • Of great or more than average width
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wide mountain bike shoe - Shimano Men's
Shimano Men's Wide Mountain Bike Shoe - SH-M230CE (47E)
Shimano Men's Wide Mountain Bike Shoe - SH-M230CE (47E)
Heat-moldable Custom-Fit technology: a Shimano innovation. Custom-Fit technology in heel cup stabilizes the foot. Custom-Fit technology in the insole for support & comfort. Carbon fiber reinforced polyamide midsole and dual injection flexible polyamide-polyurethane outer sole transfers your energy straight to the pedals.Asymmetric buckle & dual off-set straps securely holds foot and allows subtle adjustments. Off-set straps prevent pressure points. Tough synthetic leather upper with low-profile armor provides foot protection and excellent durabilityComposite toe spikes increases traction in sand or loose dirt.

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B.P. Fantasy
B.P. Fantasy
Accomplishments/Success/Victories (Not in chronological order) •*Many Hours Of Classroom Teaching benefiting many students •Large Portfolio Of Design Projects •*Many Pen And Ink Sketches And Collected And Exhibited In Art Galleries •Learning To Free Hand Draw •Learning To Draft Well •*Designing and Building •*Hanging Drapes In So Many Houses In New York City •Overcoming Stuttering •Knowing Ted and Rhoda Brown the Radio Announcer Team in New York and Assisting Decorating Their Homes in Harrison, Westchester New York. •*Being Audio Video Monitor And Stage Director In Junior High •*Marching In The Columbus Day Parade In The High School Band •*Being Elected Class Bank Representative •Learning How To Read •Being Taught How To Tie My Shoe Laces By A Blind Girl •Receiving A Set Of Electric Trains From My Father •Collecting Phonograph Records To Play On Phonograph Bought For Me By My Father •Winning the Best Design Job upon Graduation from Pratt Inst. •Being Tall Enough To Discourage Bully From Attacking Me •Being Accepted As A Student By Pratt Institute •Being Accepted As A Student By Yale University •Completing All Math And Structural Design Courses •Driving A Car By Myself •Riding A Bike, Skating, And Skiing •Going To Europe For The First Time •Entering Rome By Rail •Moving To Holland Ave Away From Simpson Street To “Real House” •Building And Using My First Interior Play House •Designing And Building My First Stage •Designing And Installing Wrought Iron In My Room •*Seeing My Designs For Lobbies Being Built •*My First House Design For Frank Houser •*Seeing My First Big Design Projects Being Built For James Talcott And The Bank Of Israel •*My First Radio Broadcast At Pratt Institute •*My First And Last Theatre Performance As An Actor At Pratt •My Beach Pavilion Design Model Being Exhibited At Pratt •*Being Asked By Earth Day Producers To Manage Production Of Both Earth Day Events In New York City And Helping John Mc Connel Get U Thant’s Signature To Proclaim Earth Day As An International Holiday And Appearing As Spokesman For The Project On All Three Media Networks, Magazines, News Papers And Professional Journals. •Learning How To Swim At The YMCA •Being Really Goods Friends With Senior Professional, Writers, Such As Gerald Popiel, Paul Weiss, Yvonne Illich, Otto Hula, Ara Ignatius, Friederich Kiesler, Forrest Wilson, Max Waldman, And Vincent Scully •Having Been Taught By Famous Professionals Such As Phillip Johnson, Louis Kahn, Charles Moore, Paul Rudolph, Peter Millard, Sibyl Maholy Nage, Henry (Hank) Pfisterer, Buckminister Fuller, Mies Van Der Rohe, James Polchek, And Gerald Luss, •Having Worked For Edward Durrell Stone And Morris Lapidus •Having Professional Affiliations with World Famous Architects Such As Phillip Johnson, Paul Rudolf, Charles Moore, Gordon Bunshaft, Gio Ponte, Palo Soleri, Victor Lundy, and Friederich Kiesler. •*Having Designed Many Builddings On The Campus Of The State University Of New York (SUNY) In Albany •*Designed Exhibitions For The Bigelow Carpet Company •*Having Been Invited To Teach the Climatology and Bio Climatic Design Courses Created by Victor Olgay Immediately Following His Untimely Death. •Understanding Of the Key Principles of Design, Planning, Programming for Cities, Buildings, Furniture, Fashion, Music, Etc. •*Design And Build Shop In Condado, Puerto Rico •*Complete Island Wide Plan Of Public Libraries Under Direct Contract To The Department Of Education Of Puerto Rico And Dr Rafael Corrada •*Design and Complete Grace English Lutheran Church Restoration in Santurce Puerto Rico after the Death of Its Pastor and Our Dear Friend, Gerald Bergen. •*Research Pollution And Environmental Innovations In Germany Published By Architectural Record As “Pollution Architecture” •*Founding Laboratories for Metaphoric Environments, Designing and Complete Building of Loft on 318 East 68 Street. Living And Working In The Loft Including Writing Prospectus And Many Program Proposals. •*Designing Tennessee Indigenous Housing and Public Buildings for Construction on English Mountain and Sugar Tree Tennessee. And Belize, Honduras. •Apply Successfully A Job Search Campaign Method From A Book Discovered By Christina •*Gulf Oil Corporation Employs Me to Author Its Pollicies and Procedures for Building, Non-Oil Production, Pollicies and Procedures. John Wiley And Sons Later Contracted With Me To Publish This As Book Called ”Project Manuel Standards” (PMS) •*Manage All Aspects Of The Design Build Process To Design And Construct Gulf Oil Corporation Computer, Office, Laboratory And Chemical Site Support Facilities As Designated Owner’s Representative For Gulf’s Special Projects Covering Houston, Victoria, Midland, And Odessa. •Become Deciples And Active Yoga Members Doing Exercises And Changing Diet •Stop Smoking After Three Week Of Abstinence On Paradise Island In The Caribbean •Invited To B E Junior Partner Of Long Established A&E Firm (SRG)In Puerto Rico •Successfully negotiate to minimi
