Asian wedding traditions

It is not unusual for the bride and groom to receive gifts - but in Asian traditional wedding, guests also receive gifts from the bride and groom. In Japan it is particularly important that these are individual gifts, while in China it is tea, dates and lotus seeds. In order to give the newlyweds a fresh start to the marriage, the priest performs a ritual purification at a Japanese wedding. If you decided to find an Asian bride, when you need to know about wedding traditions before marrying an Asian bride.


In China, the bride and groom have to bow to the altar and burn some money. Great fireworks for Chinese weddings are also very important, for which full monthly salaries are often spent. A professional planner is usually commissioned for the wedding planning, since the festival is celebrated with a large number of guests.

The photographer plays a similar important role - Chinese mail order bride and groom can usually be photographed with a lot of effort in several outfits. No wonder that the bride wears up to ten different dresses on the wedding day. All colors are allowed. The last dress that the bride puts on should be red, because this color symbolizes happiness in China!


In the land of the rising sun, the color of love is violt, which is why the bride often wears an artistically embroidered

violet kimono instead of a white one during a traditional wedding. Unfortunately, artistic also means expensive:

The Japanese brides wedding dress and wedding celebrations are among the most expensive in the world.Therefore, many mail order bride can only borrow a kimono.

It is also common for each guest to receive a gift. This should even be tailored to each guest personally. Since there is also a very large number of celebrations in Japan, you can imagine how nerve-racking the organization is.


Before a date Korean women and wedding, a fortune teller needs to be consulted to see if the couple faces a happy future full of harmony. The families brought together by the wedding also play an important role in the decision. Until the man has asked for the mail order bride's hand, the relationship is usually not recognized by the parents.

The actual ceremony is very short. The families sit down to eat after the wedding, there is no sprawling celebration. Nevertheless, the costs are also very high in Korea. The Korean white wedding dress is rented, a traditional one is usually bought. The high cost of the wedding, however, is financed by the guests' monetary gifts.