No Cancer Foundation is a humanitarian organization that works international "for" health, peace, social justice and human rights, "against" industrial mass poisoning, cancer and other poisoning diseases. Taking into account the continuing unconstitutional, on corruption and abuse of power based terror on No Cancer Foundation and its partners, we are unable to answer all e-mails as long as our Constitution and rule of law is hostage. Therefore the entire content of the No Cancer Foundation website is transferred as research achive to the 'The European Greens' political movement. The content remains to represent No Cancer Foundation and partners as official juridical foundation for existing and further legal proceedings. No Cancer Foundation plenipotentiary jurist, by European Commission recognized European safety manager, A.M.L. van Rooij is disabled in his legal function and right to existence by means of corruption and abuse of power,  which is called fascism. Let's end mass poisoning and related cancer pandemic once and for all! Support us and let them know!


No Cancer Foundationis a "Humanitarian Organization" that represented all global citizens, founded on June 28, 2010 by the People, for the People. Works international to restore the Constitution, "for" health, peace, social justice and human rights, "against" industrial mass poisoning, cancer and other poisoning diseases.

No Cancer Foundation represents all global citizens and provides a platform for all those who want positive change by giving a strong signal to responsible officials, wherefore our request to the UnitedNations (U.N.) in order to"STOP" the emerging World War by givendirect implementation of the on January 25, 1944 by King Leopold III completed"political testament"!

° NCF fights international within current by collusion hostage and dismantled juridical system in order to stop ongoing holocaust. Genocide by stealth mass poisoning with high profits and suppression off real solutions.

° NCF advocates to our responsible representatives in order to respect our constitution, human rights, ethics, moral principles, systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right & wrong conduct, real science and history!

° NCF goal, is to rebuild a bridge between governments and citizens with the prospect to work joint, democratic solutions for all parties.

The foundation and partners don't intend to criticize or to bolster any political party, the sources cited come from across the political spectrum. The issues raised transcend political differences, and are vital to everyone.

However to understand the whole problem will be discussed various controversial topics, not to offend, damage or destroy, but to reflect, rebuild, inform and educate public opinion. If you understand that “governments” are actually hostage by corporations that have undermined sovereign nations and disabled constitutions by stealth, their demise can only be seen as long overdue! 

Statutes No Cancer Foundation: company No: 0826.979.240

2.1 The association aims to organize activities supporting and promoting the scientific cancer research. They organize campaigns in connection with the fight and prevention of cancer with the main objective of the victim, namely the patient, and make as much as possible progress in the fight against cancer.  They may also develop and commercialize products against cancer, and this all around the world.

2.2 The association may undertake all activities to achieve its social purpose, Including the provision of commercial acts, in extent that the proceeds are exclusively devoted to the realization of the social purpose.

Saving lives

No Cancer Foundation in cooperation with the Scientific & Treatment Center for Cancer Curing "PHOENIX" (License of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health Seria Лицензия АГ№601212 от 24.03.2011 выдана МОЗ Украины.) searching for partners to commercialize Flaraxin, a remedy of vegetable origin allow to realize effective treatment of the patients, not to be treated by traditional methods. A non-toxic anti-tumoral phytopreparation, having neither allergenic nor local irritative activity, interferonogene, stimulating tumoral necrosis factor, destroys tumoral  tissue. Immunomodulator and antioxidant. Prevents metastatic spreading and relapse. FLARAXIN is most effective in the cases of the small tumor defeats, when vital organs (liver, kidneys) are not defeated. In these cases the complete response (CR or reduction) of tumor can be reached. The clinical study was conducted in Kiev SRI ​​medical institute in the Department of Oncology and Radiology. What doctors don’t tell you?!

Members of No Cancer Foundation:

° Chairman:      Banjac Branka (Belgium) 
° Secretary:      Andrey Bogdan (Ukraine) 
° Treasurer:       Verbeek Erik (Croatia) 

° Ecological Knowledge Center (EKC)
° The European Greens (TEG)
° Scientific and treatment Centre of Cancer Curing "Phoenix" (STCCC-PHOENIX)

Serbina Anatoly Gavrilovich: Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor
° Egorov Ivan Artemovich Scientist, teacher, doctor of pharmacy, Professor
° Rossikhin Vasily V: Doctor. med. Sciences, Professor of Urology. 

 and others...