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Scientific and treatment Centre of Cancer Curing "Phoenix"

Centre information 

Scientific and treatment Centre of Cancer Curing "Phoenix" - providing diagnostics and rehabilitation of cancer patients, and treatment of viral and infectious diseases using herbal remedies with non-toxic action. Rehabilitation patients can achieve partial or complete tumour regression, destruction or prevention of metastasis, restoration of immune system protection and prevention of recurrence. Gradually there is going a restoration of the function of organs and systems, a significant improvement of overall health and increase in working functionality. The combined use of treatment methods of STCCC "Phoenix" with chemotherapy and radiotherapy significantly reduces their negative effects and greatly increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

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   Svobody sq. 7, office 378, 61058-Kharkiv, Ukraine

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         English &  speaking: +38-067-5717764
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  Ukrainian Ministry of Health seria: Лицензия АГ№601212 (24-04-11)


The diagnostics, care and rehabilitation of cancer patients as well as patients with viral and infectious diseases. Development of herbal medicines (remedies) with antitumor, antiviral, antibacterial, antimycotic properties that contribute to the restoration of immune protection that do not have any side effects.

Activities (Priorities) 

° Consultation of the patients about non-toxic treatment of tumors.

° The prevention and elimination of recurrence and metastasis for cancer diseases;

° Assistance to cancer patients undergoing conventional treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy (RT), Gamma Knife (GBV) , laser therapy (LZT), etc.) , but with negative results, or patients that refused the traditional treatment, as well as patients that want to follow self-treatment, or patients with severe allergic reaction to the traditional medicines.

° Optimization of the existing methods of treatment for cancer patients combining the application of FLARAXIN and HERBAL MEDICINES in mono-therapy and in various combinations with surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

° Treatment of cancer patients undergoing conventional treatment surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Gamma knife, Laser therapy, and others, but want to significantly increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the negative consequences of it;

° The restoration of patient’s immune protection by combination of herbal medicines;

° The implementation of Cytological Morphological Bio-Physical Diagnostics (CMBPhD) - that detects a variety of diseases, infections, viral destruction, and disruption of organs and systems which allows patient to choose or adjust the scheme of complex treatment and take into account the treatment of different disorders in the body. It allows patient to identify and eliminate any medications from the treatment scheme that have negative effects on the patient's body;

° Diagnostics and treatment of patients with various infections and viral diseases;

° Individual approach to the patient, objective monitoring of the treatment and correction of the scheme and course of the treatment , prediction of treatment outcomes (by our Diagnostics);

° Research, development and production of herbal medicines based on different plants, with antitumor, antiviral, antibacterial, antimycotic properties and contribute to the restoration of immune protection without any side effects by vacuum condensation drying technology from herbal extracts;

° Provide scientific and technical assistance to a wide range of health professionals on the practical application of biologically active herbal remedies in the treatment of viral and infectious parasitic diseases and cancer pathology.

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Medical Practices 

The therapy, oncology, physiotherapy, traditional and alternative medicine, general practice - family medicine. We perform a comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of cancer, tumors at any stage, virological diseases and able to restore the immunity using Flaraxin and a number of herbal medicines. The application of our medicines is compatible with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The treatment can be done out-patient.


Vacuum condensation drying technology

Production of herbal concentrates from a variety of aqueous extracts of medicinal and edible herbs - is carried out by condensation inside of the vacuum chamber at low-pressure discharge due to the temperature gradient between the surface of extract and the evaporation chamber wall on which the condensation of moisture take place.

Technology Process

The temperature of extract heating not exceeded 50 °C. The temperature of chamber walls is much lower. Artificially created temperature gradient inside of the chamber is stimulating the water evaporation from the surface of aqueous extract to the chamber wall by condensation of moisture. This moisture is gradually accumulates and begins to form a cascade-like drains that are getting to the bottom of the camera itself and flows in a moisture trap.

The residual moisture content of the extract weight does not exceed 12-15%, i.e., the chamber allows removing up to 85-88% of moisture concentration of any extract.

Technology Results

Due to the written above, in the bulk of extract retains all of biologically active substances without any damage. A mass of extract itself becomes a biochemical clusters are much more active than the original aqueous herbal extract.

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Scientific & Treatment Centre for Cancer Curing (STCCC) "Phoenix" founded in 1996 to coordinate research work on a comprehensive study of a new anticancer medicine of plant origin FLARAXIN, which was developed in SI "Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine" by the surgical oncologist KULIK IVAN ANISIMOVICH.

STCCC Phoenix developed and clinically tested a number of biologically active preparations of plant origin. For the first time, has been used a unique technology of plant concentrates, allowing several times to increase the biological activity of herbal extracts.

As a result of comprehensive research has developed a number of medical treatments for cancer patients by the FLARAXIN together with a number of biologically active preparations.

The practice of their application showed the effectiveness of their impact on a number of infectious, virus, somatic and cancer diseases.

