Bringing Visions to Life!




I am painting with my pen.
Painting the past,

pathways I’ve crawled.
Painting the future,

pathways yet to jog.
But for now,
I paint the present,

-- my pathway walk




My name is Besa Kosova and I am Albanian born, American writer. I discovered my passion for poetry and writing in elementary school. The first poem I wrote – at age six – was about peace. At age eight, I decided to become a writer. Since then, I have not stopped writing. Besides writing, I enjoy more writing and a lot of reading. My first poetry collection entitled Raindrops was published in September 2007. I am a single mother of two and a full time student, majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida. I am currently working on a series of four books as well as attempting to write my first romance novel.