The Autobiography of

Bernard Delworth Major

by Bernard Delworth Major

Bernard Delworth Major, carpenter,

is the son of

Henry Vincen Major, farmer (1890-1981)

who is the son of

William Warner Major, Jr., farmer (1836-1894)

who is the son of

William Warner Major, Sr., artist (1804-1854)

who is the son of

Richard Major, music engraver (1771-1821)

who is the son of

Henry Major III, gentleman (1739-1821)

who is the son of

Henry Major II, tin miner (1707-1771)

who is the son of

Henry Major I, *yeoman (1664-1749)

who is the son of

Tymothy Maior, the Younger, *yeoman

(ca. 1630-1705)

who is the son of

Tymothy Maior, the Elder, *yeoman



 *A yeoman is a middleclass farmer who leases or owns a small parcel of land.







Timeline of Bernard D. Major with notes from the Family History book of Mattie Agatha Nielson Major, mother of Bernard D. Major


1912 (16 Oct) Henry Vincen Major and Mattie Agatha Nielson married in Manti.  They first lived in Spring City with widowed mother, Ellen Meek Major


1916 Major family moved to Moroni


1919 (Oct 1)Bernard born in Moroni, Sanpete County, Utah


1919 (November 2) blessed by Lars J. Anderson.


1921 (January) Story of about Bernard cutting his head on steel couch, having an infection

"taking some kind of spells" (Mattie Agatha Major history).


1921 (March 25) Parents endowed in the Manti Temple


1925 (8 January) Grandpa Niels Christian Nielson died


1927 (October 16) baptized in the Moroni East Ward Church by Erwin Morley


1927 (October 16) confirmed by Bishop John R. Blackham


1928 (28 Aug 1928) Grandma Isabel Ellen Warner Nielson died


1931 (Oct 20) ordained Deacon by Milton Arnoldsen


1932 (April) Major family moved to Spring City, Sanpete, Utah "to care for his aged mother whose health was failing" (Agatha Major).


1932 (July 9)Grandmother, Ellen Meek Major died.


1935 (Sept 22) ordained Teacher by Christian J. Larsen


1936 (December 20) ordained Priest by Vivian Larsen


1937 (October 15) Patriarchal blessing by Arthur O. Nielson


1939 (September) Moved to Salt Lake to attend Trade Tech at West High


1939 (December 31) ordained an Elder by Henry G. Ericksen and "he by Orsen F. Whitney and he by President Joseph F. Smith and he by Pres. Brigham Young and he by the 3 Witnesses to the Book of Mormon, Oliver Cowdery, Martin Harris, and David Whitmer and they by the Prophet Joseph Smith and he by Peter, James and John the Ancient apostles and they by Jesus Christ" (Agatha Major).


1941 December 7 Attack on Pearl Harbor, United States enters World War II.


1941 (March 15) married to Eva Hollinshaus

Manti Temple by Pres. Robert D. Yauncy


1942 (April 11) Ardith Jean Major born


1944 (March 31) Ronald Arthur Major born


1945 (January) Joins Navy goes to basic training


1945 (March) left for Hawaii, then Guam aboard ship


1945 (September 2) World War II ends. Bernard in Guam


1946 (March) Bernard arrives home from Guam


1946 (Dec 15) ordained Elder by John A. Widstoe


1947 (Feb 4) Pamela Rae Major born


1949 (Sept 5) Parents Henry Vincent Major and Mattie Agatha move from Spring City. "Moved to Salt Lake City to live in a home that their Son Bernard and wife Eva had provided for them" (Agatha Major).


1950 (June 4) Kenneth Alois Major born


1953 (June 21) Bruce Henry Major born


1954 (Sept 15) ordained High Priest by Mark E. Petersen. "He was ordained by Heber J. Grant and he by George Q. Cannon and he by Brigham Young and he by the 3 witnesses Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer and Martin Harris and they by Joseph Smith and Joseph Smith by Peter, James and John and they by Jesus Christ."


1954 (Sept 15) set apart of as a High Councilman by Mark E. Peterson


1959 (November 29) ordained as Bishop. "Another very happy day for me. I saw our dear Son Ordained as Bishop of Popular Grove 3rd Ward by Apostle Harold B. Lee. I was so proud of you Son But my heart also bled for you dear for I know the trials you will have. I also know that your Father in Heaven will bless you in all things and guide you. So put your faith and trust in him. You are going to make a wonderful Bishop. And all the ward will love you Son. But not as I do. You also have a very dear wife Eva who will be by your side through all your trials and success. She to will be Loved by every one and will be a big help you Son" (Agatha Major).


1956 (Jan 1) Michael Bernard Major born


1965 Ronald is married to Peggy Goodsell


1968 (Oct 18) "was a sad day for us. We saw our dear Son and Bishop released. My heart cryed for you Son. I knew how unhappy you was. I am your Mother and when you are hurt and unhappy I am too. But our Father in Heaven has another good job for you. It may be several years Son, But you will have it."


1968 Blake is born, first grandchild


1968 (Oct 25) Pamela is married to Donald Lee Crowder


1970 Ardith is married to Craig Miller


1971 Rachelle is born, second grandchild


1971 Holly is born, third grandchild


1972 Crystal is born, fourth grandchild


1973  Kenneth is married to Jill Major


1974 Kimberly is born, fifth grandchild


1974 Mattie Agatha Major, Mother, dies


1974 Christopher is born, sixth grandchild


1975 Bruce is married to Jan Marshall


1975 Melanie is born, seventh grandchild


1975 LeeAndra is born, eighth grandchild


1976 (January 1) Pamela Rae Major and Donald Ray Crowder died


1978 Jennifer is born, 9th grandchild


1978 Michael is married to Janet Butterfield


1979 Byron is born, 10th grandchild


1980 Jason is born, 11th grandchild


1981 Julie is born, 12th grandchild


1981 Henry Vincen Major dies, father


1981 Brandon is born, 13th grandchild


1982 Cameron is born, 14th grandchild


1984 Ryan is born, 15th grandchild


1985 Janet Major, wife of Michael dies


1986 Michael married to Loreen Garvin


1987 Pamela and Patricia (twins) born, 16th and 17th grandchildren


1988 Lance born, 18th grandchild


1988 Nicole born, 19th grandchild 


1988  ?? Retired from ZCMI


1995 Sadie Rachelle Stokes is born, first great grandchild. 


1999 (December 12) Kenneth Alois Major dies



 Bernard Major wrote his autobiography on yellow legal-sized paper, front and back.