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VersionChangeDescriptionChange date
.59c Addition/Change Server and Reporting tabs are now hidden if a user does not have the 'Reporting' role enabled for them. November 10, 2008 
.59c Fix Fixed blank activation password from lite.asp. November 10, 2008 
.59c Addition/Change When saving settings or using the besuseradminclient page (lite.asp actions), the page will refresh and return to the previous page. November 10, 2008 
.59c Fix Masked password on lite.asp wasn't working quite right for local roles (not domain logons) November 10, 2008 
.59c Addition/Change BerryStats will now log besuseradmin client functions, logoff/logon, some errors and report access to the application event log. November 11, 2008 
.59b Fix Activation password function now abides by random password role (can force random password vs. manual setting of password) November 8, 2008 
.59b Fix index.asp chart will now handle carriers with '&' in their name - - - (AT&T) November 8, 2008 
.59b Fix Now when hiding bes server and it policy from self-service activations, values are actually being passed via besuseradminclient November 8, 2008 
.59b Fix Group assignment now works with lite.asp November 8, 2008 
.59b Fix various adduser.asp fixes November 8, 2008 
.59b Addition/Change Resetting activation password will now send an email to the device holder. November 8, 2008 
.59b Addition/Change 'Add my Blackberry' will now disappear after a self-service user has been added to the BES server. November 8, 2008 
.59a Addition/Change Configuration and setup page now have a port field for Database connection. November 3, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Admin groups will check for nested groups while logging in. October 24, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change activation message now can be customized when adding a new user. October 31, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Adduser page now has multiple criteria searches (name starts with/ends with/contains) October 24, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Added new roles: Mask activation password (on lite.asp), Allow manual Activation password reset (vs. random) October 31, 2008 
.59 Fix Fixed 'enable redirection' button issue on lite.asp page (wasn't showing up) October 22, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Roles administration now highlights rows when hovering over them. October 31, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Created link "Use transparent logon" if you logout, so you don't have to type in your ID and password again. November 3, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Added more granular search parameters to the 'find user' page.  October 31, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Added 'self-service' role - now you can exclude/include members into this group. October 31, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Find user page now abides by 'show/hide sql query at footer' role. October 31, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Random password feature is now enabled in adduser page. October 31, 2008 
.59 Addition/Change Modified index page so that charts will only show up for admin role. October 22, 2008 
.58 Addition/Change Added new role "showsqlqueries". When enabled, the SQL query will report at the bottom of the sql.asp page. September 11, 2008 
.58 Fix Removed sortable.js references from lite.asp September 18, 2008 
.58 Addition/Change Added option to delete reports from sql.asp page for admins only. September 19, 2008 
.58 Addition/Change Pie chart on main page showing users-to-server count. September 11, 2008 
.58 Addition/Change Added 'disable/enable' self-service option. September 15, 2008 
.58 Addition/Change New bar chart on main page will show top 5 users by sent messages. September 11, 2008 
.58 Fix Fixed self-service page so that if a user does not have a BlackBerry, 'Add my BlackBerry' drop-down menu item will appear correctly - (this only occured if a user did not fall into any other role) September 12, 2008 
.58 Addition/Change Added image for 9000 series phone (Bold) September 18, 2008 
.58 Fix MODIFIED in .59 (Modified ad search lookup so it will search for *criteria* (with wildcards), making it easier to search for first and last names.) September 19, 2008 
.58 Addition/Change Added a session.timeout value of 60 minutes within global.asp - will make this user-customizable later. September 15, 2008 
.57d Fix 'My BlackBerry' page was showing all the users AD attributes (mail, telephone, accountname, etc.) instead of their own. September 3, 2008 
.57c Fix Added code for Domino/Groupwise - specifically, for the useradminclient functions. If you were having troubles with this, you need the .57c download! September 3, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Added 'enable redirection' and 'disable redirection' to user details and roles page September 2, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Made separate views for 4.0.x vs. 4.1.x September 2, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Added export function to sql.asp custom reporting page September 2, 2008 
