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Best Mountain Bike Video

best mountain bike video
    mountain bike
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Video: Ringo Cooling Off During A Long Run
Video: Ringo Cooling Off During A Long Run
We almost always stop here near the nine mile marker for a little fetch and swim. I don't know if you can tell from this video but it is pretty steep down to that irrigation ditch and the current is also swift. Ringo is one of the few dogs I've know who will dive in head first (like a human diving) and go completely underwater when pursuing his stick. And he is a stock dog - not really a water breed. Of course he uses a more cautious belly fop to come back. BTW - I use Spanish commands with Ringo so what I said was, "Venga!" which as far as I know means, "Come!"
Day 29: Bike
Day 29: Bike
Yes, I ride. Here is a photo of me doing a nose stall (I don't play video games all day!) haha. It was kind of warm today and wanted to take my bike out for a ride. I decided it would be a neat photo for my 365 set so here it is. Have fun everyone! 12 - 02 - 07 (I keep typing 11 for my date and I realize that it isn't November anymore! It is so close to Christmas!)

best mountain bike video