For early detection of cancer, as well as possible recurrence or metastases are used cytological morphological bio-physical diagnostics. This method of professor SHAHBAZOV predicts the impact of different medicines in relation to identified pathology in the body of patient.

Now medications of STCCC "Phoenix" are used, as in oncology clinics, and medical centers of Ukraine and Russia.

SI "Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine" on June 9th 1990, it was reported in the Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that is a group of researchers of the Institute have developed a new anti-cancer agent FLARAXIN.

SI "Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine" ( foundation of the Institute is fundamental research aimed at studying the pathogenetic mechanisms of formation of pathological conditions, general and specific features of physiologically active substances at different levels of organization of living matter - molecular, cellular, tissue, as well as in organs and body in general. One of the directions of the Institute - participation in the development and examination of state scientific and technical programs to create medicines, regulations and laws relating to the development and production of drugs. The Institute, a regulatory framework for regulation procedures pre-clinical study, examination and registration of medicines in Ukraine, methodological papers on pre-clinical study of medication. Director of the institute is MD, Professor TATIANA BUHTIAROVA. Institute address: Ukraine, 03057, Kiev, Ezhena Potier st., 14.

Author of FLARAXIN – is head of herbal medicine group of malignant tumors IVAN ANISIMOVICH KULIK and a number of related research laboratories in the experiment proved that the new anti-cancer medicine, herbal interferogen FLARAXIN has specificity for tumor processes, general pharmacological activity and safety. SI "Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine" at the request of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has developed Temporary pharmaceutics Article (TPhA), and laboratory regulations for the production of the medicine.

KULIK I.A. started research work on FLARAXIN since 1979. In July 8, 1983, he filed an application for number 3641428 in ROS-PATENT, and on July 15, 1994 performed registration in FEDERAL SERVICE FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (Rospatent) issued patent number 2,014,082 for the invention “ANTITUMOR AGENT-FLARAXIN”. Later, after the collapse of the USSR, FLARAXIN was patented in Ukraine, under the number 25833 dated 26 February 1999, the Bulletin number 1, as “The antitumor agent treatment of melanoblastoma”.

Brief Biography: IA Kulik was a surgeon-oncologist in the small town of Ukraine, Poltava, Zinkov,  then he worked as a doctor of Murmansk hospital emergency service, Russia. He dedicated his life to the study of the nature of cancer and the search for effective means to treat cancer diseases. He is not only derived a formula anticancer medicine, but was able to make it. Offered a last chance for terminally ill patients. By the early 90's was almost ready product, which has no analogues in the world by its anti-tumor effect. All treatment period by FLARAXIN lasts no more than two or three months. Patient can be treated out-patient or in a conventional clinic, hospital or even at home.

On the meeting of  PE "THE STATE EXPERT CENTER OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH OF UKRAINE"  ( On 12 November, 1990 were adopted a resolution (protocol number 8) on the order of FIRST PHASE I OF CLINICAL TRIALS , the procedure of production of the medicine and the Instruction on FLARAXIN clinical trials on patients with malignant melanoma.

Following the presentation of research centers of positive clinical trial results to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine at a meeting of PE “The State Expert Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” On 28 May, 1992, all results were approved on the FIRST PHASE I OF CLINICAL TRIAL of the research and the decision (protocol number 3) on SECOND PHASE II CLINICAL TRIALS  were also approved for anti-melanoma medicine FLARAXIN.

Simultaneously, the Scientific Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Ministry of Health of Ukraine (THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE,, Chief oncologist Ministry of Health, the Director of the National Cancer Institute, MD, Professor Igor Borisovich Shchepotin) On 18th of November, 1993, were completed preclinical study of FLARAXIN as anticancer drug for CERVICAL CANCER, BREAST CANCER and LUNG CANCER with good positive results.

In January, 1996. The Scientific and Treatment Center “Phoenix” were formed with aim to coordinate research work, and organize practical application of FLARAXIN in clinical oncology.

On the basis of the submissions On 30th of October, 1997. PE “The State Expert Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” (by Protocol number 8) approves the SECOND PHASE II CLINICAL TRIALS for MELANOMA and takes a positive decision to conduct EXTENSIVE CLINICAL TRIALS of the medicine FLARAXIN to determine the efficacy, impact on quality of life and safety of the patients with BREAST CANCER, CERVICAL CANCER and MELANOMA.

On February 1998 were done study in the Institute of Microbiology and Virology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( for interferon-inducing activity FLARAXIN and found that it has the property for a long period of time to maintain the production of own interferon (72 hours), and that, in this context, it is extremely promising for use not only in the treatment and prevention of precancerous and tumor processes, as well as viral infections, infections of the central nervous system, "slow" virus infections, which include AIDS, multiple sclerosis, etc. Address Inst: 03680, Kyiv, Akademika Zabolotnoho st.,154, tel: +38 (044) 526-11-79, (044) 526-23-79.

