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Visual Perspectives Research and Consulting

Visual Perspectives is a consulting practice founded by Dr. Bernice E. Rogowitz, an internationally-recognized leader in the application of perception research to real-world problems in data understanding.

 Consulting and Research in Human Vision, Visual Analysis and Visualization

Located near New York City  (914) 762-1231     bernice.e.rogowitz@gmail.com 

Human- and algorithm-based approaches to understanding data

    Data analysis is an interactive process:
                        • Algorithms operate on data to extract patterns and features, using statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.                                                                                                                   
                        • Visual representations of the data and the results of the algorithms that operate on them can be are visualized so that analysts and other users can "see" what's going on.                                                                 
                        • The human brings perceptual and cognitive capabilities, that have been honed by evolution,  to make judgments and decisions about the patterns and structures revealed in these visual representations.                           
                        • The user can then explore the data by interacting with the representation, the algorithms, and the data, to derive deeper insights.  

According to Gartner, the "Visualization and Data Discovery" market segment is the fastest growing area of Business Intelligence.   One-third of respondents in a Business Value study said the biggest inhibitor to implementing analytics in their organization was the "lack of skills to analyze and interpreting data into meaningful business actions."  

Call on Visual Perspectives to help you bridge the gap between data and insight! 

Recent "Gigs"
  • Analysis of jobs threatened by technology innovations <hedge fund>
  • Technology landscape:  AI and Machine learning technologies for life sciences <investment banking>
  • Experiments in using color to represent data and models for climate science <university>
  • Technical peer reviews of scientific research in visualization and visual analytics <academic journal>
 Visual Perspectives can step in where you feel your pain:
  • Data analysis
  • Design of visual analytics applications
  • Design review of your end-user applications
  • Research in human vision, perception, cognition, user interfaces
  • Design of user studies and evaluations
  • Best practices in communicating important features in your data
  • Short courses:  human vision and cognition for visualization and imaging, visual analytics and data mining, the use and abuse of color

Visual Perspectives can help you understand and interact with your data:
  • Data: Numerical, image, video, 3-D graphics, network, or text data
  • Algorithms: Data mining, image processing, computer vision, statistical, and data-mapping algorithms.  
  • Representations: Visualization and imaging representations
  • Interaction methodologies:  interactive visualization and user interface methodologies, including haptic (touch) interfaces
  • Human perception and cognition:  Research to guide the best choices in data representation, interaction, and analysis, to increase insight and improve communication

Visual Perspectives can help you select analytical and visual methods for finding features your data:
  • Analytics for "Big Data"  applications
  • Colormaps and Use of Color for data exploration and communication
  • Representation of  Risk and Uncertainty in data
  • Visualizing models
  • Selection of the right visualization(s) for your needs
  • Perceptual and Algorithmic approaches to finding features in data
  • High-dimensional data analysis 

Visual Perspectives has direct real-world experience in many industries:

  • Bioinformatics-- Exploring gene expression array data
  • Medical research-- Modeling of a finite element cardiac model
  • Cancer research -- Visualizing early evidence of tumor growth
  • High energy physics-- Visualizing the Higgs-Boson
  • Retail -- Combining data mining and visual analytics for customer segmentation
  • Insurance -- Using key indicators and clustering to improve fraud detection
  • Finance - Risk analysis, visualizing options
Contact us.  We're here to help.   bernice.e.rogowitz@gmail.com