The Affordable Abortion Pill Will Safely, Quickly
Terminate Your Undeveloped Fetus In The Privacy Of your
 Home, Save You Time And Hundreds Of Dollars. It Is
100% Clinically Safe, Very Effective And The Most Affordable
Abortion Pill You Will Get Your Hands On For Now!!!
My name is Jay R; If you are pregnant and are thinking of having an early abortion I can help you if you give me about 2 minutes of your time. Since I only have about 2 minutes I will get straight into it. If you are really pregnant and you want to have an abortion, you don’t need to visit a doctor to have an early abortion if you are 7 weeks (49 days) or less.  I personally believe first trimester abortion (early abortion) cost too much. That is why I am going to tell you all about the Affordable Abortion Pill that thousands of women of all ages around the world are using to quickly, safely and effectively terminate their undeveloped fetus in the privacy and comfort of their homes. Instead of spending four hundred eighty dollars or more (USD $480.00 +) for the well known abortion pill and time in the doctors' office and clinic. You can quickly order the Affordable Abortion Pill to safely, quickly abort your undeveloped fetus and save over 51% of your money in the same amount of time, when you order the Affordable Abortion Pill privately, right here on this website.
 What Is The affordable Abortion Pill?
The Affordable Abortion Pill is an abortion pill that many women have been using  for years to safely and quickly terminate their pregnancy up to 7 weeks (49 days) old in the comfort and privacy of their homes. It is as safe as the other abortion pills, BUT over 51% cheaper than the well known abortion pill (pills).  The Affordable Abortion Pill is clinically tested and works 100% the same way as the well known abortion pills. Research have shown it to be as effective as the leading brands abortion pills. Many women are now choosing the Affordable Abortion Pill over the well known abortion pills because it is much more affordable and it is also very effective.
 Doctors Don't Physically Terminate Your Undeveloped Fetus
If It's Less Than 7- 8 weeks...
That is a fact! Doctors DO NOT PHYSICALLY get rid of your or any woman’s undeveloped fetus if you or she is less than 7- 8 weeks pregnant. For that is the ONLY reason why doctors give pregnant women the abortion pill to have an early abortion. It is the abortion pills you and other pregnant women take that is terminating all you pregnancies, not your doctor. The doctors ONLY prescribe the pills, WOMEN have to buy and take the abortion pills themselves; that's the reason why I believe the cost of abortion pills are way too expensive if you are 7 - 8 weeks pregnant or less. Don't you agree doctors charge way too much for abortions under 7 weeks?  IF you want to save over 51% on your early abortion, the Affordable Abortion Pill is your best solution.


