Why Should You Go for an Au Pair?

Couples who are both professionals are normally challenged when it comes to searching for the most reliable childcare service to be provided for their kids who they can’t attend most of the time. Some of them spend lots of money and enough time for background checking just to make sure that their kids are entrusted to the right babysitter or childcare provider. However, not so many of them successfully find the perfect candidate due to a myriad of reasons.

Good thing that there is now a better option for such couples in Australia; to go for an Au pair. This idea offers utmost reliability on both the quality and the cost-effectiveness of the childcare service your beloved kids could get. Basically, an Au pair is a young foreigner, either male or female, who desires to travel to Australia and stay for a while with an Australian foster family to learn or practice the English language.

In exchange for the accommodation, meals, and a little weekly allowance, the Au pair will take care of the basic childcare needs of the children of his or her foster parents. The basic childcare includes assistance on eating of meals, bathing and getting dressed, going to school, doing homework and lesson reviews, and doing some fun and other activities. Other than home-based childcare service, an Au pair Australia offers is responsible for some light household chores as well. Among these tasks are grocery shopping, house cleaning, dishwashing, and laundry.

It’s up for the Australian foster parents on the customized schedule they want to assign to the Au pair they have, provided that they allow one or two day-offs every week. Most of the time, Au pairs are allowed to have a day-off on at least one Sunday in each month so they could have some time for church service and worship.

What makes an Au pair different from other professionals who provide childcare and other household services to a family is the agency that does the “matching” between the two parties. In other words, it is the agency’s duty to look for the perfect Au pair who could satisfy the childcare needs of the family, considering their traditions and way of life. Au pairs are guaranteed to have undergone thorough background checking and qualification exams. At the same time, the agency makes sure that the Au pair they are sending will be in good hands by providing them the necessary assistance whenever they need it.

If you want to go for an Au pair to take care of your child and some of your light housework, simply look for a registered and reputable agency that is in line with this service. Placement fee is very affordable as it can be as low as $695 and that is a one-off payment! There is no more registration fee or booking fee. All you have to pay for thereafter is the weekly allowance of your Au pair, which is around $150 per week. Try to research on the usual expenses on getting childcare services. Compute how much you’d likely spend and be surprised on how much you could save if you go for an Au pair Australia has!