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When you think about all the various elements that are needed before a wave can break in a special kind of way that enables it to be surfed; every rideable wave is amazing. 

There are many factors that need to line up in order for 'perfect' waves to occur. The shape of the reef, or sandbank, the wind, the swell direction, the depth of the ocean, tides etc. 

I have come across many beaches that are nothing but close-outs. If you were to guess, then you would say that its a one in a million chance for everything to randomly line up and have a perfect wave.
I was pondering this one day, as I sat watching perfect waves roll in at Desert Point. I thought that given the abundance of perfect 1st class surf breaks around the world, it seems too good to be true. This can’t be the work of a fluke. It is like a higher power, 'God', if you will, knew that one day men and women around the world would find joy in surfing, and made sure that there is an abundance of perfect surf. It is like we live on ‘surf planet’, a planet designed with maximum oceans, and maximum coastlines, and that this planet is a playground to be enjoyed by humanity, to surf to our hearts content.  The abundance of quality waves was highlighted recently when I was going through my old surfing magazine collection, when packing to move home, and came across a bonus magazine that Tracks Surfing Magazine put out years ago called 'THE BEST 100 WAVES IN THE WORLD', in which surfers voted in for the best waves in the world. As I read through the list, the idea for this website was born, as I want to celebrate the amazing planet we live on,  'Planet Surf'.  The top 100 wave list on this site is taken by using a combination of the Tracks 'Best 100 waves' and the more recent Surfer Magazine (August 2011) 100 Best Waves list along with my own discretion. 

While I have not surfed all that many spots on this list (Desert Point, Burleigh, Uluwatu, North Point, Winkipop, Lakey Peak, Bells Beach, The Bluff, Cloud 9, Nihiwatu, Strickland Bay, Aussie Pipe, 13th Beach) I have an appreciation for great waves and I have done my best when of course it is  so subjective and so many good waves to choose from. To come up with a definitive list is impossible. But it is fun trying! 

If you have found your way to this site please bear in mind it is a work in progress. 

Please feel free to contribute your own stories and comments and links about each of the waves and argue your case for any place not included or your own opinions about the way I have ranked them.

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Original Oil Painting by Mark W Strother