In June 1999, were completed the study in the Laboratory of Experimental and Clinical Immunology Medical University with name A.A.Bogomolets ( for studying immune modulatory properties of FLARAXIN . Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine number 4, E-facts: Kyiv, Peremohy ave., 34, tel: +38 (044) 454-49-48.

The study found out that FLARAXIN have a high positive effect on the different indexes of various functioning parts of the immune system in cancer patients. This suggests that the known systemic immune deficiency caused by neoplastic process is subjected to positive correction due to the action of FLARAXIN.

The rehabilitation of functioning leading mechanisms of immune process by FLARAXIN is accompanied by improvements in overall clinical condition of the patients, resulting in a significant reduction or complete elimination of the metastatic process, the reduction and complete regression of tumor nodules.

Currently STCCC "Phoenix" are working with (protocol number 8) that were appointed by PE “The State Expert Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” On 30th October, 1997, and approved by the President of PE “The State Expert Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” On 20th April, 1998. Resolution of the State Pharmacological Center on production of FLARAXIN, signed by Director of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Stefanov O.V., Tel: +38 (044) 446-42-56, (044) 241-88-83. Address of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 01601,Kyiv, Grushevskogo st.,7, tel. +38 (044) 253-61-94, fax +38 (044) 253-40-17.

The anti-tumor specialists of the Medical Research fitotsentr (PNLF) "Phoenix" in collaboration with local scientists have developed a unique method of treatment of cancer patients, based on the use of polyphenolic compounds of plant origin, which allows for an active influence on the cancer process at any stage of its development, in a variety of clinical forms .

High efficacy of preparations of STCCC "Phoenix" with combination of their non- toxicity allows to use them in cases where other methods are contraindicated.

Licenses, patents and awards 


Priorities of the center 

° Optimization of the existing methods of treatment for cancer patients combining the use of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and FLARAXIN in various combinations.

° Application of our medications for the profilactics and prevention of recidivation, after medical investigation and ascertainment of diathesis to tumors.

° The prevention and elimination of possible recurrence of the disease.

° Consultation of the patients about non-toxic treatment of tumors.

° Provide scientific and technical assistance to a wide range of health professionals on the practical application of biologically active drugs in the treatment of infectious parasitic disease, somatic and cancerpathology.

° The research, development and clinical testing of new drugs of vegetable origin derived from the vacuum-condensing and drying technology.

Medical Practices 

° Therapy, oncology, physiotherapy, traditional and alternative medicine, general practice - family medicine. We perform a comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of cancer, tumors at any stage, virological diseases and able to restore the immunity using FLARAXIN and a number of herbal medicines. The application of our medicines is compatible with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Treatment may be done out-patient.

° According to the data of the preparation clinical trial it was established that “Flaraxin” is a remedy of vegetable origin, active components of which are vegetable polyphenoles. During the trial it was found out that “Flaraxin” has the ability to stimulate the secretion of endogenic interferon and the neoplasm necrosis factor, promotes immunologic background normalization and smoothes out the correlation of immunocomponent cells CD4/CD8 (helpers-suppressors) and increases the number of natural killers (NKcells).

° During the immune-biochemical trial the ability of “Flaraxin” to connect with oncophetal proteins, causing their micro-denaturation damages was established. Cancerostatic effect was explicated by “Flaraxin” influence on metabolism of neoplasm cells, causing their death.

° Clinical trial of the preparation “Flaraxin” was carried out on the basis of oncology department of Kiev medical institute in the period from September 1990 to January 1991 and in Kiev Oncology SRI under oncologic process in the stage of neglect desolation in patients with melanoblastoma in the period from December 1992 to October 1993.


No Cancer Foundation co-founder Verbeek Erik (Power of attorney / STCCC-Phoenix) partner in Hong-Kong died in suspicious circumstances, shortly after introducing Flaraxin to the FDA in order to legalize Flaraxin in Hongkong. This proves not an isolated event, the following article brings clarity: Cambridge Professor Peter Wadhams suspects the deaths of the three scientists were more than just an ‘extraordinary’ coincidence. It's now abundantly obvious that a full-scale war has been declared against medical progress and the pioneering doctors who are trying to save lives. Read more

We like to thank and highlight The Dr.Rath Health Foundation for their extraordinary work on health, peace and social justice. About author: Dr. Matthias Rath has become a voice of conscience exposing the global conquest plans of thechemical/pharmaceutical Cartel in our time. Attacked by Cartel media the world over, Dr. Rath and his Foundation have received prestigous awards for civil courage. The ‘Relay of Life’ Award – presented by survivors of the KZ Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps was conferred with the mandate: ‘Never again!’

On 14 th June 2003 te Dr. Rath Health Foundation submitted a complaint of genocide and other crimes against humanity to the International Criminal Court in The Hague . To date, no action has been taken by this United Nations court, despite the overwhelming evidence against the accused.