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Top Road Bike Manufacturers

top road bike manufacturers
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    road bike
  • A road bicycle is similar to a racing bicycle. However, road bikes are built more for endurance and less for fast bursts of speed, which is desired in a racing bicycle. They usually have more gear combinations and fewer hi-tech racing features.
  • (Road biking) Road cycling is the most widespread form of cycling. It takes place primarily on paved surfaces. It includes recreational, racing, and utility cycling.
  • A bicycle that is suitable for use on ordinary roads, as opposed to a mountain bike
  • A motorcycle that meets the legal requirements for use on ordinary roads
  • A bike with narrow tires best suited for paved roads. Usually noted by drop style bars.
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daredevil Henry Body
daredevil Henry Body
image above: Henry Body wins the silver helmet at Eastville Speedway . Henry Body is a daredevil aged 72, with health issues who regularly takes his Bristol-built Douglas from 1929 to motorbike meets. He cuts a quaint figure to the uninitiated. Among the crowds are some of the kind who are wont to smile and say 'ah, bless', and when they spot this slow-talking West Countryman with his worn black leathers and ancient steed they do just that. Then they see him in action, and all they can do is shake their heads in disbelief and mutter: 'What the ...?' He's been riding for 60 years — that's right, first bike at the age of 12 — and after decades of success in trials, scrambles, sidecar races, hill climbs and grasstrack, the sport he has come to dominate has been vintage sprinting. Dominate is the word. By the end of last season, he had notched up 254 wins in 259 starts, ending up second in four of the other five, and once suffering the indignity of engine failure. That taught him to always take a spare along with him, so he won't be caught like that again. His old bike is quite frightening. It goes from nought to 100mph in 11 seconds/and since a sprint is over just a quarter of a mile, it's all over in little more than 20 seconds. His fastest official speed is 118mph — a vintage record — and while he usually competes in the pre-1947 unlimited class, as often as not his time beats any of the vintage winners going right back to 1970. There's a picture of him and his museum-piece bike at the start of a race, lined up against a streamlined red 1,000cc Ducatti, its rider in gleaming matching livery. 'Who's that?' I ask. 'A steward to ride alongside you to make sure all's well?' 'No,' Henry replies. 'He was the guy I was up against.' 'And you beat that?' I ask. He doesn't even bother to reply. Of course he did. He's Henry Body. He beats them all. Quite why this happens is complex. He's as competitive as can be, and as success or failure over such a short distance hinges crucially on your speed off the blocks, i^s clear that his reflexes are staggering. It must be remembered, too, that while the bikes are vintage, their riders, more often than not, are men in their prime. But another major factor is his skill as an engineer. The bike — one of the original speedway Duggies, built solely to go like a bat out of hell — has been modified by him over the years in quite extraordinary ways. The pistons come from a Hillman Imp, with a dome crown welded on, he designed his own camshaft and the gearbox is from a pre-war Norton, with the top and bottom cut off. The original Duggie engine was 500cc, but of course it was no problem to lengthen the cylinder barrels and make it 596cc. As you do. 'I've done nothing that pre-war people couldn't have done,' Henry protests. 'Development riders like Freddie Dixon. I'm noted as a blacksmith engineer, and I'm happy with that. People today do too much technology and not enough practical.' One of a family of nine children whose mother died prematurely, and living still in his birthplace village of Biddisham, near Axbridge, Somerset, Henry and his siblings learned about bikes almost from the cradle from their motorsport-mad father George. His brothers, Malcolm and Terry, were also keen riders, and in 1957 the three of them were chosen as the South West's team to compete in the national trials championship. They won it, and needless to say, a family team had never done that before. Henry lost the use of an eye when he was 10, the result of a thorn bush accident, and when you ask him why he's always so razor-sharp off the start line, he'll tell you that it all stems from his grasstrack days, when you had a clear run if you were out in front and a faceful of mud if you weren't. If you only had one good eye, you had no choice but to get ahead of the field. It's a nice tale, but as an explanation of split-second reactions and mastery over a temperamental machine, it still falls some way short of the mark. But that bad eye apart, he's obviously in good health, then? 