Educational Career

Degrees and Teaching Experience


1964  B.S. in Psychology, Central Michigan University

1969  Teaching Credential, California State University at Los Angeles

1978  M.A. in English as a Second Language, University of Hawaii


Before I began my teaching career, I spent four years as an officer in
the U.S. Navy and worked for one year in business for the Carnation Company in Los Angeles.


1969-1971              Elementary School Teacher, Los Angeles,   
1971-1972              Elementary School Teacher, Hong Kong
                               International School, Hong Kong
1972-1976              Language School Teacher, Kobe, Japan
1977-1979              ESL Teacher, Kansai University of Foreign Studies,
                               Hawaii Campus
1979-1981              ESL Teacher, Off-campus ESL Program, Michigan
                               State University
1981-1983              ESL Teacher, Kobe Women’s College, Kobe,
1985-2007            ESL Teacher, (Part-time) Oita National College of
1985-2000            TOEFL Supervisor for Oita Prefecture, Japan
1983-Present        ESL Teacher, Oita University, Oita, Japan
      Note: ESL means English as a Second Language, i.e.  teaching English to non- 
        native speakers of the language.  It is a special field of academic study.
              On the job, in the classroom.  Teaching at Oita National College of
               Technology, 2003.


                A scene from Oita University, where I have taught for the past 26 years.