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Electric Bicycle Prices

electric bicycle prices
    electric bicycle
  • An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle with an electric motor used to power the vehicle.
  • Any bicycle or tricycle with a low-powered electric motor weighing under 100 pounds, with a top motor-powered speed not in excess of 20 miles per hour.
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electric bicycle prices - Convert Your
Convert Your Bike to Electric/ Forget High Gas Prices
Convert Your Bike to Electric/ Forget High Gas Prices
Welcome to "Convert Your Bike to Electric". This 60 minute recently produced DVD introduces the typical bike owner to the joys and benefits of riding an electric bike. It shows how to convert your bike into an e-bike easily, quickly and inexpensivel
As far as skills needed for the conversion, if you have an ordinary 20-24 inch bike and a handful of common tools, the conversion takes no more mechanical skill than changing a tire on a car. And the readily available kit used in this DVD only cost $349, batteries included. Try buying a motorcyle or scooter for that price. And lastly, did you know that in most states you don't need a license or insurance to operate an e-bike? You'll not only save money, but an e-bike can also cut down on expensive car repairs and insurance.
"Convert Your Bike to Electric" is hosted by film maker, video producer and bike enthusiast, David L Welch. It is divided into easy-to-follow lessons such as:
Legal issues related to owning and operating an e-bike Advantages of owning an e-bike A discussion of the assembly booklet Taking the parts out of the box and examining the parts and tools needed Advantages and disadvantages of various battery types Actual step by step conversion of a new bike to electric A test ride "maiden voyage" Concluding remarks and suggestions

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Anybody who buys one of those deserves a slap.
Anybody who buys one of those deserves a slap.
I didn't take this photo, but I just had to have a little rant about this little pile of automotive manure. First, what's up with the styling? It has a very dated and out of proportion look to it. With its high roof and narrow figure, it looks like it's been squashed between two large trucks. The square edged windows and flat tall windscreen look like they've been lifted from a pre-fabricated greenhouse. It's like a mid 1980's prototype for a replacement to the ghastly and long forgotten Thundersley Invacar. It's obviously a very low budget effort from a company who don't have a clue how to make cars, and did no research into modern styling and didn't give a damn about safety. And not only that, but the thing is amazingly useless also. It takes 8 hours to charge and can only go a 50 mile radius before it needs to be recharged again. Use the windscreen wipers or turn on the radio and the distance will be cut dramatically. Its top speed is a dramatic 45 MPH also. There is nothing remotely innovative about it at all. The same thing could have been made 30 years ago, but nobody bothered because it's bloody useless. And the worst part of it is that it costs around ?8000 ($16,000). Are they fucking kidding? Just buy a decent conventional small car and don't embarrass yourself. The extra cost for petrol and the damage to the environment is a very small price to pay to avoid being seen driving about in that thing! If you want to do the environmentally friendly option, ride a bicycle. It will be quicker, it will be healthier and you won't look like an utter clown while riding it. Soon there will be proper electric cars, and this thing will become one of the great laughing stocks of automotive history. It's Indian, which doesn't surprise me at all. No first world country could ever produce something as farcical and useless as this. And a tip to environmentalists; don't set a bad name for all of you by buying this. A proper electric car will be released in no time. I guarantee it.
Swiss army knife bike
Swiss army knife bike
Zurich- An electric bicycle from Switzerland can be folded just like a Swiss army knife. The bicycle brand named Voltitude is labelled as the ultimate space saver. Invented for city use, the compact bicycle weighs 18.5kg, its length 0.8 metre when folded and 1.09 metres when opened. The bicycle can be opened in just 1 second. The bicycle is priced at ?2,650 (RM8,000) and it takes 4 hours to charge with a normal home electric socket. This bicycle can be purchased at Voltitude's website. It is capable to reach speeds up to 24km/hr and 40km distance before it needs to be recharged. I think Steven would love this! Scanned image from Kosmo

electric bicycle prices