No Cancer Foundation is a humanitarian organization that works international "for" health, peace, social justice and human rights, "against" industrial mass poisoning, cancer and other poisoning diseases. Taking into account the continuing unconstitutional, on corruption and abuse of power based terror on No Cancer Foundation and its partners, we are unable to answer all e-mails as long as our Constitution and rule of law is hostage. Therefore the entire content of the No Cancer Foundation website is transferred as research achive to the 'The European Greens' political movement. The content remains to represent No Cancer Foundation and partners as official juridical foundation for existing and further legal proceedings. No Cancer Foundation plenipotentiary jurist, by European Commission recognized European safety manager, A.M.L. van Rooij is disabled in his legal function and right to existence by means of corruption and abuse of power,  which is called fascism. Let's end mass poisoning and related cancer pandemic once and for all! Support us and let them know!


Dear Sir / Madam 

No Cancer Foundationis a humanitarian organization that represented all global citizens, founded on June 28, 2010 by the People, for the People. Works international "for" health, peace, social justice and human rights, "against" industrial mass poisoning, cancer and other poisoning diseases. A platform for all those who want positive change by giving a strong signal to responsible officials. To rebuild a bridge between governments and citizens with the prospect to work joint, democratic solutions for all parties. 

The foundation and partners don't intend to criticize or to bolster any political party. If you understand that “Governments” are actually hostage by corporations that have undermined sovereign nations and disabled constitutions by stealth, their demise can only be seen as long overdue. The sources cited come from across the political spectrum. The issues raised transcend political differences, and are vital to everyone. "Europe is Awakening"!

If you understand the importance of our work, after reading the contents, namely the stolen future of Europe, America and finally the rest of the World, the freedom, prosperity and wellbeing of our children and grandchildren. Pleas send this content to as many people as possible, including the members within your government?! Support us and let them know!

° You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. (Abraham Lincoln)

Zionism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism and now Terrorism, everything came from whitin the Rothschild offices in collusion with secret societies, abused against “We The People”  in  a devastating game of divide & conquer.

For this reason "We the People of Europe" requests to the "Rothschild" banking empire and their 1% collaborators, the Pharmaceutical - Chemical & Petrochemical Cartels to " STOP " world domination with genocide consequences and rebuild a paradise for al of humanity?!

The People of this world intend to take responsibility for future generations, ending current by stealth committed genocide on God's children.  99% don’t agree with the elite 1 % unconstitutional on fraude based devastating policies, for which the following registered letters, dated 27 May 2012, in which "We The People" ask the European elite to save the world from this total destruction:

Write in Dutch:


From May 18, 1940 the Netherlands no longer exists according to ‘Article 21’ of the then in force Dutch Constitution whereby Dutch terretory became a province of Nazi Germany on which first the Benelux, United Nations (V.N.), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the entire European Union is based? Unconstitutional founded and therefore illegaly in his present existence.

For this reason ‘We The People of Europe’ submitted the following official petitions to restore the Constitution according to the ‘political testament’ of King Leopold III of Belgium "as the Constitution demands". This in order to restore the U.N., the NATO and European Union. Respect its human rights, freedom, welfare and prosperity without military war. Stop false flag terror operations (Listenand stealth genocidal mass poisoning at high profits as substitute for War. Rebuild society and spread this humane policy (peace) around the world!

Very few outsiders know about the intimate plans of Abert Pike and the architects of the New World OrderIn the 19th Century Albert Pike established a framework for bringing about the One World Order.  Based on a vision revealed to him,  which he described in a letter that he wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871. This letter graphically outlined plans for three world wars that were seen as necessary to bring about the One World Order, and we can marvel at how accurately it has predicted events that have already taken place. Albert Pike wrote a blueprint of events that would play themselves out in the 20th century, with even more of these events yet to come.  It is this blueprint which we believe unseen leaders are following today, knowingly or not, to engineer the planned three World Wars. 

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."

Hereby we would like to draw your attention to J.F. Kennedy's emergency call (read and listen full 19:43) indicated in one of his last speeches where he warns the press about the secret societies that are the real power in global affairs, with a nazi connection to his assassination

No President
 should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition
And both are necessary.

