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Mylab Box Reviews - Is Mylab Box Legit and Accurate? Coupon Code (2020)

Mylab Box Review


 Our Mylab Box Review

There are a lot of positive Mylab Box Reviews from happy customers. You can get a Mylab Box coupon code for a Mylab Box discount when buying online. Is Mylab Box Accurate? Here we talk about Mylab Box accuracy and is Mylab Box Legit. Online at home STD testing is a great concept and Mylab Box fills that need perfectly.

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What Is Mylab Box? 

Mylab Box is an At Home STD Test Kit for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HIV, hepatitis C  it is essentially an at home STD and STI testing service that allows you to purchase an STD Test Kit By Mail, then you gather your std test kit samples in the privacy of your own house, then you send it to an FDA approved lab for testing. With the at home STD Test, they promise to deliver fast results and pride themselves on their confidentiality. The tests themselves can be ordered online through their website. You can also purchase an at home std test kit at CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens, but there are a few drawbacks when purchasing an at home std test kit in stores. You may feel embarrassed at the counter, since the test kits will not be stocked on the shelf, you will have to specifically ask if they have any. Also, it is a good idea to test for all the major STD's if you are going to test at all. The stores probably will not have an all-inclusive multi-panel test. And you have to adminster the test without any real guidance, and hope that the store bought test will be accurate. The reason we like Mylab Box so much is they have a solution to those problems. You can order an FDA approved std test kit online, then you follow the instructions, send the samples back and they get screened in an FDA approved facility, so you can know with more confidence about the accuracy of your test results.

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Mylab Box Accuracy

 Mylab Box is an FDA approved test kit, and the results are screened in an FDA approved facility, their test kits have a high degree of accuracy.

There are many positive 2018 Mylab box Reviews and Testimonials from happy customers and after doing our own research, there are a lot of good things that we like about Mylab Box. Mylab box fills a serious need for people that are searching for more convenient, Anonymous STD Testing At Home options. Here are many of the reasons why it can be a really good alternative for people who want a more Anonymous STD Test. You can be tested for all the most common STDs, which are:
  • HIV
  • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia (genital, oral, anal, or a combination)
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Hepatitis C 

  Along with many of the other Mylab Box Reviews we see this as they are the perfect solution for those people that want to buy an STD test by mail. That being said, the thought of having to visit your personal or family doctor and discuss a possible STD infection with them can be very embarrassing for some people to have to deal with. This is where Mylab Box offers a perfect and safe alternative with an at home STD test so you can find out whether or not you have an STD, and if you will need treatment. All from the privacy of your home. After all, your health choices should be your own business. Ordering and performing an STD test at home, therefore, has never been more simple. But is it also any good? After all, if you do believe you have an STD, it is important that you are given answers that you can trust. All of the Mylab Box test kits are FDA approved.

 How Does It Work? The company offers a very easy order process for their online STD testing. All you have to do is register on their website and confirm that you are over the age of 18 if you want to have a chlamydia and gonorrhea test. If you want to have a HIV test, there is no age limit. You also have to tell them your are male or female because females are sent a vaginal swab, whereas men have to provide a urine sample. Those who are transgender should use the test that corresponds with their personal genitalia. The HIV test, meanwhile, is offered through a drop blood test. This sets Mylab Box apart from similar testing companies, who take a saliva swab. Saliva testing is less accurate than drop blood. You must send your sample out the day you take it. Your box will come with an addressed priority envelope, postage paid. This means that all you have to do is pop your samples in the envelop and put it in your postal service blue box, your mailbox, or take it to your local post office. Another good thing is that the test itself is totally painless and very easy to do. Do make sure you carefully read the instructions and that you fully complete the requisition sheet, as well as the label that goes on the sample bottle or on your swab. Make sure you use a pen that won’t smudge, just in case. You can quite literally go from receiving your test to putting it in your mailbox in just five minutes.
Once your samples have been received, you will get an email to say the results are available. Simply log on to the website with the registration details you have provided, and you will get to see your results. These have been written in a very easy to understand way, simply telling you whether they are positive (which means you have an STD) or negative (which means you don’t have an STD). You can download the report in a PDF file and print it if you want. This PDF will have all the important details on, such as your identification, the lab used for testing, what the results were, and when you were test. If your results are positive, you will be given instructions to visit a healthcare professional, and they will need to see the report that you have printed. Furthermore, if you so choose, you can telephone Mylab Box to discuss your results and what the implications are. In fact, you can even request a medical consultation with a doctor and an STD counselor. Depending on where you live, these doctors may be able to provide you with a prescription. The online chlamydia test and other STD tests themselves are completely confidential. However, by law, doctors must inform the state health department if someone tests positive for an STD. Mylab Box will do this, therefore.

What I Really Like About Mylab Box
  • Home STD testing is really easy. You simply order and receive your results online.
  • You can do the test at home, meaning you don’t have to face any medical professionals or lab technicians.
  • The test is completely private and your details are held securely and are fully encrypted.
  • The accuracy of the test is much better than those of other STD testing kits on the market. This is particularly true for the HIV test.
  • The company recognizes the transgender community, ensuring instructions are in place for their personal situations.
What I Didn’t Like About Mylab Box
  • Because you have to order a kit, wait for it to be sent out, send it back, and then wait for the results, the overall time it takes to know whether or not you need treatment is somewhat extended. But the privacy and convenience of getting tested and never having to leave your house and answer any embarrassing questions is a big reason why we decided to explore this company and do this Mylab box review because we feel that this company addresses a serious need in the market place.
  Our final thoughts: Mylab Box offers an excellent solution if you need an affordable, private way to test for the most common STD’s. They are incredibly discreet and tests are easy and painless to take. The cost is also very reasonable. From our research we know Mylab Box is legit, and the tests are accurate. With so many good Mylab Box Reviews, we think this is a great at home STD testing option. For the latest coupon and discounts   Click the banner below to find out more and take control of your health!

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