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Bluehost Review

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies available. Offering a number of features including Weebly software for site building, a simple interface, and lots of good uptime, this host is chosen as one of the most attractive and well-known providers. We recommend Bluehost with a full 5/5 stars and compare it to a number of other hosts below. In our Bluehost review, you’ll see that their administrator help, business needs, and overall web hosting provisions are top notch — as well as their overall pricing structure. 

Bluehost Plans and Pricing 

Bluehost offers a number of different plans. Their starter package costs $6 per month and gives you a domain name for free. They also give you a single website as part of this package, along with monthly data transfer in unlimited amounts, a hundred GB of storage, and a domain name transfer for free. You’ll gain plenty of options including 2 different anti spam choices, backups for your site daily, SSL certificates, and a dedicated IP address. Their plus package starts at $10 per month, while the business plan starts at $20 per month. Each plan gives you additional options and scalability, so that you can acquire better service as your business grows online. 

Dedicated Servers 

In addition to basic web hosting, Bluehost offers 15 terabyte data transfer servers, giving you the ability to dedicate plenty of resources to Linux and Windows systems. For those needing a more strong server configuration, their dedicated server setup can be a great option. 

Bluehost vs Godaddy 

While Godaddy does offer a simple domain hosting plan for $3.99 per month, their cPanel is much more difficult to manage. Godaddy is far less intuitive than Bluehost, which offers plenty of different web hosting choices, a scalable and usable interface ,and lots of good security provisions. For this reason, we recommend Bluehost over Godaddy. 

Bluehost vs iPage 

Bluehost definitely wins out over iPage since the former has many additional features not offered through iPage. While iPage offers a low pricing plan for $1.99 per month, you will need to add many additional features to bring it up to the basic level of Bluehost’s starter plan — which will end up costing twice as much. In addition, iPage’s customer service doesn’t come close to Bluehost’s, which is some of the best customer service around. 

Bluehost vs StartLogic 

StartLogic is recommended highly by many current web users, but we still prefer Bluehost as our number one pick. This is because Bluehost offers chapter prices with comparable service. StartLogic has a number of decent cPanel choices and a simple interface, but Bluehost still gives you better service on the whole. 

Bluehost Wordpress Hosting 

For Wordpress users, Bluehost offers plenty of choices as well. Starting at a $24.99 Wordpress plan, their scaling options go up from there, with the professional plan costing $75 per month and the enterprise plan costing $170 per month. You don’t need to install Wordpress on these platforms; the company already does it for you. You will gain access to a self-hosted Wordpress site with galleries, pages, posts, and other choices pre-installed. This makes it very easy to create a fully-functional Wordpress site from scratch in barely any time at all with Bluehost. 

Building Sites 

It’s very easy to build sites with Bluehost thanks to their Weebly website builder. You can also use Wordpress, set up the FTP interface to upload your files, or use the mobile website builder if you prefer. The number of different options available for building a website makes it very easy to create a site through this platform. 

For Weebly’s site building interface, you can create social media links, contact forms, slideshows, and more. In addition, you’ll be able to add password protection, custom themes, and a number of other choices. 

Email Accounts 

Bluehost offers 100 addresses for email with its starter plan while you can add unlimited emails when you scale up to another version. Instead of having to use a signup feature like Arvixe or other providers, you simply create your email accounts from the cPanel interface. You can also add storage quotas, passwords, and webmail interface allowances. This makes it super easy to create your own email accounts with Bluehost. 

Bluehost Security 

Many security features are available with Bluehost, including spam hammer, spam experts, and spam assassin. All of these tools help to keep your site working well — and protected from those who would prevent it from staying up. You’ll get the option to manage digital certificates, private keys, blacklists, users, accounts, IP address managing tools, and password protection. In addition, the company uses CloudFlare which is the top choice for security and performance. SSL provisions are also given to ensure that you will stay well protected and secure at all times when setting up and managing your site. 

Customer Service 

One of the major parts of Bluehost is their customer service, which includes both tickets and web chat — as well as phone and email support. Their customer service is some of the best around, providing friendly, knowledgeable representatives who are always available to help you figure your site out. If you have any questions, issues, or things you need help with, they will get on the job and stick with it until you’ve come up with a good solution. 

Uptime and Reliability 

Bluehost offers very good uptime and reliability, staying online about 99.99% of the time. They did not go down once during out week long test — and their reliability is very stable as well. For this reason, we recommend them as one of the most stable and reliable hosts that is also fast, efficient, and well-connected. 


On the whole, we recommend Bluehost with 5/5 stars as one of the best web hosting services available. With great customer service, business offerings, site building tools, and security features, Bluehost is one of the best offerings out there. Their pricing and plans are also quite affordable, giving users the option to choose from a number of different plans. They also have a money back period in case you aren’t completely happy with their service and would like to request a refund.