(Listed in the order they appear in the homepage.)

(In English unless otherwise indicated.),_Michigan

Statistics and information about the place where I grew up in the state of Michigan.

Information and picture of the Navy ship I served on while in the Navy in Japan.

Homepage of Oita University (in English & Japanese)

Homepage of Asia Pacific University, Beppu, Japan (in English & Japanese)

Interview in ELT News concerning Healthtalk

Book review of HealthTalk in the JALT Language Teacher

Macmillan Language House catalogue showing HealthTalk

Information on the back cover of MacArthur  (in English & Japanese)

Information about the Asian Women’s Fund (in English & Japanese)

ELT News book review of the MacArthur textbook

MacArthur textbook on

Sanshusha Co. catalogue showing Foreign Legacies (in Japanese)

Yumi Press catalogue showing Great Men & Women of Medicine (in Japanese)

Article I wrote titled Books and My Life (in English & Japanese)

Article written for the Japan Times: Unique Memoirs Saved by Chance

Related article in Japan Times: Surrender Seen Close Up

Magazine article: Lack of War Knowledge Among Youth Appalling

Magazine article: Sino-Japan History Study offers Hope

Letter to magazine: Misunderstanding MacArthur

Letter to the Japan Times: Unambiguous Apology Needed

Letter to Japan Times on baseball: Oh’s Record Viewed as Tarnished

Homepage of WorldSpace Satellite Radio

Website of Japan Association of Language Teachers

Book review of HealthTalk in JALT The Language Teacher

Homepage of the Prisoner of War Network, Japan (in English & Japanese)

Homepage of the General MacArthur Honor Guard Association

Homepage of the Burma-Thailand Railway Memorial Association

Information about the notorious Unit 731 in China

Wes Injerd’s website on POW camps in Kyushu, esp. B-29 crash in Takeda

Website of the Military Writer’s Society of America

Information & pictures about MacArthur’s GHQ office in Tokyo and the Grand Hotel in Yokohama

Article in the N.Y. Times about former POW Lester Tenny

Lester Tenny’s POW story: My Hitch in Hell

Information about the Burma-Thailand Death Railway

Information about the former Sugamo Prison in Tokyo that housed Japanese Class A war criminals

Information about the Yushukan Museum at Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo

Information about the Battle of Okinawa

Article about unexploded bombs still being discovered in Japan

Homepage of the MacArthur Museum, Brisbane, Australia

Information about the Cowra, Australia, Japanese POW breakout

Information about the life of Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop


Homepage of the Australian War Memorial and Museum

Homepage of the Auckland, N.Z. War Memorial Museum

Information about the Featherston, N.Z. Japanese POW breakout

Information about the “Nanking Massacre” museum in China

Information about the Marco Polo Bridge in Beijing, China
Homepage of the MacArthur Memorial and Museum in Norfolk, Virginia

Information about the Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Information about the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Homepage of the Taiwan POW Memorial Society
Article about the former POW camp at Shenyang, China (formerly
known as Mukden)
Information about the former POW camp at Changi, Singapore
Information on the city of Haikou, Hainan, China
Information about Oita Prefecture, Japan


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