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Giant Women Bikes

giant women bikes
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Giant Anthem XW (Womans specific) 2009
Giant Anthem XW  (Womans specific)  2009
The girl's XC weapon for this season... © Graeme Warren # Frame: AluxX SL aluminium, Fluid Formed, Maestro suspension system, 4''/100mm travel # Fork: Roch Shox SID World Cup 100mm travel, Motion Control lock out # Cranks: Shimano XT Hollowtech II 44/32/22 # Bottom Bracket: Shimano XT Hollowtech II # Pedals: Riders choice.. # Front Derailleur: Shimano XT # Rear Derailleur: Shimano XTR Shadow # Shifters: Shimano XT 27 speed RapidFire Plus # Cassette: Shimano SLX 11-34 # Chain: Shimano HG73 # Hubs: DT 370 Disc # Rims: Mavic XC717 26" # Tyres: Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evo 26x 2.1" # Brakes: Shimano XT disc, 160mm rotors # Brake Levers: Shimano XT # Handlebar: RaceFace Evolve XC # Stem: RaceFace Evolve XC # Saddle: WTB Deva # Seat Post: RaceFace Evolve XC # Sizes: 14.5 16" or 18" # Colour: Silver/Light Blue/White
Giant Santa Hug
Giant Santa Hug
From last years Times-up bike ride to Dyker Heights, which is somehow part of Brooklyn. I thought of it again as I was flying back from Texas via Jetblue (I love you Jetblue) and OUTRAGEOUS HOLIDAY DISPLAYS came on TLC or something like that and they had an interview with the rich italian woman who claimed to have started the holiday display insanity in Dyker Heights. They showed the displays on the show, but of course they are way better in person. Check 'em out if you can.

giant women bikes