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  • A sport bike, also written as sportbike, is a motorcycle optimized for speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering on paved roads, typically at the expense of comfort and fuel economy in comparison to less specialized motorcycles.
  • (Super bikes!) Super Bikes! is a television show that first aired on Speed Channel in 2006. It follows popular American stunt rider Jason Britton as he goes around the country to check out the sport bike scene.
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super bike online - Planet Bike
Planet Bike Blinky Super Flash 1/2-Watt Blaze LED Plus 2 eXtreme LED Rear Bicycle Light
Planet Bike Blinky Super Flash 1/2-Watt Blaze LED Plus 2 eXtreme LED Rear Bicycle Light
The Superflash series taillights feature powerful LEDs providing constant and flashing modes for ultimate visibility.
1/2 watt Blaze LED plus 2 eXtreme LEDs for visibility up to 1 mile
Ultra compact vertical design is weatherproof, lightweight and durable
Includes bike mounts and clip mount for multiple mounting options
Up to 100 hours of run time on 2 AAA batteries (included)
Constant and flashing modes
Additional purchase of LT7309 bracket will allow light to be mounted onto racks to provide a reflector mount
Soft-touch power switch accesses
2 Nichia LEDs
Blaze 1/2W LED
Item Specifications
Battery2 AAA
Bulb2 Red LED
Run Time100 Hours Constant/Flashing

Whether you're biking home from school or on a long training ride, the Planet Bike Superflash rear bicycle light will keep you visible to passing cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. The Superflash is equipped with a 1/2-watt Blaze LED and two eXtreme LEDs, with your choice of flashing or steady modes depending on the situation. The light is also built for long-term use, with an ultra-compact vertical design that's weatherproof, lightweight, and durable. Best of all, the Superflash attaches to almost any bike, with bike mounts and a clip mount included in the package. Offering visibility for up to 1 mile, the Superflash runs for up to 100 hours on two AA batteries (included) and carries a limited lifetime warranty.
About Planet Bike
In November of 1996, Planet Bike was founded in Madison, Wisconsin. In many ways, Planet Bike began as a social experiment that dedicated itself to doing business in a different way. Instead of being just another company that develops and sells products with profit as its end goal, Planet Bike wanted to help bring about positive change for people, their communities, and the environment.
Despite being a simple machine, the people at Planet Bike have always believed that the bicycle has great potential to help improve the world and the lives of the people in it. From the start, they have embraced an alternative corporate purpose which seeks to help get more people on bicycles by making communities friendlier places for the self-propelled. By donating 25% of company profits to causes that promote and facilitate bicycle usage, Planet Bike hopes to make an impact.
Social experiments aside, Planet Bike was born from the heart of a cyclist with a goal of making innovative, high quality, and practical bicycle accessories. Simply put, they strive to design and develop the best bicycle products in the world. In the company's short ten year history, they have made important product innovations within the bicycle industry. Advancements include the 4-line computer which is now a standard in the industry and the world's first self-contained HID light. Not bad for a company that ten years ago started as a one man operation. Today, while still a small company, Planet Bike continues to evolve and improve their product line with the goal of always striving to build accessories that make it easier for people to ride their bikes. Since 1996, Planet Bike's financial support of the grassroots bicycle movement has totaled $500,000. By 2010, they have made a goal to donate $1 million to organizations that are dedicated to making America a friendlier place for cyclists.

