Best Over The Counter Antifungal Creams of 2020

There are many OTC antifungal medications available that are considered safe and effective for treating of mild-to-moderate fungal skin infections.

Nizoral Cream

Nizoral Cream

Nizoral (Ketoconazole) cream is an antifungal cream which is used for prophylaxis and treatment of fungous diseases on the skin. Unlike tablets this cream more concentrated acts to the affected area causing a faster effect. Cream may be used for such fungous affections as inguinal epidermophytosis, seborrhea, lichen, and also mycosis of the skin.

Sara Last night I tried using OTC Nizoral cream on my fungal acne (5 min. treatment time) followed by my oat so simple cream. This morning my forehead is nearly clear. I am shook. I can’t use Nizoral often, and I was super skeptical it would work. Tweet Link

Nizoral cream must not be used on the areas of open wounds and burns on the skin. However, the cream is allowed for the use during pregnancy. Unlike tablets which are dissolved in the stomach and active components penetrate into the blood the cream does not pass into the blood, and it means that it is completely harmless for fetus.

Nizoral cream cost

Package (2% 15g x 1 cream), price: $12.00

How to take the Nizoral cream

You have to take exactly as was prescribed to you. The oral drug needs to be taken in the exact dosage at the exact scheduled time to achieve the best results. The cream has to be applied on dry and clean skin and should be left to work. You will need to complete the entire regimen in order to make sure that the infection does not return. If your doctor tells you to stop using either oral drug or the cream, you should do so. If they change your regimen, you need to adhere to the latest changes. Your doctor may want to check your liver regularly to make sure it is not negatively affected by the use of this drug.


The dosage will depend on your medical history and the condition you are treated for. Your doctor will come up with a regimen that will suit you best and you should adhere to such a regimen.

Lamisil Cream

Lamisil Cream

Lamisil (Terbinafine) cream is prescribed to treat fungal infections of athlete's foot & jock itch. For effective relief of the itching & burning, cracking & scaling which accompanies these conditions.

Mark I first tried Cortizone-10 on jock itch (Ihave both jock itch and athelete's foot) and it did not work at all. I then bought Lamisil AT cream it was easy to apply and calmed down the itching right away. am still in mid treatment treating both AF and JI and the cream is working on both !!!

Lamisil cream should start to improve your skin condition in a few days, although full skin healing after the infection has cleared will take longer, up to 4 weeks, because of damage caused during infection.

Lamisil cream cost

Package (1% 10g x 1 cream), price: $5.00

How to use Lamisil

  • Clean and dry the area to be treated, and your hands;
  • Open the tube and place a small amount of cream on your finger;
  • Replace the cap on the tube;
  • Apply just enough cream to put a thin layer of cream on the affected skin and the skin just surrounding it;
  • Rub in gently;
  • Wash your hands;
  • When used between the toes or buttocks, or on the groin, the treated area may be covered with a gauze strip, especially at night If you do use gauze, use a fresh, clean gauze strip each time.

Do not stop using the cream before the recommended time as this may allow the infection to return or reduce the successful cure rate.

If you have not noticed any signs of improvement within weeks of starting treatment, please see your doctor who will advise you.

Lotrisone Cream

Lotrisone Cream

Lotrisone is an anti-skin infection cream with the medical combination of clotrimazole and betamethasone. The antifungal cream is recommended for use in people of all age groups and has the potential to treat skin infections of all kind.

Lotrisone cream cost

Package (0.05% + 1% 10g x 1 cream), price: $34.95

How to use Lotrisone

One should refer the instructions that come along with the cream for effective use.

The best way of applying it is to take a thin layer of the cream and then go about in rubbing it gently.

Do not use more cream as if you use more, it might lead to overdose. Do not apply Lotrisone on the sunburned or tanned skin. Also, do not apply this cream on wounds or cuts near the infected area.

You can use the cream for a maximum of two weeks to treat jock itch and four weeks to treat athlete's feet.

Gyne-lotrimin Cream

Gyne-lotrimin Cream

Gyne-lotrimin is an antifungal cream used to treat vaginal yeast infections. It's available over the counter and by physician's prescription.

Gyne-lotrimin's main active ingredient is a synthetic azole antifungal agent called clotrimazole. Azole antifungals attack the cell membranes of the fungi, effectively killing the fungal cells and eliminating the infection. Clotrimazole is mainly used to target candida (yeast) infections in the mouth, throat, feet or vagina. Clotrimazole is not absorbed through the stomach; therefore it should be applied directly onto the infection.

Gyne-lotrimin cream cost

Package (1% 15g x 1 cream), price: $15.00

How to use Gyne-lotrimin

Before using Gyne-lotrimin, read the enclosed brochure for complete instructions.

Adults and 2 years and over:

Vaginal cream: Fill the applicator and insert one applicatorful into the vagina at bedtime for 7 days in a row.

External cream: Squeeze a small amount of cream onto your fingertip. Gently apply the cream onto the irritated skin outside the vagina. Use once or twice a day for up to 7 days as needed.

Children under 12 years: ask a doctor.

Ask a doctor if Gyne-lotrimin is safe to use with other prescription medications, if any.

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