HEALTHTALK: Health Awareness & English Conversation
                   Publisher: MacMillan Language House

This was first written as The Healthy English Book in 1991. I self-published it, marketed it, and sold it myself—the whole ball of wax.

Later, Macmillan Language House discovered it and asked to buy the copyright.  As I wanted to get the book’s health message to a wider audience, I was more than agreeable to them taking it over. Healthtalk has been a long seller and is now in its THIRD edition; it has sold over sixty thousand copies in Japan.  It is my longest text at 166 pages. I think it is the thickest text in on the market; since texts are for one semester use in Japan (15 weeks) most are 100-120 pages. Most importantly, I believe it has met the goal for which it was written: To teach good health habits to university-age Japanese through the medium of English conversation.  It makes me proud to think that I have made this small contribution to the betterment of Japanese society.
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                                         Original self-published version.  Those are my two kids and
                                                    house on the front cover. 1995
                                An article in the local newspaper about HealthTalk. 2004
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                                              This is the NEW THIRD EDITION for 2014.

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 It now has 166 pages and two new lessons:  Environment & Health and  

           You can read about the revised edition at this site:


                                                HealthTalk, Front Cover, 2nd Edition
                                                  HealthTalk, Back Cover, 2nd Edition