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FOC Asics Bike
FOC Asics Bike
ASICS, one of the most innovative sports footwear and apparel brands today, has launched the inspiring “What’s a left, without a right?” campaign. Conceptualized by advertising agency Amsterdam Worldwide, the campaign was brought to life by the design talents of Freedom Of Creation (FOC) and has become one of 2009?s most talked about branding initiatives. “What’s a left, without a right?” celebrates a new collection of 80?s inspired footwear by ASICS, and underscores the company philosophy “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano”**, the diversity of the world in which we live, and is an engaging and stimulating reminder that in uniting our opposites, or other half, we can become stronger, smarter, balanced … and whole. The campaign also renews Amsterdam Worldwides collaboration with FOC – a relationship that started with FOC’s design collaboration in 2008 for the mega super-hit “Electric Tiger Land” brand campaign for Onitsuka Tiger. FOC understood the key elements of both the ASICS company philosophy and the new campaign developed by Amsterdam Worldwide and designed ten unique, 80?s-inspired objects. The objects were designed by Janne Kyttanen to be manufactured directly into a mesh packaging which also incorporated a personalized message in 4 different languages. Each package contained only half an object, and the recipients (ten bloggers world-wide) were left with the task of finding the other half to make their present whole. Janne Kyttanen, founder and creative director at FOC, commented: “We knew that the intended recipients of these gifts are trend-setters. They had to receive something which was truly one-of-a-kind, that would have a strong ‘wow’ factor and inspire their curiosity to investigate. …and yet leave them with a sour-sweet feeling of regret for having to destroy the packaging that enclosed their half-icon product.” FOC worked with Amsterdam Worldwide and ASICS to assure a design that would intrigue the bloggers, and used high-tech rapid manufacturing technologies to create this “all-in-one”, singular creation. The gifts were forwarded to 10 bloggers, hand-picked by Amsterdam Worldwide for their impact on ASICS’ dynamic target audience of people in their late 20s and early 30s. Bloggers received two non-matching halves of ten unique, restyled 1980s-inspired iconic models. The single piece, all-in-one manufactured package contained the two non-matching halves, incorporated within a cage-like graphite-colored mesh, which the bloggers had to crack open. Janne Kyttanen also designed the casing so as to feature a plaque with a personal message, in the blogger’s own language, signed by ASICS. The bloggers were then invited to use their online network to locate the missing pieces.
November, 2009 ZAGlamour's 2nd Bi-Monthly November Issue
November, 2009 ZAGlamour's 2nd Bi-Monthly November Issue
ZAGlamour's 2nd Bi-Monthly November Issue ZAGLAMOUR'S 2nd "BI-MONTHLY" FOR NOVEMBER – SUMMER RAINS, ECONOMIC PAINS…DON’T WORRY, ZAGLAMOUR IS HERE TO MAKE IT BETTER!!! Firstly, we’d like to thanks everyone for the incredible support that we have had over the last couple of months. ZAGlamour is growing everyday and will continue to grow as long as we have incredible supporters such as yourself, so from all of us, the models and the management team here at ZAGlamour, thank you! As you know the introduction of our “Bi-Monthly” cover and injection of Content as well as the New Articles Section has been very well received and hence we will continue to bring you some of the best undiscovered talent in South Africa. At ZAGlamour we feel as though this new creative direction is the perfect development in bringing you, the South African public, and our exclusive readers nothing but the best of South Africa’s undiscovered talent from all spectrums of the creative, design and glamour industries! The New Articles Section has become a thing of beauty in its own right. We have added a “Streaming with ZAG” articles section that will host some incredibly funny, strange, interesting, wacked out and weird video the Internet can offer. For a second there you might think that there’s nothing out there that we can show that you haven’t already seen…well, we can guarantee you now that we will showcase some special videos you have yet to stumble upon! This month’s articles include a thought provoking tech review from our in-house IT Director, Juraj Buljanovic, on “MAC Vs PC”, which as some of you might not be aware of is a never-ending debate here at the ZAG HQ as well as world wide. The other article being a “complaint ridden blurp” about South African cleanliness from the ever-unpleased David Alves. This 2nd Bi-Monthly November Issue contains: - Bjorn Estment, an up and coming super bike rider in SA clad with Stacey and Nakita for good measure! - Updated blogs from all our Stunning ZAGlamour models - New aesthetics for the website - A revisit to our “ZAGlamour and Manhattan Get Glamorous Party” with updated event photo’s - New affiliates added, Unique Events, BLUEYE EYEWEAR and The AMI RESTAURANT - Company reviews and great articles in our New Articles Section AND a subtle reminder of our INCREDIBLY LOW AND AFFORDABLE PRICING this kind of an economy, you can’t afford NOT to have some beautiful, entertaining and interactive talent to keep you company…! This 2nd Bi-Monthly for November is fresh out of the oven! It’s gorgeous, sexy, sensual and of course keeping it South African 100% of the way. Welcome to Summer ZAGlamour…! Regards The ZAGlamour Team

super bike online
super bike online
Yakima Super Joe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
Yakima has made the SuperJoe 2 to deliver two bicycles safely to the trailhead. Trunk mounted racks are easy to get to and offer an affordable alternative to roof rack systems. The SuperJoe 2 holds two bicycles to the tail end of almost any vehicle. Yakima Stable Cradles secure each bike while the six strap system ensures a solid fit of the rack to the car. The Quick Trigger Hub System makes the SuperJoe 2 easy to install or take off.

Product Features
Country of origin: China

The Yakima SuperJoe 2 is an ideal trunk-mounted bike rack for occasional riders who still want the extra protection of anti-sway cradles. Designed to hold up to two bikes at once, the SuperJoe 2 is outfitted with Yakima's easy-to-install Quick Trigger Hub System. All you need to do is hook the secure six-strap system to your trunk and you're set. Once installed, the SuperJoe 2's narrow arm design fits a wide variety of bikes, from racing models to mountain bikes. And thanks to the integrated StableCradles--which hold your bikes firmly in place--and the padded, paint-protecting feet, you needn't worry about damaging either your bikes or the car. Designed to fit several vehicle types, including minivans and hatchbacks, the SuperJoe 2 comes with glass hatch hooks for glass trunk or gate mounts and carries a limited lifetime warranty.