I not only could 
not stifle controversy among your readers -- I welcome it. This Administration intends to be candid about its errors; for as a wise man once said: "An error doesn't not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."

We intend
 to accept full responsibility for our errorsand we expect you to point them out when we miss them.

Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed -- and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. 

To free humanity, we have to take Kennedy's warnings for granted, educate ourselves and spread his emergency call among the people of this earth! What about you !?

The “recent times” Illuminati was started in the 1770’s with Rothschilds money and the cold calculating Markabian mind known as Adam Weishaupt exploiting the weakness of human egos seeking power and status, followed by tactics of bribery, shame, intimidation, bankruptcy, and “last resort” assassinations.

1776Adam Weishaupt officially completes his organisation of the Illuminati on May 1 of this year. The purpose of the Illuminati is to divide the goyim (all non-Jews) through political, economic, social, and religious means. The opposing sides were to be armed and incidents were to be provided in order for them to: fight amongst themselves; destroy national governments; destroy religious institutions; and eventually destroy each other.

Weishaupt soon infiltrates the Continental Order of Freemasons with this Illuminati doctrine and establishes lodges of the Grand Orient to be their secret headquarters. This was all under the orders and finance of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and the concept has spread and is followed within Masonic Lodges worldwide to the present day.

Weishaupt also recruits 2,000 paid followers including the most intelligent men in the field of arts and letters, education, science, finance,and industry. They were instructed to follow the following methods in order to control people.

1) Use monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of men already in high places, in the various levels of all governments and other fields of endeavour. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and fiscal harm, even death to themselves and loved members of their families. 

2) The faculties of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental ability belonging to well-bred families with international leanings, and recommend them for special training in internationalism, or rather the notion that only a one-world government can put an end to recurring wars and strife. Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships to those selected by the Illuminati. 

3) All influential people trapped into coming under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists. This was so they would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would in the long-run serve the secret plans of the Illuminati one-world 6 conspiracy and bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve. 

4) To obtain absolute-control of the press, at that time the only mass-communications media which distributed information to the public, so that all news and information could be slanted in order to make the masses believe that a one-world government is the only solution to our many and varied problems.

For this reason "We The People of Europe" request to restore Europe according to the Belgium Constitution as like the Constitution demands, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who prevent the Constitution according to the NUREMBERG PRINCIPLES.

However the current new monarchs of Europe, in particular the Belgium & Dutch are not yet responsible for the acts of their ancestors "if they take own responsibility, history Can and Will change"?!!!

Therefore “We The People of Europe” ask King Willem Alexander & Queen Maxima as new monarchs of the since WWII hostage Netherlands (letter dated february 11, 2014 ) and the new Belgian Royals, King Philip Queen Mathilde (letter dated, february 26, 2014 ) to support the People of Europe in collaboration with Pope Franciscus.

The current two Argentines as monarchs can change the world and save God’s children

The Holy See represented the seat of Saint Peter through the Pope, so the Pope is the right designated person to save God’s children in order to "STOP" the sinds WWII unconstitutional occupation of the Benelux countries, Europe and finally the whole World and its fast emerging on fraud based global genocide, de-population Agenda 21!

To get liberatedand renounce their heritage, the new elite and Royals of Europe can help "The People of Europe" to rebuild a paradise "with the People for the People". Get back the sovereignty into all Illegally occupied European countries and respect their unique cultures and western Christian religion. 

Respect all human individual races, there origin, religion and unique cultures in there own homeland. Stop genocide by mass poisoning and mixing human races. 

For "Diversity" is God’s creation, "Diversity" is what makes God's children so special and unique, "Diversity" must be maintained according to God's will, equal but different and unique in its own kind. "Diversity" should not be a codename for "white genocide" created by the elite 1% to "divide & conquer". This is Europa - What we love but anti-whites hate.

Stop White Genocide: The Mass Rape and Murder of the European People, stop rebuilding the Tower of Babel modelled after Peter the Elder's painting and the EU Parliament in Strasbourg which is represented by the inverted pentagrams signalling Baphomet, the Antichrist and the mystery of Babylon. Instead, respect God's will and spread human rights worldwide! 

