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Best Bicycle For The Money

best bicycle for the money
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Heinz Stucke - 1983
Heinz Stucke - 1983
[printed personal card] Barcelona, May 1983 Hello Everybody. After a lifetime of travelling, meeting people and making friends, it has become impossible to keep in contact with all I met. I would have to begin fulltime letter writing. Maybe one day after having "Burned Up" my energy to cycle I should do just that. In the meaqntime I would like to keep in contact as the years seem to slip by with increasing speed. I had this card printed to let you all know that I am alive, in good spirit and still on the road. It has become my ambition now to see "all" the countries in the world. I am in my twenty-first year of continuous travelling beginning in 1962, the last time I was in germany. I seem to be hopelessly addicted to this way of life, but I am content to be able to do what most people can only dream about. Most of all I cherish the great personal freedom this lifestyle gives. It's not always easy of course money being usually the main handicap (handicap for most of us). Everywhere I am always a guest and have to behave accordingly, causing "bottled up feelings" sometimes. I am of good will, but only human. I am beginning to understand Man in all his complexities and contradictions. I cannot outrun him. In the next two years or so I will try to cover the remaining countries, some in Africa, others in the Caribean, maybe China as the "Grand Finale." My bicycle still serves me well. 1982 was the best year of cycled distances with 17700 Km (186 countries). At the moment I am cycling in Spain. I will repeatedly return to Barcelona during the next few month. I would like very much to hear from you. Write to: Heinze Stucke, Poste Restante, Barcelona, Spain.. So long and I hope we can meet one day again. Auf ein wiedersehen Heinz Stucke
1908 Fongers BB 60
1908 Fongers BB 60
Framenumber 27115. On all Fongers bicycles you can find a framenumber, go to the ols Fongers Archive of the city of Groningen and look when the bicycle was build, when it was painted, when it was sold and to who it was sold, including the adress !!! This can be done with all Fongers bicycles from 1901 on ! My Fongers was sold in 1908 to Mr. Jerome Heldring who lived in den Haag (the Hague) , Jerome was one of the starters of the Heldring & Pears bank, one of the banks that much later made the big ABN-AMRO-bank (Holland's biggest bank) I have written Jerome's familie after I went through a lot of old archives to find them, a few of them still live in the Hague. They were extremely (and pleasantly) surprised that the bicycle of their over-over-grandfather was found back by me and that I managed to find them after all these years. From the Heldring-family I even got a picture of the bicycle when it was on holliday with its owner in the summer of 1916. It had been back to the Fongers factory by than and got a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub in stead of the single-speed freewheel it had untill than. In 1908 the Fongers Type BB was the most expensive bicycle you could buy in Holland, Fongers was THE bicycle for people with money, these bicycles were made with great care and with the best materials that were available at that time. I bought the bicycle this year from a man who got it when he was 18, he went to school with it and to the pub, later he married and got kids and the bicycle was only used to go to the pub every now and than. The past year he hardly used it and he decided to sell it, he didn't know the age of the bike. It is also used for 100 years, and it's still riding well !!! I am very happy with this bicycle, together with it's history.

best bicycle for the money
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