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Huckleberry Finn



Chapters 16-25.  Hard questions.  50 points.

Cite page numbers for all responses.



1.  What does Jim plan to do when he becomes a free man? What is Huck’s reaction to the



2.  Briefly describe the duke and the king. What might Twain be satirizing through the use

of these characters?


3.  What does Buck say when Huck asks him how the feud between the Shepherdsons and

the Grangerfords got started? What is ironic about Buck’s response?


4.  Who is Colonel Sherburn? Briefly sum up the speech he makes to the mob. What aspect

of human nature does Sherburn criticize?


5.  Look at Twain’s passages when Huck and Jim are on the raft and compare these to experiences on the shore.  Select one river/raft passage to quote.  What is the river/raft beginning to represent?  Why? 


6.  Chart three examples of experiences or thoughts Huck has that show his moral development.  Be sure to include quotations and page numbers. 


7.  One motif of  Huckleberry Finn,  is people not being who or what they appear to be.  Find one time in these chapters when people appear to be one way but are actually very different underneath.  


8.  Find one example of dramatic irony or situational irony (the contrast between what appears to be true and is actually true, or between what we expect to happen and what actually happens.)  What is Twain’s purpose in using this irony? 


9.  Identify one example of satire in these chapters.  (In addition to the Duke and King)  Be sure to explain how the satire functions.


10.  Develop one discussion question from your reading so far.  Remember that discussion questions do not ask for recall or comprehension, but question characters’ motives, author’s themes, motifs, attitude, style, or purpose.


Study Questions: Chapters 1-8


Due ______________________________

Include quotations and page citations where appropriate.


1.   What is the setting of the novel in these opening chapters?

2.  What are your first impressions of Huck?  Why?

3.  What is an “unreliable narrator?”  List at least three examples of Huck’s unreliability as a narrator.

4.  At the beginning of the novel, with whom is Huck living? In what ways do they try to change Huck? Do you think they succeed? Explain.

5.  Describe Tom Sawyer.  Compare and contrast Tom and Huck.

6.  Briefly describe Pap. What is his ultimate goal in harassing Huck?

7.  How does Huck escape from the cabin in Illinois? What does his ability to escape suggest about him?

8.  What is your favorite scene so far?  Why?  


Study Questions:  Chapters 9-15


Due ______________________________________

Include quotations and page citations where appropriate


1.  Where is Huck reunited with Jim? In what significant ways are Jim and Huck alike? In what significant ways are they different?

2.  Why does Huck put a dead snake on Jim’s blanket? What harm comes to Jim as a result of the incident? In your opinion, is Huck sorry for the harm he caused? Explain.

3.  How successful do you feel Mark Twain is in creating the character of Jim? Does Jim seem like a real person to you? Explain why or why not.

4.  What is Huck and Jim’s plan for the future? 

5.  Describe three of the people with whom Huck meets in these chapters. 

6.  What is your favorite scene in these chapters?  Why?

7.  What elements and examples of Romanticism, Realism, and Regionalism have you found so far in this novel? 

8.  At the end of Chapter 15, Huck thinks, “It made me feel so mean I could almost kissed his foot to get him to take it back.”  What has happened to make Huck feel this way?  What is the significance of the last two paragraphs of this chapter?