ebook short stories

Changing Lines - a supernatural short story

Changing Lines by Beryl P. Brown

"... my eye was caught by a book lying under the next seat. How had I missed it...?"

A man finds an intriguing cover-less book under a train seat but, when he arrives home, it has vanished from his briefcase. The book obsesses him and changes his life. Will he ever find it again?

 Available at: www.cutalongstory.com

Hard Water - a story for eleven to fourteen-year-olds

Hard Water by Beryl P. Brown

'If we were still in our old house and not this one - this boat - I’d be out with my mates or we’d be in each other’s houses, gaming or just chilling. I couldn’t believe it when Dad said there was no phone signal and no internet on this rust-bucket.' 

A story about a boy settling into a new life. 

Available at: www.cutalongstory.com