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Dreamhost Review

Dreamhost is one of the oldest web hosts available. Offering a number of great features such as a 97 day guarantee for money back and a full one hundred percent uptime guarantee, Dreamhost has sustainably offered a service that is reliable and secure. Many users are highly impressed by their page load times, as well as their overall level of service and customer support. Dreamhost also provides unlimited bandwidth, which is an offering not usually given by most sites. For this reason, they rank consistently well, beating out a number of other services in the process. 

Dreamhost Review 

In addition to a number of affordable service plans, Dreamhost offers free downtime days, where your account is credited back for any time lost during service interruptions. They also give you plenty of free features such as SSL certs, cheap hosting, and a general hosting plan that will work for many users. Their pricing is some of the best available, and for what you get, you’re receiving a great bargain. 

Dreamhost Pricing and Plans 

Dreamhost has plenty of options for users of all needs and types. Their shared hosting is the starting plan that costs eight dollars per month. This plan gives you SSD powered servers as well as a free domain name. They offer dedicated hosting, VPS, and managed wordpress hosting as well. Their Wordpress hosting begins at $20 per month and gives you 2 million monthly visits, 30GB storage, and a free IP address. 

Dreamhost Features 

When signing up for Dreamhost, you will notice a number of powerful options including a free domain, a simple signup process, and no upsets. You'll also see that there are no hidden clauses, fees, or other obstacles to prevent you from getting secure and reliable web service. Their cPanel is easy to use and intuitive, while you can quickly install CMS platforms like Joomla, Wordpress, and more. In addition, their support is some of the best around, with english speaking knowledgeable reps who quickly get on the phone or email with you to make sure your problems are solved. 

Dreamhost vs Godaddy 

Godaddy does offer Webhosting service, but it simply can’t compare to Dreamhost, which has consistently put out web hosting that is stable, reliable, and some of the best available. They also give you a number of additional features such as unlimited bandwidth and app integration. Godaddy costs more and doesn’t have additional features that are included with the baseline for Dreamhost, making Dreamhost the better choice. 

Dreamhost vs iPage 

iPage has a few web hosting options, but is overall significantly more limited that Dreamhost. While you do pay less for the initial starting plan with iPage, you don’t get access to the same features or custom options — nor is the security as reliable with iPage. For this reason, we still recommend Dreamhost as our top pick. 

Dreamhost vs Fatcow 

Fatcow is one of the lesser-known web hosts that does offer pretty decent web hosting service, and with comparable pricing to Dreamhost. However, between, Dreamhost’s allowance for “down days” and overall pricing options, we choose Dreamhost as our #1 pick over Fatcow, which doesn’t have the same number of features and exclusive benefits. 

Dreamhost Benefits 

Signing up with Dreamhost will give you access to plentiful benefits such as a low cost pricing plan, a number of excellent features like speed and uptime, and plenty of choices for stability and servers. You will be able to pick shared hosting, VPS, or any other type of web hosting you wish. In addition, Dreamhost will provide you with almost a hundred days of money back guarantee time in case you aren’t fully satisfied — and what’s more, they have great service and customer support in case something goes wrong. On the whole, Dreamhost has plenty of benefits that make them a solid web hosting choice. 

Customer Support 

One of the major features of Dreamhost is their excellent customer support. Many hosts skimp out on customer support or fail to provide reliable support that knows its stuff. But Dreamhost didn’t fall into this trap; they put plenty of emphasis on their customer support and it really shows. If something goes wrong at any point, they will tell you step by step how to recover your site and fix problems. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. 

Speed and Reliability 

Dreamhost offers some of the best speed and reliability options in the business. With almost 100% uptime on a consistent basis, their servers are powered by green technology using wind turbines that ensures they are providing only the most environmentally positive service. In addition, Dreamhost will give you everything you need in terms of speedy delivery of content using a CDN. Dreamhost has beat out a number of other hosts in terms of speed and reliability, making them our number one pick in this department as well. 

Control Panel and User Experience 

One of the most important aspects of any web host is of course the control panel and overall ease of use for user experience. Dreamhost delivers on this front, offering an intuitive and easy to use control panel where you can build your own site, set up a new one, or restore/transfer an older website. You have plenty of options and it’s all quite easy to learn. In addition, their user experience flows well and provides a customized, learnable area that flows well and offers a frustration-free experience. 


Dreamhost has consistently ranked as one of the best hosts available both in terms of speed and cost. Thanks to servers that are environmentally friendly, secure, and stable, the web host has a full 5/5 stars and is our #1 recommendation of service. In addition, their security and privacy settings allow you to maintain full malware supervision at all times. They also provide full round the clock backups and monitoring to make sure your site stays backed up with several copies in case you want to restore to an earlier version. Additionally, Dreamhost gives you everything you need to quickly, easily set up new sites while contacting customer support at any time. They also have lots of affordable pricing plans for new website owners.