Village History


The villages have a long history and Berrick Salome is mentioned in the Domesday Book. In 1993 Berrick Salome's boundary was rationalised to include the whole of Roke and Rokemarsh (previously largely in Benson's parish) and Berrick Prior (previously part of the parish of Newington).

There has been a church in Berrick Salome probably since before the time of the Conquest and St Helen's Church remains a hub of village activit today.

Although today we only have two pubs, during the 1800s alcoholic refreshment could be found in five locations. The Chequers in Berrick Prior, the Home Sweet Home in Roke and the Horse and Harrow in Rokemarsh (now closed) were all hostelries, while the Plough and Harrow in Berrick Salome, now Plough Cottage, and The Welcome in Roke were off-licences. There were also several shops and post offices, and a petrol pump at Woodbine Cottage in Roke. An infant school at Roke had already closed by 1884, but within living memory infant classes were held in the Band Hut.

A fuller description of village history is available from Wikipedia

Minutes of the Berrick Salome Parish Meeting for 1900