'Well,' Henry replies, 'I had a new' hip 18 months ago. Oh, and a pacemaker fitted just before that...' I make the mistake of taking the pacemaker news in my stride and merely asking how it's going — at which he tears open his shirt to reveal what looks like a tin of cherry blossom boot polish sewn In neatly under the skin just above his heart. Oh yes, I say, keen to change the subject and avert my eyes. It looks pretty good to me... Two rooms of the Body's home have trophies as their focal point, and you can well believe Henry's wife Norma when she says there are scores more elsewhere. He has never competed internationally, and the demands of bringing up two daughters and running his plant hire business — SWEB was his main client for 34 years — meant he was not moved to gamble on being a professional sportsman. He had a brief flirtation with the Bristol Bulldogs, riding the speedway at Knowle, but to him that was ne
element x krabo bike
element x krabo bike
Press Release: ELEMENT x KRABO ECOllaboration A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, push, or pedal. As part of Element’s commitment to the environment and sustainable living, we’re proud to announce the release of a limited collection of handcrafted bicycles built by renowned European bike-maker Krabo. Element will be auctioning off these bicycles to benefit environmental non- profits researched and approved by 1% For The Planet. Element Europe commissioned Krabo to hand-build five traditional, lugged steel track frames showcasing colors and detail directly inspired by Element’s logo and true nature. The classic black frames are accented with wood wheels, donned with the finest leather, and built up with premium components. Krabo, short for Krautscheid Bochum, is a traditional bike manufacturer based out of Bochum, Germany. Founded in 1977 by Gunthrer Krautscheid, Krabo has been building custom frames for over 30 years — and impressively enough, the Element collection marks Krabo’s 15,000th hand-built bicycle. ECOllaboration is Element’s ongoing effort of partnering with friends to create projects that benefit environmental non-profits researched and approved by 1% For The Planet. ELEMENT x KRABO SINGLESPEED BIKE COMPONENTS Frame & Fork: Columbus Tube - Singlespeed Road – Krabo Handlebar: 3 ttt Pista Handlebar tape: Brooks Stem: 3ttt Record 84 silver Seat post: Procraft classic- silver Saddle: Brooks Swift Wood Rims: Cermenati - Cerchio Ghisalic Hubs: Miche Pista Spokes: Sapim Race DD Tyres: Vredestein Ricorso black / brown Tubes: Continental Cranks: Miche Primato Pedals: MKS Sylvan classic Pedal cages: Christophe Pedal straps: Brooks Pinion back: Miche Pista Pinion Front: Gebhardt Chain: Miche Pista KRABO BIKES — HIGH QUALITY AND HANDCRAFTED Krabo (short for the name Krautscheid Bochum) is a traditional bike manufacturer based out of Bochum, Germany devoted to building high-quality, handmade frames and forks to measure. Founded in November of 1977 by Gunther Krautscheid, Krabo draws on a 30-year handcrafted bike-making legacy and has built over 15,000 custom bike frames in the process. Bound by this tradition, all Krabo frames are constructed based on the specific demands of each individual’s biking needs. As a former leading pro rider on tracks around the world and an avid participant in both cross and road races, Gunther employs his rich experience and riding skill on a daily basis at Krabo. His deep passion for bikes and materials has also earned him notoriety as one of the world’s finest welding experts. Simply watch Gunther at work and you’ll realize that for him, welding is indeed an art form — which is just one of the reasons why bike addicts and world champions across the globe ride Krabo. All told, Krabo has produced 15,002 custom bike frames to top standards for satisfied custom- ers worldwide. In fact, number three of the five Element bikes is Krabo’s 15,000th bike —a jubilee made of ultra-strong CrMo. And not only are Krabo frames and forks superior — all the com- ponents of the Krabo-Ele ment steed come from premium bike-part manufacturers, from the Miche Pista back pinion to the unique, Italian-made Cermenati - Cerchio Ghisalic wooden rims that are more elastic on rougher and longer routes than their metallic counterparts. Needless to say, each of Krabo’s custom-made Element single speeds has love, wisdom, and experience infused into every last detail. more info at:

top road bike manufacturers