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Film Camera Best

film camera best
    film camera
  • Photographic film is a sheet of plastic (polyester, nitrocellulose or cellulose acetate) coated with an emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halide salts (bonded by gelatin) with variable crystal sizes that determine the sensitivity, contrast and resolution of the film.

My last film camera
My last film camera
The fourth camera I owned and my last film camera. I bought it on Wednesday 16th May 1979, following a short-lived flirtation with a non-SLR 35mm camera (see previous photo). I used it until I bought my first digital in July 2002. I had read up the subject before buying. This, the Chinon CM3, was rated the best mid-range SLR on the market alongside the famous Asahi Pentax K1000. It was a very nice camera, with a lovely lens right up to the edges of the image. It still seems to be in perfect working order. I miss the user-friendliness of cameras like these. Digital SLRs are so complicated that you can never really be in control. The camera is boss. The big advantage of digital is convenience. There are one or two small technical bonuses, but I'd be happy to go back to a camera like this, in which you can do all that you require by manipulating shutter speed, aperture and focus. Some enterprising manufacturer ought to bring out a good quality no-frills digital which mimics a conventional SLR. He might make a killing.
New film camera!
New film camera!
I'm not quite sure what got into me last weekend, but for some reason I decided I wanted to get a film camera and that the best way to do this was to go on eBay. Well, I was right that eBay was the way to go: I got this mint condition Nikon N2020 for twenty bucks plus shipping, and it was delivered today. (I already had the lens that's mounted on it in the photo.) From what I can gather on the internet, the N2020 was Nikon's first consumer autofocus camera; it was never a high end camera, but in the mid-'80s it retailed for something like $350. Why is it so cheap today? It's neither new enough to be high tech nor old enough to be cool, I guess. I got some AAA batteries and black and white film; the Walgreens near my apartment will develop film and scan it for you, so I should be able to post the digital versions of my first roll of black and white film with this old camera soon. Hopefully this weekend I will take it into San Francisco.

film camera best
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