The story of the city of Babel is recorded in Genesis 11:1–9. Everyone on earth spoke the same language. As people migrated from the east, they settled in the land of Shinar. People there sought to make bricks and build a city and a tower with its top in the sky, to make a name for themselves, so that they not be scattered over the world. God came down to look at the city and tower, and remarked that as one people with one language, nothing that they sought would be out of their reach. God went down and confounded their speech, so that they could not understand each other, and scattered them over the face of the earth, and they stopped building the city. Thus the city was called Babel.

"We The People 99%" of this earth disagree and need to grant consent to the Archons and their collaborative elite "1%"  before they can, and may further de-populate and enslave Humanity. Lets come together to change the world by reason and restore Europe and the entire suffering World according to the Constitution and will of King Leopold III of Belgium, as the Constitution demands. For We The People as children of God demand to be freed by the will of God!!!

With this page content:We The People’ want to show Gods children how they are misguided in countless ways and topics: 

Scientific, Medical, Historical, Spiritual, Religion, Finance, Politics, even the Human Race, the Earth on which we live and the theory of Evolution... If they lie about this, they lie about everything!

I KNOW, I KNOW, above video was posted not to prove anything but to generate your interest to investigate yourself! 

The more people awaken, they tried everything to prove to themself that the earth is a globe. But it didn't work at all. The more they look into it, the more confident they become that the earth is not what they told, but why fake the the truth? Because it's the only way to keep mainstream science relevant. If the big bang theory isn't true, then the theory of evolution isn't possible. If evolution isn't real then God or a creator comes back into the picture. The creator of our world and the heavens. The earth is not what it seems but appears to be motionless at the center of the universe. Sun worshippers have infiltrated positions of power and have placed the sun at the center of our universe for their own benefit. We are completely mind controlled and mislead about where we live and how special we really are.

If evolution isn't real, God the creator comes back into the picture and that makes them afraid, very afraidHow fearful, illustrated the following Secret Covenant of the IlluminatiThis document is circulated to be stored in the archives of every home because "We The People" today’s sceptics, leaders, and media will soon come to realise that we all should have done our own research rather than, (for reasons of selfish, temporary, “security” or personal gain), simply being robotically compliant to the perpetrators of massive deception. For 'we all' have been deceived and abused by our creator opponent.


Family relatives don't have to agree by everythingthe rivalry between the two Elohim in charge of this planet, ie Yahveh and Lucifer, would be a Hebrew resumption of the rivalry between Osiris and his brother Seth, among the Egyptians, or between Enki and his brother Enlil, among the Babylonians, two peoples who would have imprisoned the Hebrews. The names may change, the story remains the same.

unprecedented responsibility from which (among others) King Willem Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima of the Netherlands still can play an important role for the survival of mankind with the aid from the new Royals of Europe, the Holy See through the United Nations U.N. and "We The People of this World" wherefore our petition dated, february 11, 2014 to the United Nations (U.N.) & Internationa Criminal Court (ICC)

Hereby a total destruction of our dying earth and its 7 billion inhabitants can be prevented as God has imposed on Saint Peter and thus its current representative, Pope Francis. They have our support for a wise man once said: 

King Philippe I of the Belgians his grandfather King Leopold III had provided on January 25, 1944 an "political testament" in order to save Belgium, Europe from this unconstitutional, illegal and destructive occupation, coup d'etat by stealth.

On 21 October 1943the Belgian Paul Henri Spaak in collaboration with Robert Rothschild has in London on behalf of the Government of His Majesty the King of the Belgians, closed the Monetary Agreement between the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  This signature Paul-Henri Spaak has done without authorization or consent of King Leopold III and in contrary to Leopold his later "political testament" of January 25, 1944, which all treaties concluded in London are rejected.

Written to be handed personally and confidentially to Mr. Pierlot, (32nd Prime Minister of Belgium). However withheld from the Belgian and European citizens.

8. The foreign and colonial policy

On the international status I demand in the name of the Constitution that Belgium would be restored to its full independence and that it would accept no commitments or agreements with other states, of any kind, then in all sovereignty and provided by the necessary reciprocation.

