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Tent Heaters For Camping

tent heaters for camping
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Pure Orca Base Camp Cabin Tents
Pure Orca Base Camp Cabin Tents
On the left is our mess tent which is larger then the other cabin tents. It has a heater inside for group gatherings during cool or wet times. It is a huge hit with our guests. We are the only company that goes to the expense and effort to have this feature for comfort. So when the wind blows and the rain comes, other camps are huddled under a tarp or in their tiny tents while we sit inside our mess tent chatting, drinking tea and having a great time. All the while in our T shirts!
Day 1: Birthday eve
Day 1:  Birthday eve
On my way to Harbin Hot Springs for a night in a tent cabin. I was warned that only the most hearty would make that reservation, telling me it will be 23 degrees tonight and no heater. Only a madwoman would think this was a good idea I suppose, but if the shoe fits... I decided I really wanted to do something special to ring in my birthday, so I'll likely be turning 55 in the warm pool...in my birthday suit! Good thing I got the +15 sleeping bag. Brrrrrrr, here I come.

tent heaters for camping
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