Floor tile factory. Linoleum floor covering. Michael jackson on the floor.

Floor Tile Factory

floor tile factory
    floor tile
  • A ceramic, glazed or unglazed paver, quarry or mosaic tile resistant to abrasion and impact.
  • a ceramic tile or natural stone tile durable enough to withstand traffic and abrasion.
  • Glazed or unglazed tiles of sufficient strength, impact and abrasion resistance to withstand the weight and wear of foot traffic.
  • A factory (previously manufactory) or manufacturing plant is an industrial building where laborers manufacture goods or supervise machines processing one product into another.
  • Lyoko ( ) is a fictional virtual world in the French animated television series Code Lyoko.
  • A building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled chiefly by machine
  • A person, group, or institution that produces a great quantity of something on a regular basis or in a short space of time
  • An establishment for traders carrying on business in a foreign country
  • a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
floor tile factory - 30 Sqft
30 Sqft Cable Set, Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System with Aube Digital Floor Sensing Thermostat
30 Sqft Cable Set, Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System with Aube Digital Floor Sensing Thermostat
Electric Floor Warming System used to heat tile flooring. The system is designed to heat the designated square footage when installed in mortar under tile or masonry flooring. The heating cable is simply layed out on the floor in the area you want to heat prior to tile installation. The heating element is less than 1/8" thick, so the rise in flooring height is negligible. This system is BRAND NEW and manufactured by Warming Systems Inc. which offers a 15-year warranty on its product. The wire is designed to be spaced 3" apart. With any floor heating system, if the wire is spaced more than 3" apart, you will feel cold "streaks" on the tile surface. Beware of heating systems that tell you to space the wire over 3".

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A visit to the TILE Factory
A visit to the TILE Factory
The coastal belt of India - West Coast bears roof to homes made of clay tiles. This is traditional. The factories here are amazing. Took my daughters to witness the work here. Huge brick based - cricular, oval underground furnaces. I was standing on one .....and could feel the heat. The fire here is to light up the interiors ...oh well fire to light in a already HOT place. I was worried for my cam whether it could stand such temperatures. This was a great 30 minute tour. I had no choice but to do handheld shots. Most of them 3 exposures. RAW. handheld. Program mode and Auto ISO , followed by bracketing - this does ISO bracketing whilst holding the shutter speed - perfect in very low light on the move conditions. Ensure you set a threshold for ISO hi at 2600 or below. I had some shots that went upto 32000 ISO ! had to throw away some shots with intense contrasting areas - thanks to noise. Most of the images I will post here are at 1600 ISO and f/2.8 - 4.8...with potentially some sections layered in from a ISO 5000+ This was fun. One of the most challenging and fun shoot ins I have had. NO HDR....just layer masking and some blending.
No more trading here.
No more trading here.
Another HDR vertorama of the derelict factory i visited. Can't believe this once used to be used and a compnay traded from here. these rooms are not just ruins of a factory but a window into the life if the work place. 2 section vertorama 7 shot bracketed expousre for each section. procesed in photomatix using standad porcessing and exposure blending. edit and stitching in photoshop and then run through noise ninja. have good weekend?

floor tile factory
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