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The market for Caustic Soda is global, and local events can influence decisions across the market. If you are a decision maker buying, selling or using Caustic Soda at any point in the value chain, you know that a complete market perspective is essential, whether you are preparing business, sales or procurement strategy; helping internal stakeholders with key business decisions, negotiating with suppliers or customers; or being alert to changes in external markets to prevent supply disruptions.

Make the right choice:
Whatever your challenge, Beroe’s market intelligence report on Caustic Soda will give you deep insights to help you make well-informed decisions while providing better negotiation opportunities. The report equips you with details of:
  • Overview of the Caustic soda markets across North America, APAC, Latin America and Europe
  • Production and demand trends
  • Cost and price analysis
  • Overview of key suppliers in the market
  • Overview of factors that drive the price
  • List of key alternate suppliers and their capabilities

Below is the sample summary of Beroe’s Market Intelligence report on Caustic Soda. The report as such will have comprehensive information and data relating to the industry that will be periodically updated by our experts.
  1. Caustic Soda market is highly fragmented in most of the regions with nearly 400 manufacturers and 500+ production sites across the globe.
  2. Current estimated global capacity is ~ 78.5 MMT/year with majority of it being located in Asia, particularly China. This is expected to grow to 81.6 MMT/year by 2016. Demand is estimated to be 66.4 MMT in 2013 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8% till 2016. The global demand supply gap is expected to reduce from 9.5 MMT in 2013 to 4.5 MMT in 2016, owing to increase in demand.
  3. Asia contains nearly 52% of global capacity, followed by US and Europe with 20-22% of global capacity. Close to 60% of global demand comes from Asia followed by Europe and North America.
  4. Chemical industry is the key demand generating segment for caustic soda accounting for about 30–35% of the global demand for caustic soda in 2013, followed by alumina, paper & pulp and soaps & detergents sectors.

If you are a category manager/procurement professional with interest in Caustic Soda then this Core Report will empower you during price negotiations with your suppliers. This report provides much needed visibility on supply availability and cost/price trends. It will also help you understand the impact of various cost elements on the final price of the commodity thus helping you make both short and long term decisions. Additionally, it would also give you an idea of alternate suppliers and their key capabilities. This report is updated continuously to ensure you always have the latest market intelligence at your disposal.


This report is also beneficial for category managers working in industries such as paper and pulp, alumina, water treatment, soaps, detergents and textiles where caustic soda is used as a cleaning/bleaching agent.
Beroe is the premier global provider of procurement services specializing in category intelligence, supply chain intelligence and green procurement. Some of our customers are the largest in the world, including over 70 of the Fortune 500. Beroe delivers strategic procurement intelligence that helps sourcing professionals answer critical questions and achieve business objectives. With 425 dedicated procurement specialists across 300 categories and 9 industries, we proactively invest in knowledge assets to build valuable, real-time procurement insight.
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