  • Fact:  In USA/ Canada and other countries the abortion pill cost between $350- $500 +
  • Fact:  You must visit a doctor to get the regular abortion pill.
  • Fact: No woman likes waiting in a doctors' waiting room for the abortion pill.
  • Fact: Research shows the Affordable Abortion Pill works 100%.
  • Fact: The Affordable Abortion Pills will save you time and hundreds of dollars ($100's).
  • Fact: The Affordable Abortion Pill is 100% guarantee.
Thousands of women are safely using the Affordable Abortion Pill to terminate 1-7 weeks pregnancy for 51 % less than the regular abortion pill.
If You Are Serious About having A Safe And Quick Abortion
And YOU Want To Save Over 51%, I Have Great News For
If you order the Affordable Abortion Pill, you will never have to go through RED TAPE meaning; no one will ask you any questions. YOUR BUSINESS IS YOUR BUSINESS AND NOBODY ELSES BUSINESS, PERIOD!!  You are a free human, you live in a free country and you should feel free to keep your privacy to yourself. The Affordable Abortion Pill is100% clinically safe and very effective just like  the well known abortion pills, it's just costing you $100's less. Instead of paying $480.00 or more for the leading brand abortion pill by visiting a doctor, you pay LESS than half. A win, win situation for you. You accomplish your goal by having a safe, early abortion and you save lots of money at the same time.
You will not have to sit in a doctors' waiting room/ office or answer personal questions to get the expensive abortion pills. It takes time and thats costing you $100's. Yes! the doctor is charging you too talk to you about having an abortion while you are sitting in his chair.
Here's How The Affordable Abortion Pill Works.
When you take the Affordable Abortion Pill within 1 to 7 weeks (49 days) of your pregnancy calendar in your first trimester, it will cause the fertilized egg to unattached from the lining of your uterus and at the same time it causes uterine contractions which terminates your pregnancy without causing any health problems or doing harm to your body. In simple English, you will be having a miscarriage and not an abortion
FACT:  The earlier you take the Affordable Abortion Pill the more effective it will be, you will recover much faster also; the same rule applies with the regular abortion pill (pills).
What Are The Side Effects From Taking The Afordable 
 Abortion Pill?
The side effects from taking The Affordable Abortion Pill are heavy bleeding which is quite normal through a miscarriage NOT ABORTION, fatigue, uterine cramps and nausea, but again all these side effects are normal while going through any type of miscarriage. Because of this reason, you should always try and have an abortion (miscarriage) in the earliest stage as possible, the side effects will be less and you will recover much   quicker. There are also side effects when you take the regular abortion pill.
How Soon Will I Recover After Taking The
Affordable  Abortion Pill?
You will not be bed ridden so there is NO recovery time but it is recommended that women rest for about four hours. I know a few female friends that took the Affordable Abortion Pill and did not rest and they were fine but I would not recommend women to do so. It is always wise to follow instructions.
What Must I Do After I Take The Affordable Abortion Pill?
After you take the Affordable Abortion Pill you should pay attention to your body. Any sudden change you experience in your stomach is a sign that the Affordable Abortion Pill is starting to unattached the fertilized egg from the lining of your uterus. When you start feeling stomach cramps it is the uterine that is contracting. It’s an indication that the Affordable Abortion Pill is serving its purpose. You should try and get as much rest as possible; please avoid doing any strenuous, physical activity until you feel better. It is very important to pay attention to your body. A few hours of rest is recommended so, take some time off and rest yourself...
 How Comes I have Never Heard Of The Affordable Abortion
Pill Before?
Simple! It All Depends On What Part of the World You Live!!
The Affordable Abortion Pill was ONLY available in certain countries BUT right now it is available to you. Soon it will be widely available but it might/will be a few dollars cheaper than the regular abortion pills.
How Safe Is The Affordable Abortion Pill?
The Affordable Abortion Pill is 100% safe. Research shows it to be as safe as the leading brand abortion pills that are on the market for years.
 How Will The Affordable Abortion Pill Be Shipped To Me?
The Affordable Abortion Pill will be shipped to you by Express mail. Orders are shipped out daily by 2:45 PM Est. Orders received after 2:45 PM will be shipped out the following day.
How Will I Receive The Affordable Abortion Pill?
You will receive your Affordable Abortion Pill in a secure package under the name EZE FIX. Every one has a right to privacy, by using the name EZE FIX, only you will know what is in your package.
How Much Is The Affordable Abortion Pill?
The Affordable Abortion Pill is $239.00 BUT YOU CAN GET IT FOR ONLY $199.00 Plus 50% OFF Shipping & Handling for a limited time. You can only get it, IF YOU follow the instruction below. We wanted to make it more affordable BUT it is costing us a lot of money to advertise the Affordable Abortion Pill.. 
How Soon After Taking The Affordable Abortion Pill Will I See

Most women start to see results within hours of taking the Affordable Abortion Pill.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: During checkout for the Affordable Abortion Pill, you will be taken to a herbal web page with a different item, (Bay Leaf Tea). Ignore the Bay Leaf Tea, just scroll down and click the order button. YOU will be getting the Affordable Abortion Pill and NOT the Herbal Tea. By ignoring the Bay Leaf Tea and continuing your order, YOU will get $20 OFF the Affordable Abortion PIll, it's that simple. The reason is, Gateway companies don't want you to buy the Abortion Pill over the internet BUT that's the only way you can save $100's...


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Here's What A Few Women Had To Say After Ordering The Affordable Abortion Pill To Safely Terminate Their Undeveloped Fetus.


Hi Jay R, I ordered the Affordable Abortion Pill from you and you were right. It worked perfect! About 2 hours after taking the first pill I started spotting. I had minor cramps but it was like a bad period day (colic). I waited 3 days for the pills but it was well worth the wait. Regards, Nancy A. Lancashire, UK          
Hey Jay, thanks for sending me  the Affordable Abortion Pills. First of all, I must tell you it worked great, fast and very effective. I have used the regular abortion pill and to me the ONLY difference in the price tag. Instead of paying almost $500 USD I paid LESS than half. I took it as directed and I’m pregnant fee. Try and keep the price this low so most of us will afford it. Amber F, Albany New York
Hi Jay, I ordered the Affordable Abortion Pill and I was very satisfied with the results. The pill worked 100% and the price is very reasonable. I followed the daily dosage for the 3 days, I was spotting within hours of taking the first dosage. Any woman that wants to have an early abortion I would recommend them to order the Affordable Abortion Pill instead of the regular one if they want to save over $200. I am visiting Canada and the price for abortion is expensive in you don't have free medical like me. A BIG THANNK YOU TO YOU. La Tesha W, Calgary Canada
Hey Jay, I just wanted to let you know the Affordable Abortion Pill really works. Within a few hours after taking the first pill I was passing blood.  I took a pregnancy test about 8 days after and it showed negative. In the future, if I end up pregnant again I will order the  abortion pill again for two main reasons, it works and I will save me at least $225. Denise Morin, Tipperary Ireland

