George Klien

1           George Sr. KLEIN Cline        1715 - 1783        b: 09 Oct 1715 in Zweibruken, Bavaria                d: 02 Jan 1783 in Bernville, Pennsylvania       NOTES: George Kline b-13 Sept 1715.  d-2 Jan.1783, m- Dorothy Rebman.  Recordsindicate that George Klein, Sr. was a Lutheran Minister when he arrived inAmerica, 1738.  He settled at Amwill, N.J., joined the Church of theBrethren, then known as the German Baptist.  He became a minister of thatfaith in N.J.ubject: 

  ..                +Dorothy REBMAN        1717 - WFT Est. 1756-1812        b: Abt. 1717        m: 1738        d: WFT Est. 1756-1812  Father: Conrad REBMAN

2          George Jr. Klein CLINE        1740 - 1775        b: 19 Dec 1740 in Amwell, New Jersey                d: 19 Aug 1775  Burial: 19 Aug 1795  

  ....                +Elizabeth Altaffer        1740 - 1825        b: 1740        m: WFT Est. 1756-1788        d: 1825                   

 2          Jacob Cline        1740 - 1802        b: Abt. 1740 in Pennsylvania                d: 1802 in Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio                                                                                                                                                        

NOTES: Jacob Cline The following was taken from the book THE TENBILE COUNTRY AND ITS PIONEER FAMILIES by Howard L. Leckey originallly published in 1935 by Closson Press.Professor Waychoff sets the date for the building of Fort Cline on Muddy Creeek at aout 1775, and definitely states tat it was in existence at the time of thekillin of Simon Rinehardt by the Indians, for it ws to this fort his family fled after hearing the shot that killed him.  This tragic event however happened about four years later than the date mentione by Waychoff.  But he is not far from correct in his date, and his knowldge of the land whereon the fort stood as well as the farms of Jacob Cline was gleaned from study of theland during his boyhood days when he lived on a part of the original land patented to Jacob Cline.  It was the privelege of this writer who has hunted over every inch of the Cline farms, when they wer in possession of Mr. Joseph Patton, to go over the historical points in company of Professor Waychoff and have himexplain the signs of the earlier dwelling, fort and cemetery of Jacob Cline. William Harrod, Jr., in his inteview with L. C. Draper also mentions the fort ofJacob Cline on Muddy Creek.  The fort stood on a knoll just east of the marker which commemorates the site where the first Court of Greene County was held in 1796.  This marker stands but a short distance from the site where jacob Cline built his second cabin, and when visited with Professor Waychoff, a line of shrubbery clearly marked the original site.  The cemetery was cleared to make room for the present orcahrd.Jacob Cline was a Virginia justice during the period this section was in dispute, so it was but natural that the first court of Greene County would be held at his house, people were used to going ther, event though Washing =ton County had been set up more than ten years before.  He was also a distiller. His wife was Eleanor Vanmeter, daughter of jacob and Letitia Strobe Vanmeter.  Jacob Vanmeter had the other fort on Muddy Creek, situated about wher eBaily's School House later stood.  With the loss of the markers that were in the old cemetery, the dates of Jacob Cline and wife, Letitia, have been destroyed.  He died about 1802 lieaving a will, which was probated on April 28 of tthat year.  (Greene County Will Book 1 pp. 29)  His wife and six children were named in the will

..... +Eleanor E. Vanmeter  b: Oct 1742 in Greene County Pennsylvania Mother: Letitiia Strobe        Father: Jacob VanMeteren VanMeter

...3.   Peter Cline   

 ....... +Nancy Inghram    Mother: Olive Smith        Father: Arthur Inghram

...3.    Jacob Jr. Cline                                                                                           

 ...3.    Letitia Cline   ...3.   Ruth Cline

.......+Nathan Veach                                                                                                                           

 ..3.    Eleanor Cline                                                                                                                           

...3.    Elizabeth Cline  b: 1776                d: 06 Jan 1852 in Miami County, Ohio                              

.......+John M. Dye Mother: Sarah Minor        Father: Andrew Dye

...3.   Isaac Cline b: 1777 in Greene County, Pennsylvania d: 03 Oct 1838 in Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio                                                                                                                          

 .......+Olive Inghram d: 1851 in Miami County, Ohio  Mother: Olive Smith        Father: Arthur Inghram     2.George Jr. Klein CLINE b: 19 Dec 1740 in Amwell, New Jersey d: 19 Aug 1775                Burial: 19 Aug 1795                                                                                                                         

 ....+Elizabeth Altaffer        1740 - 1825        b: 1740        m: WFT Est. 1756-1788        d: 1825    

  ...3.    John Cline        1763 - 1844        b: 1763 in Pennsylvania                d: 27 Mar 1844                   .......+Mary Hershey                                                                                                                                 

...3.    Joseph Cline        1767 - 1813        b: 1767 in Pennsylvania                d: 1813                            .

......+Mary Basehore  b: Abt. 1769 d: Abt. 1806   Father: Mr. Basehore

...*2nd Wife of Joseph Cline:                                                                                                                  .......+Sally Sarah Hartman b: 26 Mar 1783   d: 04 Feb 1854Burial: 06 Feb 1854 Middle River Cemetery                                                                                                                                        ...3.   George Cline III b: 1770 in Pennsylvania

....... +Marry Coffman  b: WFT Est. 1753-1777        m: 1790        d: WFT Est. 1795-1866                   .

..3.   Michael CLINE   b: 08 Feb 1770 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania d: 05 Dec 1840 in Carroll County, Indiana  Baptism (LDS): 29 Jun 1972 SLAKE        Burial: 70 years 9 months 7 days  Dec 1840 in Knettle Cemetery, Jackson Twp., Carroll Co., IN   Endowment (LDS): 31 Aug 1972 SLAKE

....... +Catherine BEERY/BERRY b: 10 Mar 1775 in Maryland        m: Abt. 1794        d: 21 Aug 1858 in Hartford City, Blackford County, Imdiana        Baptism (LDS): 01 Feb 1990 JRIVE        Burial: 83 years 5 months 11 days Aug 1858 in IOOF Cemetery, Hartford City, Carroll Co., IN.Endowment (LDS): 21 Feb 1990 JRIVE Father: Michael Beery

...3.   Frederick Cline        1773 - 1848        b: 09 Feb 1773                d: 23 Mar 1848                         

 ....... +Mary Hoover

...3.   Catherine Cline        1783 - 1852        b: 24 Nov 1783                d: 06 Oct 1852                          

......+John Hoover    

 2.  Phillip Klein Cline  b: 17 Jun 1742 in New Jersey                d: 09 May 1815                                

2. David Klein Cline    b: 02 Mar 1745/46 in New Jersey                d: 28 Jan 1814                     

 ....+Elizabeth Brenerser

     2. Abraham Klein Cline b: Abt. 1748 in Berks, Pennsylvania

.... +Mary Dornbeck

    2. Joseph Klein Cline b: Abt. 1752 in Pennsylvania                d: WFT Est. 1753-1842                      

2. Sarah Klein Cline b: Abt. 1754 in Pennsylvania                d: WFT Est. 1768-1848           

....+Joseph Sollenberger