General Information:

Welcome to Berne Wood-Fired Pizza!
Take a drive to beautiful Berne for a delicious wood-fired pizza. Pizza orders are taken between the hours of 5-8 PM each Wednesday night in June, July, and August, but the grounds will remain open until all pizzas have been served and enjoyed by guests. In addition to delicious pizza, the first band takes the stage at 5:15 PM, followed by a second band at 6:30 PM, providing continuous music throughout each evening. Here's some additional information you should know:

1. Pizzas are served on the box with napkins. If you prefer plates, bring your own. Garbage must be carried out when you go. There is no dumpster. Please bring plastic bags to pack out any waste.
2. Think picnic! There are some picnic tables on the grounds, but many guests bring their own lawn chairs or blanket. Some even bring pop-up camping tables.
3. Pop, water, ice cream, and chips are sold on the grounds, but you are welcome to bring your beverage of choice, including beer or wine.
4. There are some outdoor lawn games for families to enjoy, but many families bring a lawn game or board game to play while waiting. We have a lot of green space to enjoy.
5. We prefer cash! We do not accept credit cards.
6. We have a Facebook page! For regular information updates, photos, and customer comments, "Like" us on Facebook!
7. Typically, we have seven pizzas on our menu. Pizzas typically cost between $18-22. Sorry, but we do not have gluten-free crusts.
8. Pizza is cooked rain or shine! Don't let the weather scare you away! We have indoor seating, if necessary, and pizza can be taken to-go if preferred. We do not take call-ahead orders. 
9. No pets please.
10. We have portable bathrooms on the grounds, including a handicapped accessible bathroom.
11. We are the least busy in June, which provides the shortest pizza wait times for guests. Crowds increase later in the summer, which increases wait times. Volunteers work diligently to serve hundreds of pizzas within 3 hours each week. Come ready to relax and enjoy the atmosphere! Please know we pride ourselves in serving you as quickly as possible!
12. Berne Wood-Fired Pizza is a fundraiser for the Zwingli United Church of Christ, Berne, MN. All profits go to support the church and chosen charities. We thank-you for your support!