 Hi Jay, Thanks for sending me the abortion pill in such a short time. I don’t think I will  ever visit a doctor or pay $480 for the regular abortion pill if I ever get pregnant, not after using the Affordable Abortion Pill. It is affordable and it works 100%. I was spotting within hours after taking the first pill in the morning. I believe on day 2 I was fine but I took the pills for all 3 days as instructed.  Melissa J, London England

Hey Jay, I came across your website while searching for abortion pills online. I am happy I did, after reading I decided to order the Affordable Abortion Pill. I received my order in 2 days, thanks for the rush delivery; I opened it and followed the directions and within a few hours I was spotting blood, so I knew the pill was working. I took a pregnancy test about 1 week later and it confirmed I was no longer pregnant. Thanks for making the Affordable Abortion Pill affordable to me. I am only19 years and I would have  hard a time buying the regular abortion pill for almost $500. All the best. Ashley C , S Carolina USA            

Hi Jay, I ordered the Affordable Abortion Pill through a recommendation of a friend. She ordered it about 2 weeks ago and because it worked she told me about it. It just shows how a good name can live on. All what my girlfriend told me about the abortion Pill is true, it worked 100%, very quick responding time and it saved me a trip to the Abortion Clinic and over $200. I will recommend the Affordable Abortion Pill to all my girlfriends if they are contemplating an abortion. I hope you will continue helping out by making the Affordable Abortion Pill affordable to us women. Thanks for shipping so quickly. Anne H, Tampa FL, USA
As You Can See The Affordable Abortion Pill Works 100%
  Here's A Screen Shot Of Proff To Show That  Our Customers Receive Their Affordable Abortion Pill Within 2 Business Days.
We shipped the Affordable Abortion Pill out on Oct 6th 2010 and the customer received her order on Oct 8th 2010. Acceptance is the date the package was mailed out ( accepted at the Post Office) which was Oct 6th. Delivered is the date the order was delivered to the customer which was on Oct 8th 2010.
   So, What Happens If I Order The Affordable Abortion Pill and It Doesn’t work For Me?
The Affordable Abortion Pill has been tried and tested on thousands of women that were up too 7 weeks (49 days) pregnant with over 97% success rate. The well known regular abortion pills have about the same success rate of over 97% also.
However, if the Affordable Abortion Pill did not work for you, just ask for a refund by sending an email to and we will issue it back to your credit card or PayPal account instantly.
If You Are More Than 7 Weeks Pregnant Do Not Order!!

 If you are serious about getting the abortion pill for LESS than $200 within 3 business days, click the Buy  It Now Button below.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: During checkout for the Affordable Abortion Pill, we go under the name Bay Leaf Tea, this is the name that will show on your Paypal or Credit Card statement. 


 We Use PayPal To Protect Your Money So You Never Have To Worry!!

All Orders Are Shipped Out With Tracking Numbers...
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 Here’s a summary of all the benefits you'll receive when you order Fet-X Herbal Abortion Pill.

•100% Privacy

• No Doctor’s Visits OR Appointments To Get The Abortion Pill

•You Can Start To Safely And Effectively Terminate Your Undeveloped Fetus Within A Few Days From Now

•You Will Literally Save Hundreds Of Dollars Instantly

•No More Expensive Abortion Pills That Will Cost You $480 USD Or More    

•All Orders Are Shipped Out Within 24 Hours

•Works 100% Of The Time

•100% Risk Free

• Money Back Guaranteed

We know the benefits are very important to women; so we have decided to make the Affordable Abortion Pill available to every woman at a reasonable price of $199 + 12.95 Shipping & Handling ($211.95) but only for a limited time!!


Hurry! Get The Affordable Abortion Pill BEFORE IT'S TOO

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During checkout for the Affordable Abortion Pill, we go under the name Bay Leaf Tea, this is the name that will show on your Paypal or Credit Card statement. Scroll down and click the order button, YOU will be receiving the Affordable Abortion Pill within 2 - 3 business days. 

By ordering today, YOU can get $20 OFF the Affordable Abortion Pill. 

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