.57 Fix Modified besuseradminclient.asp page so that the page expires immediately (so if you hit the 'back' button after submitting a useradminclient command, you will be prompted to cancel submission of the form data). September 2, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Added checkbox on sql.asp which will allow you to select if you wish to output sql results to a single table or to multiple 'pages' within a table. August 28, 2008 
.57 Fix Did some work with roles, i.e. checking them in global.asp, so they are available in all pages. Fixed how some pages were improperly redirecting September 2, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Now administrator role can tweak the add user page, hiding/showing BESServer and ITPolicy drop downs from self service users who have the 'add user' function applied to them. Also, Admins can preselect what default server and IT policy will be applied to self-service users. August 28, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Added a new function to sql.asp page which allows you to run a query from an inputbox on the page. August 28, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Added 'message stats for all users' report. September 2, 2008 
.57 Fix Fixed some issues with 'My BlackBerry' page, where it would automatically redirect to index.asp. August 28, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Modified lite.asp so that when running a useradmin tool it would scroll the page down to the useradmin tool pane. September 3, 2008 
.57 Addition/Change Lite.asp (user details page) now shows some AD attributes for the user that is being queried. September 2, 2008 
.56 Fix XLS export was failing, also, CSS page error came up. Both of these have been resolved. August 27, 2008 
.56 Addition/Change Added 'Self-service' (or "besuser") role so that BlackBerry owners can reset their device password, set up their activation password, etc. Since this is a role, you can selectively enable/disable whatever features you wish for them to have via the roles configuration screen. August 26, 2008 
.56 Fix Removed unneeded css code from sql.asp page so that it positions correctly on the screen. August 26, 2008 
.55 Addition/Change Added support for a third domain group (reporting). August 22, 2008 
.55 Addition/Change Removed 'domain' entry in the admin.asp page. This is not needed, due to Windows authentication being turned on. August 22, 2008 
.55 Fix Made minor changes in css (notably the slight overlap in the content div and navtext headers) August 22, 2008 
.55 Addition/Change Modified documentation so that permissions on the folders are now set to domain credentials again. This is to support transparent logons (if session is still active) August 22, 2008 
.55 Addition/Change Now you can look up ad user accounts through the adduser page...handy if you have a lot of users and don't know what their email address is. Thanks to Brent Grim August 22, 2008 
.55 Fix Sql.asp was not formatting phone numbers correctly. Now fixed. August 22, 2008 
.55 Fix inactive users was reporting on incorrect field, fixed this so that it pulls from 'lastfwd' field instead of 'lastupdate', which checks the last time the status for the user was updated on the server. August 22, 2008 
.55 Fix Moved sql query to the bottom of the sql.asp page, due to longer queries altering the format of the page. August 22, 2008 
.55 Fix LDAP authentication was not working on computers that are not domain controllers August 22, 2008 
.55 Addition/Change Added AD authentication account to perform all user group lookups for logon via LDAP. August 22, 2008 
.55 Addition/Change Selective control of BESUserAdminClient elements for user roles, complete with a new configuration page. August 26, 2008 
.55 Fix Localized helpdesk account was logging in with readonly permission (reporting). Now fixed. August 22, 2008 
.54a Addition/Change Added 'Please wait...Query is executing' status message during long queries in the sql.asp page. August 19, 2008 
.54 Fix Pending messages are now reporting correctly August 19, 2008 
.54 Addition/Change Added brand new reporting scheme. This utilizes a single page (sql.asp) to run most all data-table queries. This also allows you to share xml report definitions with other BerryStats users. August 19, 2008 
.53a Fix Modified index.asp so that 'reporting' user account doesn't link to the server page through icons on left (SRP, Servers) August 15, 2008 
.53 Fix Index page now shows message, server, user stats on BB Browser August 14, 2008 
.53 Addition/Change Added favicon.ico to site August 14, 2008 
.53 Fix Removed besuseradminclient executable string from top of client page. August 14, 2008 
.52b Addition/Change Removed 'server' menu selection if user has only reporting rights. August 14, 2008 
.52a Fix Modified logon.asp and config.asp page so that it can properly reference the setup.xml path variable (instead of a hardcoded path) August 14, 2008 
.52 Addition/Change Modified backend XML save/load function, should now update only the elements that changed, rather than delete/saving the file altogether.  