Better late than never. I've been moving (just 10 miles from where I was) and haven't been flickr-izing much. I can't remember exactly how the Tagged rules go, but I did the following list for a 25 Random Things thing that's also going 'round the 'net, so ... 1.My dad died when I was 12. My mom, when I was 37. Being an orphan sucks. 2.I forgot to get married and have kids. 3.I rose from the ashes last year after a bad break-up, and saw my ex yesterday for the first time in over a year. He (acted like he?) didn’t see me, but when I saw him, I felt nothing but warmth. I love that. I’m healed!! 4.I love a physical challenge. I have done several century rides on a road bike, including the Sierra Century (ridiculous elevation climbs), The Chico Wildflower (flat and breezy), and on a mountain bike, The Flume Trail in Tahoe. I regularly hike/jog for 90 minutes or so through the hilly forest, and won’t stop until I’m covered with salt and sweat. 5.On the other hand, I’m kind of a girly-girl. I like heels (and only wear tennis shoes when the activity requires it). I like mascara. I like my blow-dryer. 6.On the other hand, I’m *not* about designers, and think I’m stoopid if I’ve spent more than 15 bucks on a pair of pants and 20 on a pair of shoes. Thrift stores rock! 7.I love sipping (spiked) hot cocoa by a campfire in the Redwoods. 8.I attend Unitarian Universalist services. At first, I dubbed it the Church of Ambiguity. Then I grew more attached and respectful, and called it the Anti-Dogma Church. Now, I love it and call it “A Really Uplifting Place to Be”. 9.I love to kayak on lakes. It’s like a magic carpet ride. 10.I would go back to Amsterdam anytime! Ditto Kauai. 11.Whenever I feel irrelevant I think about my 13-years of teaching middle school. Man, that was fun, and meaningful! 12.I am emotional. In a typical day, I can move through grief and joy and fear and hope and gratitude and love and hate and expansiveness and inwardness and big-wide eyes and anger… I don’t consider any emotions to be negative. It’s the oppression of them that can be problematic or lead one to live a somewhat one-dimensional existence. I move through them all, without (too much) fear or discomfort. 13.My lifelong nemesis has been fat and all the attending and fascinating issues attached to it. On Feb 25, 2008 I embarked, yet again, on a Kick-the-Nemesis’-Ass journey. Almost a year later, I’ve carved off 70 lbs. Go find a typical 5th grader and pick her up. That’s how much weight I’ve lost! Mind-blowing! 14.The more I think of myself as an artist, the more I make sense to myself. 15.I’m ridiculously self-absorbed. 16.I’m a water-baby. Have taken dips in the Pacific, Meditteranean, Aegean, Caribbean, a Mexican ceynote, and of course, my beloved Yuba River, to name a few. 17.If you want to see my rebellious side, try to manipulate me. 18. I saw Jude Law at Heathrow Airport. He really is that cute. 19.I’m kinda on the slow side. Slow at thinking/making connections, mosaics, walking, rites of passages, reading, getting ready, making decisions…. I’m good at most of the aforementioned, just slow. 20.One of my favorite and clearest memories is of my first make-out session, summer before high school. Had I known the word, or been capable of lucidness, I would’ve thought, “Sublime! My body can feel this good??? Phew!” 21.My dad was a taxi-driver in San Francisco. He liked having me ride shot-gun because my cuteness factor increased his tips. I liked riding with him because he was my hero. 22.I have crazy-strong urges for pleasure. They usually sweep over me when a good song plays and I just neeeeeed to bust out and sway, or swim, or fly. When they hit, I usually dance around the room, go outside and raise my arms to the twinkling stars, take a jog, seek a swimming hole, or on the rare occasion I’m with a hunky man … O 23.I’m really good at being in the moment. I think I enjoy life a lot because of this. 24.I hate the phone. Most people I know are or have been frustrated with my lack of phone calls to them. I don’t mind gabbing once I answer the thing. But, I rarely make a call. 25.I could live quite happily never having to listen to another song by Bryan Adams, Richard Marx, and other singers who’ve wasted their good, throaty, gruff voices on saccharine songs that make me grind my teeth. 26.I maintain an Imaginary Boyfriend List. Currently it includes President Ohhhbama, Bono, Edge, John Hiatt, Dale Chihuly, Roger Federer, Jon Stewart, and my friend David.

wide mountain bike shoe
wide mountain bike shoe
Shimano SH-M087GE Mountain Bike Shoes (Wide) - Men's, Grey, 45
The Shimano M087GE is a wider version of Shimano's M087 mountain bike shoe to accommodate those that need a wider footbed. This shoe is designed to cover a wide range of mountain bikers from those that ride just for fun or the serious racer. The M087GE has a close-to-foot last and a fiberglass sole plate to give you comfort and performance. The tread is a durable rubber which helps you keep solid footing if for some reason you have to dismount and run up a rugged section of trail. We know you're not that type, though. We know you'd rather pedal through anything you encounter. 2-Bolt Cleat Pattern Compatible with Shimano SPD, Crank Brothers, Look MTB and Time MTB Pedals Close-to-foot fit last Snug, durable fabrics Micro-adjust buckle and dual asymmetrical straps