No Cancer Foundation is a humanitarian organization that works international "for" health, peace, social justice and human rights, "against" industrial mass poisoning, cancer and other poisoning diseases. Taking into account the continuing unconstitutional, on corruption and abuse of power based terror on No Cancer Foundation and its partners, the entire content of the No Cancer Foundation website is transferred as research achive to the 'The European Greens' political movement. The content remains to represent No Cancer Foundation and partners as official juridical foundation for existing and further legal proceedingsNo Cancer Foundation plenipotentiary jurist, by European Commission recognized European safety manager, A.M.L. van Rooij is disabled in his legal function and right to existence by means of corruption and abuse of power,  which is called fascism. Let's end mass poisoning, the cancer pandemic once and for all! Support us and let them know!


The entire content of the 
No Cancer Foundation website is transferred as research achive to the 'The European Greens' political movement. The content remains to represent No Cancer Foundation and partners, official juridical foundation for existing and further legal proceedings.

THE EUROPEAN GREENS (TEG) is the first real European political movement who is located in a European country (Netherlands), represented by different European members, within different European member states like the: NetherlandsBelgiumGermanyCroatia, etc...

The EU was not always as big as it is today. When European countries started to cooperate economically in 1951, only Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands participated. Over time, more and more countries decided to join.

The union reached its current size of 28 member countries with the accession of Croatia on 1 July 2013. THE EUROPEAN GREENS (TEG) are part of the political party "
DE GROENEN" with there headquarters in Utrecht (Netherlands) who is founding member of the EUROPEAN GREEN PARTY (EGP), a transnational political party of the Green parties in European countries. The European Green Party is represented in their own group in the European Parliament and write you this request from all over Europe.

If you want real changes and TE EUROPEAN GREENS (TEG)  CLEAR VIEWS  represents your views in politics the best, become a member and join forces at European level. 

This political movement and partners don't intend to criticize or to bolster any political party. If you understand that “Governments” are actually hostage by corporations that have undermined sovereign nations and disabled constitutions by stealth, their demise can only be seen as long overdue. The sources cited come from across the political spectrum. The issues raised transcend political differences, and are vital to everyone. 


Cause real changes, become a member of THE EUROPEAN GREENS (TEG) and join forces at European level through the first real European movement, wherever you live in Europe.

The European Greens is the first real European movement represented by different countries. No matter in which 28 European Union (EU) member states you are located, you can support the party in their goals for a democratic, healthy and honest society Europe for all European inhabitants by signing in: As a member (€ 50.00 per year) / as a member with a minimum income, € 20.00 per year, 

Transfer the required amount to:

  IBAN:                              NL24 TRIO 0198 5280 51
  Attn:                                The European Greens in Utrecht (Netherlands)
  BIC:                                 TRIONL2U

  Name of creditor:           National Secretariat De Groenen
  Address:                          Postbox 1251
  Postal code and city:     3500 BG UTRECHT
  Country:                           The Netherlands
  Payee ID:                         NL57ZZZ404122640000

By submitting this form you agree that The Greens give an annually instruction to your bank in order to debit your contribution and that your bank carries out this instruction. Every year, at least one week before depreciation we will send you a reminder. 

If you do not agree with a charge, you can get your contribution back.
Simply take within eight weeks of depreciation contact your bank.

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Name:                               National Secretariat De Groenen
Address:                           Postbox 1251 
Postal code and city:       3500 BG UTRECHT
Country:                             The Netherlands