Department Store English

   Publisher: Self-published
 Written in 1982 for Sogo Department Stores, this little text was my
 first, so it really has a "homemade" look to it.  I had no computer
 then, so it was all done on a regular typewritter. I was teaching at the
 Sogo Kobe store at that time, and the students asked me to teach them  
 English they could use with customers who come into the store.  It was 
 copied rather than printed, and I made up about 100 booklets.
 The fellow in the illustration has "Cal" on his T-shirt; that's my son's
 name, of course.  His mother drew the illustrations.
 While scanning the picture to put on this homepage, I found a mistake
 in the dialogue--27 years later!  If you can find it, send me an e-mail,
 and I will sent you a present--one of my textbooks.
   Note:  The text is difficult to read even when you click to enlarge it,
             so I will reproduce it below:
                             Lesson 10. ON THE TELEPHONE
Clerk:           Furniture department, Miss Kato speaking.
Customer:  Excuse me, but do you have shortwave radios?
Clerk:           Shortwave radios? I'm afraid you have the wrong
                       number.  Please call the radio and TV department
                       on the 3rd floor.
Customer:  Oh, I'm sorry.  Thank you very much.
Customer:  May I speak to Aiki Maeda?
Clerk:           Could I ask who is calling, please?
Customer:  This is Mr. Grogan.
Clerk:           Hold the line a minute, please.  (pause) I'm sorry,
                       Mr. Maeda isn't in right now.
Customer:  Okay, I'll call back later.
Clerk:           Well, you had better call again tomorrow because
                       he went out on business, and we don't know what
                       time he'll return.
Customer:  Okay, Just tell him Mr. Maeda called.  Thank you. 
         Could you find the mistake? 
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