.52 Fix Mail server was showing up as 'Exchange' server, now is 'Mail' server  
.52 Fix When exporting a spreadsheet to Excel, it opens up as an .asp file instead of .xls - this is because the downloaded file was not being declared as an XLS mime-type  
.52 Fix menu drop down for licenses would show 1 more license than server status page  
.52 Addition/Change Created 'setup.asp' page for first time installs, no more manual editing of configuration.xml!  
.52 Addition/Change Updated lite.asp so that it would run the besuseradmin client with Domino username (if username was present). Need people to test this!  
.52 Fix BlackBerry 8700g was showing no image - this is due to BES or BlackBerry reporting back as only 8700, new image created for 8700_small.jpg  
.52 Addition/Change Updated/fixed Domino view to include username and groupname - you must apply this new view!  
.52 Addition/Change Updated Exchange view to include username and groupname - you must apply this new view!  
.51 Addition/Change Added some error handling in the logon page  
.51 Addition/Change Added ‘helpdesk’ and ‘reporting’ localized user accounts  
.51 Addition/Change Modified layout & look of BerryStats Classic (removed iFrame in lieue of DIV)  
.51 Fix Fixed some formatting issues with potentially null values on lite and advanced-query page.  
.51 Addition/Change Added ‘Export’ function back into ‘BerryStats Classic’ page (under Reporting).  
.50 Addition/Change Added debug option to admin page so you can see what variables are being passed as you work in BerryStats.  
.50 Addition/Change Changed some formatting of the lite.asp page so that it is a bit more legible.  
.50 Addition/Change Added new BesUserAdminClient functions: send PIN, send Email, view handheld apps, view handheld modules, assign user to group, assign IT policy to user, resend servicebook, resend peer-to-peer key.  
.50 Addition/Change Added ‘log out’ functionality  
.50 Addition/Change Changed BB model images to JPG instead of GIF  
.50 Addition/Change Added original BerryStats report back into page as link under ‘Reports’. This will be enhanced a little so that export to XLS or PDF will be an option.   
.50 Addition/Change LDAP authentication for admin/helpdesk users. Also, there is a localized ‘root’ access account for admin purposes.  
.50 Addition/Change Added phone number format function so phone numbers look like…well, actual phone numbers (xxx) xxx-xxxx  
.50 Fix Reworked add user page so it can be used via BB Browser.  
.43 Fix fixed versioning info in footer to match page title  
.43 Addition/Change Adjusted user-query page so that SQL query shows up below results table (like the general query page)  
.43 Fix Made changes to adduser page so that BB Browser could properly read IT-Policy and BESServer values from DB (and as a result, add a new user via BB)  
.43 Addition/Change Moved some resources around, i.e. modules, ampie, css - in the folder structure of the web site  
.43 Addition/Change Added IT-Policy and Group selection for BES User admin client page  
.43 Addition/Change Made some additional changes to help mobile browser rendering  
.42 Fix Modified license-pack query so that it only includes 'bescal' licenses  
.42 Fix Modifed lite.asp page so that it would display BB pic if besuseradmin password was not specified (which used to disable all the tools, containing the picture in the same table cell)  
.42 Addition/Change Added Send Email/PIN, check device apps, check device modules, resend peer-to-peer key to user options menu  
.42 Addition/Change Added 'Reports' link which goes to original BerryStats advanced query page (still need to re-add the 'export' option)  
.42 Addition/Change Added larger and updated model pictures for recent BlackBerrys per Rim's website.  
.41 Addition/Change Added mobile browser detection, but this isn’t being fully utilized yet  
.41 Addition/Change Removed original BerryStats query page (this will be returning soon) in lieu of a quicker search mechanism  
.41 Addition/Change Modified resource kit command web page so that it can be run via BlackBerry browser(!)  
.41 Addition/Change Completely redesigned the layout and feel of BerryStats  
.41 Addition/Change Added a bunch of new images, including those for most new models of blackberrys  
.41 Addition/Change Added css-based drop-down menus  
.41 Addition/Change Completely revamped XML save code for configuration data, now you can modify/customize the activation message from the configuration screen  
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