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GreenGeeks Review

GreekGeeks has long proven themselves to be one of the top energy conscious web hosting services available. Offering a number of great servers that use carbon output offset through wind energy credits, GreenGeeks can help you save the environment while managing your web resources efficiently. Having proven to be one of the top tech and web hosting companies that is fully conscious in a social, environmentally sustainable way, GreekGeeks also provides great service and reliability. With top reviews for customer service and uptime, the company is also a good plan in terms of pricing and affordability as well. 

GreenGeeks Review 

Unlike many other companies who are mainly just in it to get rich, GreenGeeks sincerely wants to provide top level service for everyone on the planet. You won’t just be left to your own devices to try to figure out what you need to do — they’ll be ready to help you get your site set up and going in barely any time at all. Their support is tiered, so that if you are dealing with a seriously difficult issue, live support will not be able to manage it — and instead, your request will get sent to the 2nd management tier to help solve the issue. 

GreenGeeks Features

The number of features offered through GreenGeeks is quite extensive. In addition to secure email support, POP3 and IMAP offerings, and a drag and drop site builder, you will also gain access to free website migrations, starter sites, and a domain name for your whole account life. In addition, you can host as many websites on your account as you wish — along with Raid 10 SSD powered web space at superbly fast speeds. 

Other features include overriding htaccess, anonymous FTPs, account control panel support, FrontPage Uploads, and web based file managers — along with spam support and protection for your site. 

Pricing and Plans 

Much like other web hosting companies, GreenGeeks offers prices that are comparable to most other web hosting companies, giving you a choice of basic, business, or professional. You’ll start at the $5.99 rate per month, going up to $8.99 for business and $12 for the top plan. As you add more features, the prices go up as well — but you can cancel your account any time. in addition, their company provides a full month long money back guarantee incase you aren’t satisfied with their service. 

Security and Privacy 

One of the great features of GreenGeeks is their consistent dedication to privacy and security. They maintain nightly backups of your site to make sure that at any time, you can roll back to a previous version. They also give you top level support in terms of malware protection and round the clock monitoring to make sure no one can get access to your site who doesn’t need to. 

They’ll also ensure top levels of privacy. While blocking bad IP addresses and providing full monitoring and round the clock protection, the company also gives you SSL certificates as part of each package to make sure your site is fully secure. You’ll gain access to custom error pages, SSH access, and log files to make sure you can always see what’s going on with your pages. 

Support for Individual Bloggers and Businesses 

Whether you are just starting your first blog or scaling a huge online business, Greengeeks has something for you. The company offers a ton of different tech offerings and tools that will help you set up a Wordpress blog, a smaller but more professional blog, or a full online business site. For larger visitor amounts per month, Greengeeks makes sure to give you all the features you need to scale for traffic needs. They give unlimited email addresses, add-on domains, disk space, and bandwidth as well as top level reliability and speed to make sure that at all times, your site will stay online. 

Customer Reviews and Feedback=

A number of different customers have left feedback on Greengeeks to show their support for this web hosting service. One user said she was able to take her small independent commerce blog and scale it up to be a full time online shopping site. Instead of having to monitor her traffic loads at all times and purchase more and more space like she did with her former web host, she was able to quickly gain access to all the resources she needed through Greengeeks. 

Another customer found that GreenGeeks was able to give him the right email service he needed to maintain a number of different business accounts and quickly scale up his growth. He has achieved online potential that he wasn’t able to under Hostgator, Fatcow, or any other web host available. 

Greengeeks vs Fatcow 

While Fatcow has consistently maintained a reputation for affordable web hosting, Greengeeks still has better pricing for the features you’ll gain access to. They also provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space — something you have to pay extra with for Fatcow. 

GreenGeeks vs Hostpapa 

Hostpapa is a fairly good web service, giving competitive pricing to other services like Greengeeks. However, their customer support was found to be lacking in comparison to Greengeeks, which still wins out in terms of reliable and friendly support staff. Greengeeks is our top pick over Hostpapa — which hasn’t quite maintained the same level of customer service or reliability over time, the way Greengeeks has. 

GreenGeeks vs Godaddy

The system and interface used for Godaddy is a great deal more complicated than Greengeeks’ system. The interface and web design features afforded with Greengeeks consistently beat out Godaddy as well as their pricing. Their overall rating is a full 5/5 stars while Godaddy doesn’t even come close in terms of web hosting reliability, features, and pricing. For this reason, we recommend Greengeeks as our top pick over Godaddy, which has a way to go to catch up. 


We give Greengeeks a full 5/5 stars and recommend them as our number one choice for affordable and scalable online web hosting. Unlike a number of other hosts, the company gives you great, affordable service and good uptime/reliability. They also provide more sustainable technology than other companies, giving you truly green hosting. For this reason, we recommend them as our top pick overall.