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Looking for SAP Services in Belgium in SD, CRM, CS and QM?
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  • Specialist in SAP CRM / SD (Certified) / QM / CS: 7 full life-cycle implementations;
  • Project management: medium-sized experiences in multinational environments;
  • Business analytical and project management skills;
  • Good communication and teaching skills;
  • Financial background;
Aspirations: medium-size projects management in sales and customer relationship, learn new processes and businesses operations, use of Internet and mobile technologies in sales and marketing.

Senior SAP Consultant for SOA People

 Jan '11 - Mar '13SAP-SD/QM: ECC6 Implementation at DeliXL (Belgium – Retail/Logistics)

SAP-CRM 7.0: Design phase at EDQM (Strasbourg - EU Agency)

Jul '10 - Dec '10
Miscellaneous activities:
  • SAP-SD Certification
  • New Company Setup for ADB Airfield (SD)
  • New Company Setup for Dexsil Labs (SD/MM)
  • SCM600 (SD) Trainer for Bruxelles Formation / SAP
  • PLM412, PLM420, PLM425 (QM) Trainer for SAP at Soudal
  • Miscellaneous Support Activities for Gauder Group (SD)
  • Several CRM Pre-Sales

Apr '10 - June '10 SAP-CRM2007-WebUI/SD/QM: Sales Representatives functionalities (Account Management, Activity, Complaints, Quotations) for IMP (Bruxelles – Pharmaceutical)

Jan '09 - Jun '10 SAP-QM: ECC6 New implementation (In purchasing and production process, results recording, notifications, vendor evaluation) for Gauder Group (Paris - Industry)

Jan '10 - May '10 SAP-CRM 7.0 Mobile Sales: New implementation (MSA, Web UI, Territory, Middleware) for Innothera Group (Paris - Pharmaceutical)


Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager - Lhoist IT Group

Jan '09 - Oct '09
SAP-CRM2007 - Upgrade: Quotation (Sales Order), Interaction Center (Service Management), and Surveys

 Mar '09 - Aug '09 SAP-QM - Full life-cycle implementation: Use of QM as LIMS for Lhoist Czech Republic subsidiary
Feb '09 - May '09 SAP-SD ECC6-SP3 - Upgrade: OTC testing plus EDI and communication with external shipping systems and web service

Oct '08 - Jan '09 SAP-CRM2007 - Pilots: CRM for Mobile, Interaction Center Web UI, and Quotations in Web UI, Opportunities, Activities planning, and Groupware.
Oct '07 - Oct '08 SAP-SD - Upgrade to ECC6: Testing of the following Cash-to-Order processes for 10 countries (US, BR, UK, PT, SP, FR, BE, DE, PL, CZ): Customer Master Data, Sales Order Processing, Pricing Condition Recording, Sales Agreement, Scheduling Agreement, Outbound Processing, Transportation, Billing Processes, Credit Management, Reporting, Z transactions, integration (EDI) with external shipping systems, stock transfer, etc.
Jan '07 - Apr '08 SAP-SD Lhoist Spain - Full life-cycle implementation of the following processes: Customer Master Data, Sales Order Processing, Pricing Condition Recording, Sales Agreement, Scheduling Agreement, Outbound Processing, Transportation, Billing Processes, Reporting + Data Recovery (LSMW), customizing, worshops, training, etc.
Dec '06 - Dec '07 SAP-QM - Full life-cycle implementation: QM as LIMS in 6 laboratories for Lhoist Belgium and Lhoist France: QM in the sales process, in the production process, in the purchasing process and in miscellaneous processes
Oct '05 - Nov '06 SAP-SD: Lhoist Belgium’s integration tests

Feb '06 - Sep '06 SAP-CRM4.0 Mobile Sales - Full life-cycle implementation: Quotation Management for France subsidiary. Managed the full solution (Middleware, Integration with R/3, Installation, Word printout development, customizing, configuration, trainings, project management, etc.)
Sep '05 - Jan '06
SAP-CRM4.0 – Pilots: Analyticals (integration with BW), Marketing Campaigns, Interaction Center, Surveys, etc.
Sep '05 - Oct '05
SAP-SD: Lhoist France's integration tests

Sep '05 - Nov '05
Lhoist Belgium and Lhoist France's laboratories processes and reporting harmonization

Jan '05 - Aug '05
SAP-CRM 4.0 Mobile Sales: Upgrade. Manager the full solution (Middleware, installation, configuration, customizing, Word printout development, trainings, project manager)
  Jan '05 - Oct '09 During all this period I was involved in Lhoist SAP Competence Center activities. Sometimes, it could account for 20% of the workload. This allowed to get acquainted with many aspects of SAP-SD and other related modules like MM. It also enabled to develop basic debugging and BC investigations.

Every project includes a part of presentations, documentation, functional documentation (e.g. Blueprints), customizing, development follow-up, conducting workshops, writing Business Process Procedures, delivering trainings and support.

Business Analyst / Project Manager - Lhoist Western Europe

 Jan '04 - Dec '04 Transwide implementation: project management for this web service that enables the transport companies to see the shipments they should accomplish. This project required SAP-SD integration to send the necessary orders.

 Sep '03 - Dec '03 Laboratories’s Service Level Agreement for equipements disaster recovery as well as LIMS support.

 May '03 - Sep '03
Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO) Reporting: Managing reporting with Essbase (BI)

Jan '03 - Dec '03
CRM 3.0 -Mobile Sales administration, developments and incremental upgrades.

Sep '01 - Dec '02
CRM 3.0 - Mobile Sales (First Benelux implementation) - Full life-cycle implementation: project management, middleware, integration with SAP R/3, customizing, developments follow-up, Activities management, opportunities, sales contracts, reporting (Cristal Report), database manipulation, transport administration, etc.

 Sep '01 - Dec '04
During all this period I was involved in Lhoist Western Europe’s Service Desk activities. During some periods it could account for 20% of the workload. Focus was given to SAP-SD support.

Systems Analyst - Merck, Sharp & Dohme IS EMEA

1997 - 2001
Management and development of the EMEA Intranet Publishing Services (intranet web hosting services)

Web sites creation, applications development supervision and third parties applications installation

EMEA Webmasters conference organizer

Cross countries team member for company-wide Intranet projects (Collaborative Tools, Web Tools, Web Privilege Management, Automated Travel & Expense, IS Portal, Content Management)

Financial Assistant - Merck, Sharp & Dohme IS EMEA

1995 - 1997
Monthly accruals, monthly budget controlling & reporting, yearly budget preparation, yearly closing (30 M€)


Mother language

 DutchGood active knowledge (fluent 15 years ago; practicing know and then)


Soft Skills
Good listening skills, organized, project management/planning, team player, persuasive, customer oriented, good functional documentation, good communication skills, open-minded.

Basics in SAP-BC, ABAP, BSP, HTML, SQL, etc.
 MiscellaneousAdministrator of asbl "Le Toucan AMO" (a.o. Evening school for children)
Lived 4 months in Genk as "Garçon Au Pair"


1989 - 1994
Degree in Applied Economics and Master (Finance), UCL, LLN

Master Work: "The real estate leasing: Theoretical and practical approaches: the case of Eurolease S.A."

BS Work: "The Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT)"

Grade: Distinction

Erasmus at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada

2001 - 2004
 “Graduat en Informatique” from EICW (Wavre)