I insist that no prejudice can be done to the ties between the colony and the mother country.

Moreover, I recall that according to the constitution a treaty has no value if it does not bear the royal signature.

King of the Belgians,
prisoner in the castle of Laeken

Throughout the 20th century, the pharmaceutical industry was built and organized with the goal of controlling healthcare systems around the world by systematically replacing natural, non-patentable therapies with patentable and therefore profitable synthetic drugs. This industry did not evolve naturally. To the contrary, it was an investment decision taken by a handful of wealthy and unscrupulous entrepreneurs. They deliberately defined the human body as their market place in order to generate further wealth, global power over "We The People" and there demographic future of the planet

On 14 th June 2003 te Dr. Rath Health Foundation submitted a complaint of genocide and other crimes against humanity to the International Criminal Court in The Hague . To date, in both cases no action has been taken by this United Nations court, despite the overwhelming evidence against the accused. 

Any public officer in performance of his duties who becomes aware of a crime or misdemeanor must respect the Constitution and is obliged to inform the public prosecutor immediately, therefore “We The People” request to take knowledge of the content, to consider this content as repeated and inserted and demand to STOP, GIVE, RESPECT and RESTORE...

° to "STOP" genocide, mass murder by poisoning our planet and its inhabitants, false flag terror operations, wars, oppression, starvation and global invasion by deception and mass murder, a holocaust at high profits and genocide consequences.

° to "GIVE" all oppressed medical, technical, spiritual and other suppressed science to support humanity, in order to save our earth, its inhabitants and liberated the human ras!

° to "RESPECT" human rights, etics, moral principles, systematizingdefending and recommending concepts of right & wrong conduct and real science and history!

° to "RESTORE" the Constitution as demanded in the Political testament of King Leopold III of the Belgians, based on the following facts: Petition in Dutch dated January 31, 2013 (receipt) to the Belgian Federal Government with supplementary application dated April 19, 2013 (receipt). Hereby human rights within Europe and the rest of the World will be restored without War. 

After international bodies like the U.N. and  NATO are liberated and constitutionally required to act as explained in the attached requests, mandatory to help restore the fals flag environmental destruction, deployed in real peace, welfare and prosperity in the interest of mankind as the Constitution demands and the Nuremberg Principles clarify.

Also the unbelievable scam of the cancer industry must stop! 

$100 billion a year is spent on toxic chemotherapy for many FAKE diagnoses... National Cancer Institute's shocking admission affects on millions of patients. 

You Should Know that 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Virus and autism exploded in the late 1980's conclude the report with a must read article from retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock and an amazing quote from one of the first anti-vaccers Ghandi. This report has a lot of amazing information, please check out this links: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 

Researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies for Pfizer, Merck (opinion) who produces these vaccines in collusion with Cures for Cancer which are  Killed in Europe and Murdered in America!  

Because of the current many committed murders and full-scale war against medical progress, pioneering doctors, scientists and citizens we are obliged to publish the following factsIn order to analyze No Cancer Foundation future role in recovering human rights and preserving the interest of a free, independent, prosperous healthy society, we currently stop posting articles and information about our actions, 

When over 100 doctors, researchers, scientists and survivors from across the globe come together in unity and reveal for the first time their amazing new findings and the truth… about Cancer… it’s not just news — it’s a movement. If you or anyone you love has been touched by cancer, you owe it to them and to yourself to watch this explosive docu-series. “The Truth About Cancer” Global Quest" 9-part docu-series you must see, Click Here to own the series and watch instantly.

We also like to thank and highlight The Dr.Rath Health Foundation for their extraordinary work on health, peace and social justice. About author: Dr. Matthias Rath has become a voice of conscience exposing the global conquest plans of the chemical/pharmaceutical Cartel in our time. Attacked by Cartel media the world over, Dr. Rath and his Foundation have received prestigous awards for civil courage. The ‘Relay of Life’ Award – presented by survivors of the KZ Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps was conferred with the mandate: ‘Never again!’
See more at:
Concerning information, national and international petitions can be found at the following webpage.