Best 10 Web Hosting Services Reviews 2018

When seeking fast hosting, it is very important to compare a list of best companies to find the top pricing and service. The top seven recommended hosting companies include Hostgator, Siteground, WPEngine, InMotion Hosting, Greengeeks, Bluehost, iPage, Fatcow and Flywheel Hosting. We recommend Hostgator as the number one hosting company due to their supreme reputation, pricing, and ease of use. Hostgator offers a number of affordable solutions for web owners of all types, regardless of needs and budget. 

Top 10 Fast Hosts Reviews

Out of all the hosts we compared, Hostgator consistently ranks best in terms of affordability, service, and overall features. The companies that offer fast and reliable hosting include Siteground, WPEngine, InMotion, Dreamhost, Bluehost, and Greengeeks. WPEngine is specially intended to host Wordpress sites, and this should be considered before you make a decision as to which host is best. Dreamhost, Bluehost, and Greengeeks offer comparable pricing plans, with offerings for both Wordpress and plenty of other platforms. However, Hostgator provides the largest array of plans and services, giving you a broad range of choices. 

Hostgator Review

Hostgator offers the lowest pricing of all, starting at just $3 per month for shared hosting. They have great site-building options, great uptime, good customer service, and overall features. In addition, they have great VPS hosting, Wordpress support, and email options. Their plans include a basic plan, a shared plan, and a business plan with each plan costing a bit more as you upgrade. Their features include cpanel, email services, FTP, fast service, and more. In addition, Hostgator offers unlimited disk space, includes domains, gives you an SSL certificate, and offers to host unlimited email accounts for you as well. Their customer service is considered some of the best around, being friendly, knowledgeable, and able to quickly troubleshoot any issues you might have. 

Siteground Review 

Siteground offers a number of pricing plans starting at just $4 per month. In addition, Siteground offers a free dot com domain, free daily backups, a 30 day moneyback guarantee, and round the clock tech support. They also offer fast hosting and a 99% uptime guarantee. Siteground offers full site backups, at least 1-2 CPU cores per plan, and unlimited hosting domains. In addition, you’ll get unlimited disk space and bandwidth when you sign up for the second plan (the Pro plan) through Siteground. 

WPEngine Review 

WPEngine is a powerful service for hosting choice in 2017 — especially for Wordpress based sites. This is because WPEngine offers a specialized content delivery network platform, one that will give you faster service for Wordpress sites. Their pricing starts at $29 per month for one Wordpress installation. You can also gain access to upgraded plans for $49 of $69 per month as you add additional wordpress domains. Features include unlimited database support, free domains, and daily backups and security features. 

InMotion Hosting Review 

InMotion starts their initial pricing plan at just $5 per month and goes up from there, with the next plan starting at $7 per month and the business plan starting at $10 per month. As you add scaling features to your business you can expect to pay a bit more. Their features include unlimited disk space, free dot com domains, round the clock tech support, integration with Wordpress and other content management systems, free SSDs and data backups, and more than 500k sites hosted around the globe. 

Dreamhost Review 

Dreamhost offers plenty of choices for users with pricing and plans starting at just $9.99 per month. They use both Linux and Windows based servers to give you the opportunity to quickly scale your systems. Their customers are consistently happy, with managed WP hosting staring at $19 per month. They offer good uptime and affordability, as well as a reliable service that sticks around for long periods without needing to come down for maintenance. 

Bluehost Review 

Bluehost plans start at just $5.99 for introductory pricing,though you will need to add additional costs to scale up. They are ranked well in terms of app integration, security features, and SSH access. Their features include SpamAssassin, Cloudflare, blacklisting of IP addresses that are causing issues, and Google Apps integration. For Wordpress sites, they rank quite well — though not as well as WPEngine. Bluehost is known for having good customer service, as well; they are knowledgeable and quick to answer questions by ticket, email, chat, or phone support. They also give you full site backups, lots of CPU cores for speed, and at least one free domain included. They will also provide unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, disk space and more. 

GreenGeeks Review 

Greengeeks hosting is considered to be the most environmentally-friendly service available. With servers that use only green technology, the company is known for having good uptime and reliability without having to sacrifice customer service. Greengeeks is a powerful service for web hosting that is reliable, friendly, and affordable. Their pricing and plans start at $9 per month for the starter, $15 per month for pro, and $25 per month for premium. You will gain access to unlimited MySQL databases,site backups, CPU cores, over 100 emails per hour, 2MB per sec disk input/output, and a CloudFlare hosted CDN to ensure top speed.

Flywheel Hosting

Flywheel Hosting is a powerful platform for web hosting needs of all types. Providing nightly backups, blazing fast speeds, and custom Wordpress tuning, Providing a simple, beautiful dashboard and a number of staging site features, Flywheel allows you to create usable, clean websites in just a few clicks. This web host is known for its powerful collaboration tools and great customer service. With pricing starting at just $15 per month for a single site, you’ll be able to scale your business, attract new customers, and create a solid income stream from your site. Flywheel ensures you only have to pay when your site goes live, so you can set up a site for free and only pay when your changes are ready.

iPage Hosting

iPage Hosting offers a special introductory hosting price of just $1.99 per month. With a simple, drag and drop tool interface to let you set up your own site in just a few clicks, iPage allows you to attract plenty of visitors while obtaining a free domain name. Their hosting is fully loaded, giving you the ability to gain a business presence that is supercharged, highly visible, and simple for customers to interact with. iPage lets you design it the way you want, get plenty of malware scanning and secure data tools, and 24/7 phone and chat support to ensure your questions can be answered in just minutes at any point.

Fatcow Hosting

Fatcow Hosting provides a number of great hosting services for businesses and individual bloggers alike. Offering a premium rate that is affordable for anyone, Fatcow offers Wordpress options for all types of sites. Their service includes WP Essential, which is an easy, safer way to install Wordpress — including dedicated support, malware detection, integrated plugins and themes, and speeds that are 60% faster than your normal Wordpress installation. In addition, the service offers free domain names, a free domain transfer, and a moneyback guarantee to ensure you don’t have to take any risks when signing up. Additionally, Fatcow is known for unlimited email, plenty of site templates, a simple blog setup, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and customer service that is friendly and always available.

In terms of overall features, Hostgator offers the greatest bang for your buck. Not only do they give you full site backups, security features, unlimited domains, and the lowest pricing for the amount of options you receive, but they are also backed by a full money back guarantee if you aren’t happy. In addition, Hostgator has the longest reputation, having been in business for a greater length of time while providing premium service to bloggers, site owners, commerce sites, individual and personal sites, and larger businesses as well. 


On the whole, we recommend Hostgator as our number one pick for shared web hosting that is fast, reliable, and secure. With a number of great features, pricing and plans, and overall scalability for your website, Hostgator is cheap, efficient, and quick to set up. All you need is a single domain to get started, and as your business grows online, you can add new domains to ensure that your web presence is strong and stable. Hostgator receives a full 5/5 stars and our top recommendation.