Bert's Guitar Shop---Building and Repair

                 Established 1974

                 Guitar Repair

 Installation of aftermarket parts

  Custom Instruments                                              

 Scroll down and check out some pictures. The last one is a hoot.

                 Quality Guitar Repair
                    and Customization 
                            Since 1974
"Try to be the person  your dog thinks you are." 
Here is a picture of Rutger Hauer in the 1992 film
 "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
 Playing a violin I built for Alan Sloan of the Dixie Dreggs
Who sold it to a guy in the group Kansas. It was used on the opening song every night for that tour. Then it dissapeared for years. One night I was flipping through the HBO movie channels and low and behold there it was in the movie. I couldn't help being delighted. It made me feel good. I thought, "So that's where it went."


About Me:
 40 plus years experience
I took a part time job working for Keyboards Music Center in the guitar area of the store while attending Dekalb College in 1970. I had a keen interest in guitars. As the guitars started accumulating that needed repair I started a relationship with the best repair shop around at that time, J. Rhyne's. Jay and I became fast friends as well as Devon Bogue,Sam Bearden and Peter Jones. We all apprenticed there.
 Peter later opened Atlanta Guitar Works.
I started an apprenticeship in 1971 working for Jay Riness (J. Rhyne Guitars) on Glenwood Rd. Decatur, GA. I opened my own shop in 1974 named Campus Music in the Campus Plaza on Dial Dr. near Dekalb College by the the year 1976
I moved to Memorial Dr. and re-named the business Bert's Guitar Shop. With in those two years I had become the warranty repair center for nearly all major guitar brands.
Over the following years I trained, worked with and employed many prominent guitar repairmen and builders in the Atlanta area:

Peter Jones (Pete's Guitar Shop),
Donald Dunlavey (Fret and Finish),
Richard Echeverria (Echeverria Guitars),
Van Buren Fowler (Driven' and Cryin' ),
Brendan Obrien ( Producer),
Greg Curbow (Curbow Guitars),
Kris Derig (Infamous "Slash" and "Charlie Daniels"..."L.P. Fake" builder...those guitars were built in my shop),
Sean Sweeny (Larry Daniel's Music),
Vern "Big Vern" Harker (Teds Pro Music),
Morgan Bogue (Repair person)
Ralph Patlan (Sun City Studio engineer),
Richard Hendry (Army Tank Commander),
Jim Gentry (Guitar player)
Matt Patrick (Banjo Player)
Eric Enfield ( Piano & Guitar Teacher)
Michael Paul Minnisali (Guitar Player)
Michael Holland (Guitar Player)
Brion Crowe *(BC) (Good Craftsman)
Mike Guthrie (Teacher Player)
Mitch Burnette (Bass Player)
Woody Jenkins (Guitar Player)
Scotty Howren  (guitar player and raconteur)
John R. Miller (Photographer)
I'm sure there are others I've forgotten or lost contact with...sorry about that guys and gals. 
Drop me a line and I'll add your name.